Are you a fan of alternative rock? Pack up your RV and head to Pointfest to watch some of the top rock bands perform live in St. Louis, Missouri.

Event information

Pointfest is a rock music festival that takes place in St. Louis, Missouri every year. It is organized by KPNT 105.7 FM, a radio station based out of the city. The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, which was previously called the Riverport Amphitheater and the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, serves as the venue for the event.

The festival was started in 1993. In the years since it first began, it has hosted almost every major hard rock and alternative rock band in the country. The radio station also puts out occasional music albums compiling songs by the artists who have performed at Pointfest.

Multiple stages are set up across the venue—the main stage where the headliners and bigger acts perform and several smaller side stages for emerging bands and local artists. Daytime concerts are held on the side stages, and these usually come to an end when the main stage performances begin.

The yearly lineup features local and national rock bands. Past performers include They Might Be Giants, The Smithereens, Blues Traveler, The Ramones, Gravity Kills, Soul Asylum, Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Seven Mary Three, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Silverchair.


Pointfest tickets can be purchased online or at the festival box office at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Tickets go on sale a few months before Pointfest. General Admission tickets have usually cost around $25. For this price, guests can experience performances by more than 20 chart-topping bands. The festival is open to patrons of all ages. Tickets tend to sell out fast, so grab yours early if you plan on attending the festival.

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The festival takes place at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, which is located in Maryland Heights on the outskirts of St. Louis in Riverport Drive. A drive from the center of the city may take you about 30 minutes. I-70 and I-270 are likely to be part of your route to the region, and MO-141, which is also seen as Maryland Heights Expressway, will bring you to Riverport Drive. Before starting on your trip, check if any road alerts have been issued in St.Louis county by visiting MoDOT.

Parking areas

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre offers onsite parking for cars and smaller vehicles. Festival patrons can choose between general and premier parking. The premier parking spots are close to the front gate and are available at an additional cost. Parking a larger rig near the venue may be tricky, so it may be simplest to take public transportation or a tow vehicle once you reach Maryland Heights. Local businesses near the venue may be willing to allow temporary parking with permission.

Public Transportation

Taking a St.Louis Metro Bus is a convenient way to get to the venue. The closest stop has often been Riverport at Amphitheater NB which is about two minutes away on foot. You can also reach the festival site by using one of the ride-hailing services that operate in the area.

Where to stay


Onsite camping options are not offered as part of Pointfest. Fortunately, there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds to choose from in and around the St. Louis area.


Campers looking to get back to nature will find some beautiful forested sites in the area. Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park is about 20 miles from the festival venue. The sites come with partial hookups and are accessible with a large RV. If you’re looking for a campground with more facilities, St. Louis West / Historic Route 66 KOA is a good option about 35 miles to the south.

Getting around

The venue is relatively compact, and it’s easy to get around on foot. It is ADA compliant and accessible seating is available for patrons with disabilities. It’s a good idea to take a stroller or baby carrier if you’re with young children. Keep in mind that only foldable umbrella-style strollers will be allowed in the reserved seating areas.

What to pack


Casual, comfortable clothing is the way to go at Pointfest. Opt for attire made from lightweight fabrics. Pointfest is centered around Rock music, so you’re likely to notice a sea of musician-friendly shirts in the audience. Avoid wearing clothing or jewelry with spikes, since these items will not be allowed into the concerts.


Only bags that adhere to the size guidelines will be permitted into the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Some items to take with you that can come in handy are sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, bug spray, breath mints, and a portable charger. Carry a small umbrella or some rain gear to be prepared for sudden spring showers in Missouri. Don't forget to check what activities are available near your campsite and toss any needed items in your Airstream.

Health & Safety

A single gallon-sized ziplock bag allows you to bring in food for yourself, but the contents will be reviewed upon entry. One sealed plastic water bottle is allowed per patron. Water will also be available for purchase at the venue. Keep your cell phone charged at all times, so you can quickly get in touch with the other members of your group if necessary.

Where to eat


If you plan on cooking on a campfire, make sure it’s enclosed within a metal or stone ring. Check if any burn bans are in effect before lighting your campfire. A small amount of food will be allowed in for personal consumption at the concert venue. If you don’t want to spend money on food at the venue, prepare sandwiches, and a few snacks to take with you. Stock up on groceries for your campground activities and concert time while in Maryland Heights or before you arrive in the area.


Maryland Heights has several small family-owned restaurants where you’ll be able to enjoy simple, delicious food. There are also a few quaint cafes and coffee shops, where you can grab a quick bite. Jet to the other side of I-70 for a meal together. If you’re looking for more options or want to experiment with cuisine you haven’t tried before, head to Downtown St. Louis about 20 miles to the east of the Pointfest concert site.


There will be food and drinks available at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Some of the must-try Pointfest eats are the gourmet hot dogs and spicy tacos. Alcohol will be available for purchase at the beer gardens. Remember to bring cash, debit or credit card, and your ID.



Bag checks will be conducted at the entrances, and security officers may be patrolling the grounds of the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre during Pointfest. Check the list of prohibited items on the website, before packing your day bag that meets the allowed dimensions. This way, you can avoid an unnecessary hold up at the gate.


Visitors to Missouri often enjoy warm, sunny weather, with daytime temperatures ranging in the low 80s in the spring. It's best to go prepared for sudden showers. Follow the festival’s social media accounts for regular weather updates. Important information will also be announced on various KPNT 105.7 FM programs, closer to the festival dates.


Trained medics will be available on site to help with any medical issues. If you need assistance, feel free to approach one of the festival staff members and they will guide you. Any food or medically necessary items that you’d like to carry will be searched by security at the front gate before being allowed into the concert venue. Drug store facilities are just across I-70 less than four miles from the venue, along with additional medical services.