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Named after the widely known archaeological site, Poverty Point, located a few miles away, Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir State Park offers camping and lodging alongside a 2,700-acre artificial lake which draws a massive number of visitors and RV campers to the park. Rightfully considered the nucleus of tourist attraction at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, this lake packs in a range of water sports. Angling for prized species like crappie, catfish, and many others is a year-round activity here. Boating is also permitted, and the availability of facilities like a marina, boat launch, and a concession store ensure a rewarding boating experience every time. The lake sits on the back of the park’s migratory routes for waterfowls making it an extraordinary bird watching destination.

Away from the lake, you can find recreation in the park’s trails for leisurely walks or hikes. Three large pavilions for outdoor picnics and a meeting room will meet your needs for group gatherings and family reunions. Camping is offered in an assortment of partial and full hookup sites. For non-RV campers, there is plenty of room in the park’s deluxe cabins and standard lodges. Visit any time of the year for a variety of fun-filled recreational sports, engaging seasonal events, and high-quality, satisfying RV campsites. For the best camping experience, visits are recommended between April and September.

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The park is located near Delhi in northeastern Louisiana, along the banks of Poverty Point Reservoir. Starting your journey from Delhi, you can reach the park in less than 10 minutes in your car, trailer, or rig. You can easily venture out to various points of interest within the park including the campground, lake, and visitor center to name a few by following the signs on the roads. Keep your RVs confined on the park roads and the campground. The roads are well-paved and easy to drive your camper, motorhome, or trailer. You will find multiple parking lots for parking your RV at different locations within the park.


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Book for yourself a campsite in Poverty Point State Park’s campground featuring 54 campsites, including both premium and improved. 45 Premium Campsites that provide 30- or 50-amp electric, water, and sewer hookups. The other nine improved sites include just water and electric hookups (30-or 50-amp). Reservations are available year-round and can be made up to 13 months in advance. Reservations are available online and through the park’s reservation center. Camping is comparatively cheaper during the off-season (from October until the end of March). Amenities include a dump station, restrooms, clean water, laundry, and Wi-Fi. Quiet hours must be observed between 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Pets are welcome.

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The North Complex Marina also features a swimming beach much to the delight of swimmers. The beach will give you many reasons to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen in the RV. You can get your dose of Vitamin D by spending a sunny day at the beach or take in the coolness of the lake by taking a dip into the waters. For children, a water playground helps to stay cool and also have some fun in the water. You can join your kids as well by splashing, sliding, and showering.

Attending Poverty Point Cookers

One of the nicest Louisiana State Parks, Poverty Point Reservoir State Park cares as much for recreation and entertainment as it does for ensuring a comfortable RV stay for you and your group. In relation to that, the park hosts multiple Poverty Point Cooker events during the peak months. The event will give you a chance to learn about the Louisiana Dutch Oven Society and if you are interested, be sure to show up at the park either on the second Saturday of May or June. This popular event is one of the many reasons for bringing your campervan during the peak season.


Visited by over 100,000 people annually, Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is best known for its Poverty Point Reservoir, a 2,700-acre man-made lake that is the one of the biggest sources of recreation at the park and northeastern Louisiana. Boating is one of the many pleasures you can avail at the lake. RVers who don’t own any boats but don’t want to miss out on these boating adventures would like to know about the North Marina Complex. The North Marina Complex, located on the northwestern side of the lake, contains a marina and a concession store where you can lease a variety of boats and boat slips.



Get around the park, treat yourselves with the gorgeous scenery that lays around – Poverty Point State Park is a nature lover’s retreat. Stand on the wooden bridge of the lake to enjoy a sunset or some waterfowls soaring in the sky. Or, catch the sight of some wild bears on a half-mile walking trail along Bayou Macon but keep your RV far away from the seemingly interesting wild creature. If the visitor center lays in your path, stop by for a quick tour and learn more about rural Louisiana.


Anglers can enjoy fishing all year round at the lake. The 2,700 acres of the man-made Poverty Point Reservoir are a haven for those on the outlook for largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, black crappie and numerous other species. The lake sits close to the campground so you can also leave your camper in the campsite to walk a small distance towards the reservoir. A fish cleaning station and a fishing pier are also nearby.


The delightful bird watching will make you want to stay a little longer than your planned itinerary. Birdwatchers specially throng to the park to enjoy a spectacular range of breathtaking species. Apart from the regular bird watching season that occurs with the waterfowl migration in spring and fall, there is a wealth of native species you will love to discover. The park is blessed with a diverse blend of species that include pelicans, ducks, geese, and cormorants. With such spectacles awaiting your arrival, you must not wait any longer and book a campsite for your RV at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park.

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