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Prelude Lake Territorial Park


Ready for your next outdoor adventure? Consider your next RV stay at Yellowknife's Prelude Lake Territorial Park. It's a Canadian wilderness camping experience you won't want to miss.

Nestled in the far north of Canada, Prelude Lake Territorial Park is a haven for people looking to get away from it all for a weekend or two. Situated in the Northwest Territories in the capital city of Yellowknife, this recreational area is found on the Ingraham Trail and is the largest park development in the region.

Prelude Lake Territorial Park is the ideal spot for families seeking outdoor adventure. Situated on the banks of Prelude Lake, this park is home to a sand-lined beach that is a popular spot for swimming, canoeing, sailing, and other outdoor sports. Also found on the property are two hiking trails. One of the trails is rather short but offers stunning panoramic views from its two lookout points. The other trail traverses diverse terrain and is marked with interpretive signs which share the history and geographical features of the region. Both trails house different species of wildlife including squirrels, ruffed grouse, whiskey jacks, crossbills, and snowshoe hares.

But Prelude Lake Territorial Park isn't just a place to visit in the summer months. During the winter, there are still lots of fun things for families to do including ice fishing and snowmobiling.

For a great vacation in Canada's Great White North, plan your next RV vacation at Prelude Lake Territorial Park. It's a fantastic way to spend a holiday.

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To reach Prelude Lake Territorial Park from the capital city of Yellowknife, you must travel over 33 km (21 miles) of ground. To begin the route, make a left hand turn onto Frontier Trail/MacKenzie Hwy/Yellowknife Hwy/NT-3. Continue along this highway until you see an exit on the right for Ingraham Trail. Turn here. Stay on Ingraham Trail until you encounter a sign for Prelude Lake Main. Take a left hand turn at the sign. Follow along until you see signs for the park on the right. The journey to this recreational area and campground travels along main roads of mostly two lanes. The highways are kept in good condition and are maintained year-round. Traffic moves moderately but well. Periodically, you may see wildlife crossing the roads. Proceed cautiously to avoid accidents. Construction occurs infrequently but can occasionally cause delays.


Parking is available via a lot at the entrance to Prelude Lake Territorial Park.

Public Transportation

Since Prelude Lake Territorial Park is extremely remote, there is no public transportation available to this park and camping facility.

Campgrounds and parking in Prelude Lake Territorial Park

Campsites in Prelude Lake Territorial Park

Reservations camping

Prelude Lake Campground

Prelude Lake Campground is open year round for RV and tent camping by reservation only. There are 44 campsites with 32 of them completely unserviced and 12 for tent camping only. Generator use is permitted, and dogs are welcomed so long as they remain leashed.

This facility takes great pride in its wilderness-style camping and offers the following amenities: picnic tables, firepits, firewood, fresh water taps, a sanitation dumping station, a boat launch, a pier, a beach, pit toilets, and a playground.

The most popular activities at this campground are swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling.

Seasonal activities in Prelude Lake Territorial Park



For families who love to take a dip on a hot summer's day, Prelude Lake Territorial Park will not disappoint. The property is home to a beautiful sand beach. Prelude Lake's waters are clear and refreshing, providing the perfect spot to float your cares away or practice your best doggy paddle.

The soft sand-lined shores are the ideal haven for taking a stroll to harvest some seaside treasures. You can even recline in the sand to catch up on the latest best seller or work on your suntan.

Bring along drinking water to keep your thirst at bay. Your pooch may join you at this beach but must remain on a leash at all times.


Home to a boat launch and a pier, Prelude Lake Territorial Park is the perfect place to enjoy some activities on the water including sailing, canoeing, and even fishing. You can deploy your canoe from the boat launch or paddle out from the banks of Prelude Lake.

While out on the water, you can try your hand at catching some trout or pike or just lay back and relax in the sun.

Be sure to bring sunscreen, drinking water, and snacks with you.


Prelude Lake Territorial Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch. The campsites offer picnic tables directly on each lot, and there are also several picnic areas throughout this recreational area which have seating for families to enjoy.

Meander along one of the trails to find the perfect spot to feast your eyes and your appetite. Bring along your camera to record some of the beautiful scenery you will encounter.

Be sure to pack a lunch and bring some drinking water as well. Your dog is allowed to join you in the picnic areas, but please do keep them leashed and take care to properly clean up after them and dispose of their waste.



For families who love to get their hiking groove on, Prelude Lake Territorial Park offers two beautiful trails for them to enjoy. The shorter trail consists of only 1/2 km (less than 1/4 mile) and travels mostly along boardwalks. Along this trail, known as Panoramic Trail, families will encounter two lookout points which offer breathtaking views of the lake.

The second trail is lengthier and traverses extremely diverse terrain, making it more challenging to navigate. The Nature Trail is littered with interpretive signs sharing helpful information about the geographical features and wildlife in the area. Among the animals families might spot are squirrels, snowshoe hares, ruffed grouse, and whiskey jacks.

Ice fishing

Though fishing is excellent year-round at Prelude Lake Territorial Park, it is an especially popular place to visit when the temperatures begin to plummet, causing the lake to freeze. Ice fishing is a much-beloved winter sport on Prelude Lake. Be sure to pick up a fishing license as it is required to participate in the sport in this Canadian territory.

Prelude Lake is chock full of trout and pike just waiting to be caught. Dress in layers to ward off the chill and be sure to bring both water and some hot coffee as well.


The same trails that are ideal for hiking in the summer make an excellent spot for snowmobiling in the winter months. The trails are largely left ungroomed, and snowmobilers are asked to exercise caution when out on the paths as some people do like to hike there in the winter months as well.

You will need to bundle up to keep the cold at bay. Bring along drinking water and snacks to keep your hunger and thirst well satisfied.

You will encounter incredible sights when the landscape is covered with snow, so having a camera on hand is also a great idea.