Provo to Napa Valley Road Trip Guide


The city of Provo in Utah has a bustling young population that makes it extremely diverse and entertaining. Restaurants, shopping malls, and art centers adorn the city streets. The city boasts of an irregular but beautiful landscape with picturesque scenery, including a canyon that serves as a transportation path between valleys.

With beautiful parks distributed around the city, Provo establishes itself as one of the most desirable places for anyone to live in. It is a quiet city with enough recreational activities for tourists and natives to enjoy. Some of the top things to do here include hiking, fishing, and rafting.

Ice cream! Who can resist some good-tasting, refreshing, yummy ice-cream? Here in Provo, ice cream is usually less than a walk away, available to anyone and in different varieties. Most especially during summer, it is very common to sit and enjoy the beauty of the weather while savoring a cup of ice cream to cool off from the heat.

In spite of all this, your venturesome spirit might want some more. Leave the quiet behind and hit the road from Provo Utah, driving westwards to Napa Valley in California.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Peppermill Casino and Resort

A true beauty to behold, this elegant Tuscan-themed resort point in West Wendover, Nevada, sits on an extensive land expanse that encompasses a casino, restaurants, in-house bars, gaming slots, and lots more. The calm and relaxing atmosphere, combined with a serene environment, perfectly sets the tone for the most pleasant and enjoyable time at the resort.

Grab a quick bite at any of the numerous coffee shops or sit back and relish mouth-watering, appetizing cuisines in the casino's plush restaurants. Either way, it's worth the visit.

You wouldn't want to miss an exciting time at the games arcade with lots and lots of thrilling options to participate in with your friends. Want to explore more of the casino's facilities? Then there's an outdoor pool waiting for you to plunge yourself into its refreshing water. Ensure you are all relaxed here and feel free to spend the night at Wendover KOA Journey nearby where all your RV camping needs will be met.

Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum

Driving almost three hours could leave you bored but this cozy museum you'll find in Battle Mountain can help rekindle the essence of your trip. The Cookhouse Museum is well put together to reflect the rich history of the community. You'll be impressed when you learn about the history of Native America as this place holds lots of information for every tourist to find out! What’s more, you get to see artifacts and antiques, and create shared memories with friends on this trip.

Take a town run and discover the sweetness of this city after you’re done exploring the museum. Some of the places to visit include the Owl Club – where you’ll enjoy very nice meals, as well as any of the mountain ranges that surround the city, offering scenic views of the area. Rest assured you’ll find good places to pitch your tent when you visit BLM Office in the region.

Oats Park Art Center

Run your imagination amok with this well-deserved stop at the Oats Park Art Center, Fallon after the 181-mile drive from the last attraction. Look out to enjoy a variety of events that makes your trip down to Fallon worthwhile.

Treat yourself to befitting refreshment at the art bar while simultaneously enjoying the calming ambiance of the evening. You're welcome to explore the never-ending art installation of amazing works that line the walls of the stunning art gallery. Indeed, you'd be thrilled to engage in this visual activity that projects the classy and historical aspect of Fallon.

As the evening winds down, a little bit of music and live performances at the theater is absolutely something to look forward to. Remember to stop by at the gift shop and get some cool souvenirs.

California State Railroad Museum

Come along for a ride into the past in the very beautiful state of California. The state railroad museum spikes your interest in rail transport with an exciting exhibition and well-documented archives about the history of rail transport. Watch out, or you'll miss the dining carts and sleep cars. You might also find train cars to walk through. Be sure to check out the actual train rides in this museum in Sacramento!

By all means, endeavor to catch a movie in the theater here and have a good time while relishing archival information. Learning plus fun. The extensive train collection upstairs leaves a spectacular impression, too. Antique toys and model trains offer plenty of amusement. Go back in time and create some memories!

Should you feel the need to have a meal, there are lots of restaurants to order from. Also, walking around town to grab a bite of good pizzas or hotdogs would absolutely be something to anticipate after the visit to the museum.


We’re here! Welcome to the central city of California - Napa Valley! The end of this RV road trip brings you to the beginning of numerous exciting adventures to ensure your stay in Napa Valley is a memorable one. You’re in a city with over 400 wineries, so do yourself a favor and go have a taste of ‘France’ in California.

You are encouraged to tour the unique architecture in the city that speaks of a rich history and ancient legacy. These huge castle-like edifices bear witness to a Victorian Age within California. Catch the train rides, keep up with the fancy foods, go shopping or just tag along an educational and fun tour in the city.

Don’t forget that the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is a major recreation hub in the city that offers camping opportunities for tourists, with sites available by reservations. So, you should check it out when you arrive.

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