Provo to Rio Grand National Forest Road Trip Guide


Provo, a conservative city in Utah, may not have as many things going for it compared to other cities in the state, but it does have its own fair share of beauty and landscape. Everywhere around the small city gives the suburban feel without the typical big-city drama, making it a very good place to spend quality time in the outdoors.

The city is known for its great food, beautiful carnivals and a large population of young residents. The combination of all these factors makes living in this city exciting. Add to it the several attractions and recreational activities that abound here and you’ll find that there is no limit to the fun you will experience.

After exploring the city, if you fancy an adventure with your buddies, you should hit the road and set out for the three-day RV road trip to Rio Grande National Forest. The trip from Provo to Rio Grande National Forest will take you through a variety of natural landscapes and beautiful man-made features. What’s more, the fun on the road is crowned by the awesomeness of the destination itself – home to abundant recreational activities as well as valleys, mountains, and deserts.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Goblin Valley State Park

If you’re looking for a magnificent and breathtaking space to begin your trip, then you’re in the right place at Goblin Valley State Park. You’ll find plenty of geologic rock formations and sandstones, as well as other landscapes that have been immaculately formed by the forces of nature. Their intricate beauty definitely warrants bringing your camera along.

On a good day, the majestic goblins are very cool and you can walk around them and take enough photos. If you’re here with family or friends, then a picnic is in order after you’ve hiked to the top of one of the cliffs. If you’re feeling famished after you have climbed, you can get some snacks at the sales store up the cliff and take the stairs down.

After spending the day exploring and enjoying a good time with your buddies, you can retire to any of the campsites that are available here, most of which can accommodate RVs as long as 59 feet.

Grand Mesa

Your next stop on this road trip has to be Grand Mesa in Colorado. Nature showcases itself here in unique forms, and this mountain range is just one of them.

Top on of your to-do list here has to be a hike to the top of the mountain and the flat-land plateau where over 100 lakes await for your viewing pleasure. The earlier you arrived, the more time you’ll have to explore as many parts of the park as possible. Wildlife viewing is another popular activity here, and if it gets too hot in the day, you could take a plunge in the lake. Game hunting and fishing are other equally fascinating recreational activities open to tourists here.

Various camping options are available in the area and you could choose the one that best suits you. You could always reserve your accommodation before you even arrive.

Museum of the Mountain West

Your trip will not be complete if you don’t have a stopover at the Museum of the Mountain West in Montrose. Having spent good quality time outdoors, it is perhaps time you enjoyed the indoors and learned about the history that shaped the area.

Here you can enjoy collections and antiques from decades ago. The museum building itself is a sight to behold as the architecture tells a story from the 1930s. Step into the museum and take a time machine back to the 1900s when this town was just getting started and have a taste of what it felt like to live in those days while seeing what artifacts helped with the development of the town.

If you still want to spend some more time in Montrose, then there are camping areas equipped with RV amenities that you can retire to.

Soldierstone Vietnam War Memorial

More than just a piece of cast stone, this Memorial serves to remind about the sacrifice of military personnel, each of which laid their lives for the freedom of the country. It is a memorable occasion to be up here in Saguache, Colorado. Not many things are more humbling than this monument created in memorial of the Vietnam Veterans.

The stone up on the mountain peak is surrounded by the vast expanse of the Sargents Mesa. The sight of the stone inspires valor, honor, and sacrifice. Enjoy the view of the town from the elevation above and of course, the trees and flowers that border the stone and give life to it. Your visit here affords you a peaceful and serene experience.

Your destination is only 45 minutes away, so you could explore the town a bit before continuing on the last leg of the journey.


The Rio Grande National Forest is massive and impressive, featuring lakes that are peaceful and wildlife that call it home. You definitely should, while you’re at this park in Creede, Colorado, hike the ‘trail of fourteeners’ where there’s a cluster of mountains with peaks of over 14,000 feet. Besides, if you fancy fishing, hunting or biking, you’ll be able to get all these all done here. What’s more, there are plenty of campgrounds situated within the Forest so that you may find a good spot for your RV.

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