Punk Rock Bowling

What comes to mind when you think of punk rock? Colorful Mohawks and pixie cuts? Head to the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Event information

Kurt Cobain once said, "Punk Rock is freedom." Agree with him? Head out to the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival and unleash your inner punk in style. We won't mince our words here; punk rock is renowned for its expression of freedom, tethering on the edge of the status quo and being a voice for creative expression in music and lifestyle. If this resonates with you, don't miss out on a fun excursion of adrenaline-inducing, headbanging, and an explosive ambiance. Hit the road to Downtown Las Vegas in your RV with your entourage and have a camping experience that will forever be etched into your memory.

Downtown Las Vegas is where it's going down. This punk rock and bowling combo occurs annually in late May at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center (DLVEC). The center is located in an area that is bustling with life and is surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, hotels, bars; you name it, you'll find it in Sin City.

The drawcard for the fest is that it accommodates all ages (no need to get babysitters for the kids). Wondered where the "bowling" element of the festival comes into play? A bowling tournament is hosted before the festivities on Saturday.

This is where the fun begins, punkers. Get your cool circle of friends and form a team for the punk bowling tournament and register your team beforehand online before the big day. Know what's even cooler? The tournament is specifically for amateurs. So don't worry if you have never gone bowling in your life or you tried last time and you felt like your five-year-old nephew could bowl better. This is your chance to redeem yourself and perhaps stand a chance to walk away with cash.


The early bird catches the fattest worm. Tickets for Punk Rock Bowling is no different. The sooner you buy your tickets, the better your chances. There are two types of tickets sold for the outdoor festival: Single-Day Pass and Three-Day GA Pass. Single-Day Pass tickets typically range from $50 to $100, whereas the Three-Day Pass (which covers the duration of the festival) ranges from $150 to $200. Catch the worm while it's still juicy.

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Getting to the events center is as easy as ABC (or XYZ; whatever floats your punk rock vibe). The main interstate of I-15 is the easiest route to get you to your destination. One perk of the Las Vegas Events Center is that it is located downtown and that will work in your favor as the area is well-accustomed to RV travelers. If you are being dropped off, there will be designated pick-up and drop-off areas that will be indicated on the day of the event.

Parking areas

Event organizers offer a discounted parking system. It is recommended to purchase your parking permit ticket online in advance, so you will not have any hassles on the day of the festival. It should be noted that parking permits cannot be refunded 24 hours before the event should you, for some reason, wish to cancel your parking permit. Alternatively, do some sleuthing, and you will find several lots available in the vicinity of the event location.

Public Transportation

The beauty of the Las Vegas Events Center is the easy accessibility of transport routes. Primary access points are either via I-15 or Las Vegas Boulevard. The Las Vegas Monorail is available for those who prefer taking a train as a mode of transportation. Other options include using RTC services, which operate mega buses, park and ride facilities, and more. Driving to and from the venue is likely to be a breeze and a welcome convenience. If you would rather take public transportation, DLVEC is located close to public transport routes.

Where to stay


Camping onsite at DLVEC is not available due to the nature of the venue, but there are plenty of options nearby, in fact, the closest RV parks may take you less than five minutes by vehicle. Once again the perks of downtown are a straight-up winner. Las Vegas RV parks are equipped for a variety of camping styles and units, and some offer a desirable through downtown while others may be a bit further of a drive.


With downtown being the epicenter of all things awesome, it is not surprising that Las Vegas RV campgrounds nearby are available for the picking. Several RV locations are located within a 10-mile radius, with some being very close to the well-known Las Vegas Strip. RV Park at Circus Circus and Kings Row RV and Mobile Home Park

A bonus for you will be that most offer full hook-ups, laundry facilities, WiFi, and pool facilities. Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town is less than 10 miles from the events center and welcomes Airstreams, fifth-wheels, campervans, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Getting around

It is easy to navigate the site on foot whether you had parked your vehicle outside of the venue but a stone throw away, or you had reserved parking beforehand. Shuttle buses are available to bring you from one alley to the next during the bowling tournament.

The outdoor festival area itself is filled with life and fun! With a capacity of up to 11, 000 revelers, AstroTurf grounds, and many activities to keep you busy, Punk Rock Bowling teams with the pulsating downtown vibe. There is a multiple stage layout where different bands can perform concurrently; you can flit through from one stage to the other to check out different performances.

What to pack


One rule that you must consider lest you risk being thrown out of the event; wear clothes that do not encourage or promote hate speech or slurs of any kind. In other words, be cool, get all fashionista if you so choose–err on the side of caution and human kindness. It is recommended to pack clothes that are lightweight due to the summer season.


Here's where it gets interesting; the folks at the center are very strict about bags. For starters, you are only allowed to bring into the festival with you a bag that is see-through or a small clutch bag. If you have a bag that is not clear, personnel has options for lockers outside of the arena where you can put your bag, and in its stead, you will be provided with a clear bag.

Health & Safety

Lockers are provided inside the festival arena for your purchased contents; that's to say shop to your heart's content inside the arena, and you don't have to worry about where you will put your purchases while you jam to your favorite bands. It is suggested to reserve lockers beforehand so that by the time you are at the center, you are good to go.

Where to eat


Okay, so maybe you won't cook up a storm at the Events Center, but you can enjoy cooking anything your taste buds crave while at your campsite. Grocery centers are likely to be positioned a mere walk away. This is your chance to find a new favorite camp meal and enjoy it with your crew!


If the idea of preparing your food doesn't tickle your fancy, you can dabble in the cuisines offered in Downtown Las Vegas. Again, the location will work in your favor as you land near dozens of restaurants. Just take a leisure stroll downtown, and you will be spoiled for choice, whether you would like to eat at a steakhouse or try Mexican food. For a more upscale restaurant setting, you will also find casinos that will satiate your palate. Your head will probably spin with the array of throbbing casino neon lights near you.


Vendors are part of the life pulse of an event. Punk Rock Bowling has an eclectic vendor list that caters for all types of folks. For food vendors specifically, there are vendors who cater for vegans, meat lovers, and those in between. Beer vendors are available for the lovers of cold subzero temperature beers that will quench your thirst in a hot weather condition. Other vendors sell different types of merchandise besides food (yep, time for that unforgettable souvenir).



Punk Rock Bowling retains a strict adherence to entry requirements. Notably, there is no re-entry to the festival. This is an important one to consider before you go so that you can plan to enjoy a full day at the Events Center. Lockers are provided for your belongings as a safety measure (view the Health and Safety for details).


Time to take out your summer clothes from the closet as you prepare to head to Vegas. May is a delightful month in Nevada. The dry air has begun to warm a bit, but it is not usually yet swelteringly hot. Come rain or shine, the Punk Bowl Festival will take place.


The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center has made several provisions for ADA assistance. There are viewing platforms that accommodate ADA guidelines. Not only that, but the venue itself adheres to several provisions from seating to entry and exit requirements. Medications on your person should be declared upon entry. You can bring in your medication, with the caveat being that the prescription on your medicine should match your name.