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Quartz Mountain Nature Park


Quartz Mountain Nature Park is a campground and recreation area located in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. It is nearby to the town of Hobart and has the Quartz Mountain Fun Park located on its outskirts, so if your family is interested in amusement parks, they'll have plenty to see and do when visiting this state park. This Fun Park offers go-kart racing, as well as amusement park rides like the Ferris wheel.

If outdoor adventure is more along your line of amusements, don't worry. Quartz Mountain Nature Park offers rock climbing and hiking options that result in beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. You can also go fishing in the nearby Lake Altus-Lugert, or enjoy a trip boating across the lake. At different times of the year, there are eagle watches and overall bird watching that you can enjoy while visiting this park.

You can enjoy cycling when you come to Quartz Mountain Nature Park in your campervan or trailer. The park also has a golf course, so you can make sure to bring your clubs in your RV if you want to play a game.

Quartz Mountain Nature Park offers a variety of camping options for RV and tent campers. There are 119 RV sites and 99 primitive tent sites. The campground offers hookups for water, electrical, and sewage, depending on the site that you reserve.

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Quartz Mountain Nature Park is located in southern Oklahoma, a short distance from Hobart. It's relatively easy to get to the park, so you will just need to exercise normal caution when driving your RV or pulling your camping trailer. The roads tend to be minimally windy, but you will want to be careful around the mountains that surround you, which could make the trek dangerous.

Once you get to Quartz Mountain Nature Park, you will need to check in at the park office. You should get directions to your campsite, as there are multiple campgrounds on the property. Several, such as the Mountainview Campground and Scissortail Campground are predominantly for RVs. There are also plenty of campsites for tent campers, such as at the River Road Tent Area.

There are pull-through spaces at Scissortail Campground, but the majority of the RV spaces at Quartz Mountain Nature Park are back-in spaces. The Mountainview Campground is considered preferred, with additional space for parking your boat or your jet-skis, which can be used in Lake Altus-Lugert. The park has plenty of camping options, but many visitors are day-use visitors, who will take up some of the parking spaces in the lots.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Campsites in Quartz Mountain Nature Park

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All campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not available.

First-come first-served

Scissortail Campground

The Scissortail Campground at Quartz Mountain Nature Park has 18 RV camping sites. Most of these sites offer full hookups, including electric, water, and sewage. The majority of these sites are pull-through, while some are back-in. Only one RV can camp at each site, but you can also use one tent at the sites.

Mountainview Campground

The Mountainview Campground at Quartz Mountain Nature Park is considered one of the preferred sites at Quartz Mountain. There are only five RV sites at this campground, but they are oversized, and they have room for you to bring your boat or jet skis when you come. These sites are back-in. You are also able to have one tent at each site with your RV.

Live Oak Campground

The Live Oak Campground at Quartz Mountain has 14 sites with water and electrical hookups. The sites are back-in sites. These sites are conveniently located near group camping, as well as the Quartz Mountain Grocery Store, where you can get provisions. You are allowed a maximum of one RV and one tent per site.

Redbud Campground

Redbud Campground at Quartz Mountain has a total of 10 sites, and these contain water and electrical hookups. Eight of the sites are back-in. If you're interested in mini-golf or paddleboats, you might want to consider this campground, as it's the closest to these activities. You can camp with one RV and one tent at these sites.

River Run Campground

River Run Campground at Quartz Mountain Nature Park has 6 RV sites. These all have water and electrical hookups, but no sewage. The sites are all back-in. These sites provide an excellent view of the water, as they are located along the North Fork of the Red River.

River Road Tent Area

The River Road Tent Area at Quartz Mountain has 69 sites all lacking hookups. These primitive sites have a picnic table, as well as a fire ring or grill at each site. There are three bathrooms in the area, but only one has shower facilities.

Lakeview Campground

The Lakeview Campground at Quartz Mountain Nature Park is not open all year round. It contains 32 RV sites, with the majority being back-in sites. They have water and electrical hookups. There is one handicapped accessible site at this campground. There are also 15 primitive tent camping sites.

Cottonwood Campground

Cottonwood Campground at Quartz Mountain is not open the entire year. It has 34 RV camping sites, with the majority being back-in rather than pull-through sites. One site is handicapped accessible at the campground. These sites also have water and electrical hookups. There are also 20 primitive tent camping sites at this campground.

Seasonal activities in Quartz Mountain Nature Park



When you come to Quartz Mountain Nature Park, you can bring your boat or jet skis to enjoy on the water, so make sure to pack everything you will need for a day on the water when you come to the park in your rig. You can also bring fishing gear and plan to catch a few fish from the shore or your boat. Certain camping sites are large enough for your boat to be used in Lake Altus-Lugert; these are located in the Mountainview Campground.

Four Wheeling

You can bring your four wheeler in your trailer with you when you come to Quartz Mountain Nature Park. The north shore of the park has a 50-acre section that you can use your four wheeler in to go mudding and enjoy the sights. This section of the park is only open during the summer months and remains closed during the winter, so you will want to make sure you plan in advance if you are coming during the warmer months.


At Quartz Mountain Nature Park, you will have ample opportunity to enjoy the rock climbing options available in the park. Make sure you bring your equipment for rock climbing or rappelling in your RV or camping trailer. The Wichita Mountain range runs near the park, and part of it, Baldy Point, is the predominant peak for outdoor enthusiasts to climb. You will be rewarded after your climb with stunning views of the area once you make your careful ascent to the top.



You will find that there are plenty of trails at Quartz Mountain Nature Park, so you are going to want to bring any gear in your camping rig for your hiking adventures, be it a walking stick or hiking boots. Trails range in difficulty from easy to difficult in the park and include an interpretive trail and a trail that climbs across the face of Quartz Mountain, providing hikers with wonderful views of the surrounding area.


Make sure you bring your picnic basket and food containers when you come to Quartz Mountain Nature Park in your RV. You can have a private picnic or a group celebration when you are at the park. You can reserve the picnic pavilions if you have a group of people and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Viewing Wildlife

There is plenty to see and do when you come to Quartz Mountain Nature Park. You are going to want to bring your binoculars in your RV, and you might even want to bring a field guide with you to explore the park. While on the trails or sitting in your boat, you will want to keep your eyes peeled. Bird watchers will enjoy the opportunity to spy eagles nesting during the winter months, as well as a variety of other birds.