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You can come to Quechee State Park in Hartford, Vermont, in your rig and enjoy a taste of the remote Vermont wilderness. You'll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, and campers enjoy the spacious sites for camping. You can hike or enjoy bird watching at the park, with a plethora of possible species to spot, including bald eagles and golden eagles.

The central feature of Quechee State Park is the Quechee Gorge, the deepest gorge in Vermont, which was formed by glacial activity thousands of years ago. You can view this magnificent landmark, as well as look down into the Ottauquechee River below. You can enjoy swimming in this water feature, as well as bring a raft, starting upriver and floating downstream in a peaceful journey.

When you come to Quechee State Park, there are 45 campsites and seven lean-to sites. The campsites are comparatively large when compared to other campsites in the region, so you are likely not going to have trouble fitting your camping rig or RV at the site. While there are no hookups, there are coin-operated hot showers that you can use at the campground.

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Quechee State Park is located in Hartford, Vermont. It is easy to access the park, as it is located just off of U.S. 4. In fact, while on the road, you can enjoy views over the Quechee Gorge and Ottauquechee River. The park is able to support large RVs and trailers, but the winding roads may be hard to navigate with your camping equipment, so use caution. Vermont winters are notoriously rough, so if you travel during the winter months, make sure to check weather conditions and drive carefully.

The campsites are located off of U.S. 4, so you will be able to access the campground easily enough once you get there. You will need to travel carefully after checking in at the park office, as there are four camping loops that your site may be located off of, connected together by centralized roads. You'll also want to take note that there is only one parking lot at the park office and campgrounds, so you may have difficulty finding a parking space other than your campsite. This is especially true if you're coming to the park office for nature activities; you'll probably be best walking from your campsite to the park office for varied activities.


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Quechee State Park Campground

Quechee State Park's campground has a variety of sites for you and your family to enjoy, whether you camp with an RV, a trailer, or a tent. There are 45 tent and RV sites at the park, as well as seven lean-to sites. These campsites are roomy and some allow for RVs up to34 feet in length and camping trailers up to 30 feet long. There are no hookups at the campground, but you will have access to the campground's restrooms. They also have hot and cold running water and coin-operated hot showers to rinse off after a day of hiking or at the river. There is also a sanitary RV dumping station at the park. The campsites and lean-tos are located around several camping loops within the park, and there are some prime sites that, if you want, you will need to reserve early. Regardless, you will have a trek from your campsite to the river or park office.

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Bring your swimsuits and swimming gear, including floaties or rafts, when you come to Quechee State Park with your camping trailer. The water is cold, but you can enjoy your time in the Ottauquechee River, providing you lovely sights of the Quechee Gorge. You will have options to enjoy in the water, including relaxing and swimming in slower areas. You can also hop on your raft upstream and float gently down river for a relaxing ride.


When you come camping at Quechee State Park, you are going to want to bring your fishing gear packed in your RV or trailer. The Ottauquechee River has some enjoyable fishing opportunities, including brown trout and rainbow trout. You can also go fishing and boating in the nearby Dewey's Pond, which offers bass and pike fishing, as well as bluegill. You will need to make sure that you have a Vermont fishing license when you come to the park to partake in fishing.


You can bring your floating raft and enjoy rafting on the Ottauquechee River, so make sure to bring your waterproof camera when you come with your camping trailer. If you are interested in some real boating, you can bring your equipment to the nearby water source known as Dewey's Pond. This area allows you to boat within the pond, although only electric motors or paddle boats are allowed; no gas-powered motors can be used here.



The area around Quechee State Park offers a variety of hiking options for campers and daytime visitors, so be prepared by bringing your hiking boots. The park itself has two trails that lead from the park to the gorge, including Quechee Gorge Trail. You can also reach the summit by hiking at the nearby Mount Ascutney State Park. Visitors will also have the option from a network of trails from the visitor's center that is located off of U.S. 4.


You can enjoy a variety of picnicking locations around Quechee State Park, so make sure to bring your blanket and picnic basket when you pack your camping rig. In addition to picnicking spots around the campsites, you can enjoy a lovely picnic on the shores of Ottauquechee State Park. Find a spot to sit in the shade and watch your kids play in the water while you enjoy a delicious lunch or just relax before hitting the water with your family.

Bird Watching

Make sure that you pack your binoculars when you pack your RV to come to Quechee State Park. You will be able to enjoy plenty of wildlife and flora, most notably the variety of birds that call the park home. Whether you sit and watch the environment around you or enjoy a leisurely hike, you can see a number of different bird species. These include bald eagles, golden eagles, scarlet tanagers, osprey, and blue jays.