Randolph County State Park
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Situated in the rolling hill country of southern Illinois and featuring scenic forest stands with abundant song birds and wildlife, as well as a 65-acre lake, Randolph County State Park is a mecca for RV holidays. Located three miles north of Chester and one mile east of Palestine Road, Illinois, the 1,101-acre Randolph County State Park offers wonderful recreational opportunities to RV campers including fishing, hiking, boating, picnicking, hunting, horseback riding, dog training, cross-country skiing, as well as geocaching.

The woods in Randolph County State Park are generally found along streams, draws, and on adjacent slopes too steep for cultivation. Some of the upland area and gentler slopes in the park are "open," devoted to wildlife food plots or maintained in a fallow condition. The grasslands, brushy areas, and hedgerows are interspersed throughout the park providing a diverse wildlife habitat.

Amenities at Randolph County State Park that make the RV holiday experience of campers memorable include 39 RV campsites equipped with electric hookups, five shelter houses with electricity, equestrian day use area and campsites, 95 primitive campsites, 820-acres of hunting area, 626-acre timbered areas, restrooms, drinking water fountains, ADA accessible fishing and hunting facilities, a concession stand, boat ramp, and dam.

Randolph County State Park has something for everyone!

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Randolph County State Park is easily accessible by RVs, trailers, and cars as it is located just three miles north of Chester and one mile east of Palestine Road, Illinois. As a result, it will be easy for you to drive to the park in your RV, trailer, or other motorized vehicles. Local paved roads within the park connect the campgrounds and other areas of interest. There are no driving restrictions within Randolph County State Park.


There are three parking lots for RVs and trailers in Randolph County State Park. You’ll find one parking area by the Dam at Randolph County Lake, another around the concession stand, and yet another by the first shelter house. All RV campers can park their rigs at their campsites too. Overnight parking is available to RV campers in the park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation facilities available at Randolph County State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Randolph County State Park

Campsites in Randolph County State Park

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Pine Ridge Campground

Pine Ridge Campground in Randolph County State Park features 39 standard pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. One of the campsites at Pine Ridge Campground is ADA accessible. All the campsites are equipped with electric hookups for RVs. RV length limit at Pine Ridge Campground is 40 feet. Amenities at Pine Ridge Campground include drinking water fountains, restrooms, fire pits and grills, as well as a Ranger Station. The maximum length of camping stay during peak season is 14 nights in any 30-day period. Responsible use of alcohol is permitted in the campground. Campfires are allowed in grills only.

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The 65-acre clear-water Randolph County Lake in Randolph County State Park is stocked with fish species such as channel catfish, redear and bluegill sunfish, walleye, saugeye, rainbow trout, outh bass, green sunfish, bullhead and crappie. So, RV campers that love angling and fishing are never disappointed at Randolph County State Park. A handicapped fishing pier is also available in the park.


Randolph County State Park is well-known for its wooded areas which have abundant songbirds and wildlife, offering hikers on the trails in the park plenty opportunities to see woodpeckers, hawks, turkeys, deer, squirrels and waterfowl as they wind through woods and open fields, and around the lakeshore. As a result, RV campers love to hike on the trails in the park because they’re treated to wonderful nature and wildlife views and scenic sights.


At Randolph County State Park, boating opportunities are available to RV campers and the boat ramp in the park located close to the concession stand is the right place to kickstart the amazing experience. Rental boats are available and campers can bring in their own boats attached to their rigs. However, the motor boat limit in the park is 10 horsepower.



RV campers visit Randolph County State Park for the plenty of hunting opportunities and game species at the park. Some of the game in the park include dove, deer, rabbit, quail and woodcock, turkey, grey and fox squirrel, and raccoon. All hunting in the park is by shotgun or bow and arrow only. Hunting cards are required, and can be acquired at the Park Office. A Handicapped Hunting Pad is available in the park.


The six picnic areas in Randolph County State Park nestled among hickory, oak, sweetgum and tulip trees are just the perfect spots for RV campers to escape from a hot summer day. Equipped with shelters, tables, fire grills, and water fountains, these sites provide wonderful opportunities for campers to have a swell picnic experience at the park.

Horseback Riding

Lovers of horseback riding enjoy an 11.6-mile horse trail in Randolph County State Park that offers them interesting panorama of sights and sounds in the park. Besides, an equestrian day use and camping area in the park provides additional opportunities for horseback riders to enjoy their stay at Randolph County State Park. On cold, wintry days, the Randolph County State Park horse trails provide a perfect path for cross-country skiing enthusiasts.