Red Mountain Wilderness


The Red Mountain Wilderness, covering 29 square miles, is particularly attractive for its Navajo Sandstone plateau that rises to 1,400 feet and offers stunning views of the beautiful scenery and nearby landscapes. Located about ten miles north of St. George in Utah, this Bureau of Land Management wilderness can be accessed by vehicles via Snow Canyon Drive. The recommended transportation is four-wheel vehicles, but the wilderness is itself closed to the use of vehicles.

As soon as you arrive at this BLM wilderness, you can set out to enjoy fantastic recreational opportunities. Whatever interests you, whether it is hiking, horseback riding, flora and fauna observation, or photography, you’ll have plenty of space to pursue your interests in the wilderness. If you fancy taking the adventure outside the wilderness, different nearby attractions such as Red Cliffs Recreation Area, Snow Canyon State Park, and Gunlock State Park are available for your recreation.

Only primitive and dry camping is allowed within the wilderness as no facilities and services are provided. So, come along with what you will need. Outside the wilderness, however, modern campgrounds are available.

RV Rentals in Red Mountain Wilderness



Red Mountain Wilderness is found about ten miles north of St. George, Utah, off Highway 18. This Bureau of Land Management property is easily accessible as a number of local dirt roads lead to the park from the highway. Navigation in the area is best with high clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles. Access to the wilderness is mainly from the east off Highway 18 (Snow Canyon Drive) and south from Ivins.

At Red Mountain Wilderness, motorized vehicles and other mechanical equipment, including motorhomes and motorized bicycles are not allowed. So, as you approach the park, watch for signs that indicate where the wilderness boundaries are so that you’ll be able to park your vehicles. Getting around in the wilderness is on foot, non-motorized bike, or on your horse. Wheelchairs are allowed within the wilderness.

There are no direct public transportation services to Red Mountain Wilderness.

For anyone who wants to get RVs for camping, rentals are available at the nearby Gunlock State Park and Snow Canyon State Park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Red Mountain Wilderness

Campsites in Red Mountain Wilderness

Reservations camping

Snow Canyon Campground

Snow Canyon Campground located within Snow Canyon State Park, just east of this BLM wilderness along Highway 18, offers tent, group and RV camping opportunities for travelers. Pets are allowed within the campground and all campers get to enjoy the stunning backdrop of the red and white sandstone cliffs in the park.

Equipped with 14 RV campsites that have electric and water hookups, and 17 campsites that can accommodate tents and vehicles, this campground is open year-round. Various amenities are provided, including restrooms, a dump station, fire pits and grills, potable water, and picnic tables. Recreational opportunities within the campground include hiking, rock climbing, nature observation, cycling, and interpretive programs.

Campsites are available by reservation, and the maximum RV length that can be accommodated is 40 feet.

Seasonal activities in Red Mountain Wilderness


Nearby Attractions

There are plenty of interesting sites near Red Mountain Wilderness where wilderness explorers can enjoy recreation that is not available within the BLM property. Gunlock State Park, for example, is a year-round destination that offers opportunities for water sports, boating, and fishing. Anglers can enjoy catching catfish and bass within the Gunlock Reservoir.

Additional opportunities to enjoy activities such as horseback riding, biking, hiking, and photography are also available within the Snow Canyon State Park area.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area

The Red Cliffs Recreation Area in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is a popular destination among visitors to the Red Mountain Wilderness and surrounding area. Its popularity is due to the abundant recreational opportunities, its cultural and historical significance, and the educational resources available.

Visitors get to enjoy activities ranging from wildlife viewing to flora observation, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Dinosaur tracks are also preserved within the recreation area for visitors to see. Several archaeological sites are also present, indicating the kind of life led by the early inhabitants of the area.


There are numerous hiking opportunities available to visitors at Red Mountain Wilderness. The entire wilderness is open to hikers and backpackers who fancy checking out the hidden areas, scenic spots, and landmark regions that offer exciting sights.

No designated hiking trails are available; however, visitors can move around as far as they can go in this BLM wilderness. The area is pet-friendly so you can enjoy a stroll or hike with your dog. Just make sure you keep them on a short leash and clean up after them.


Horseback riding

Horseback riding is one of the more popular recreational activities enjoyed by visitors and campers at Red Mountain Wilderness. Equestrians will find plenty of opportunities to ride along ten miles of maintained equestrian trails that are provided in the wilderness area.

Some of the equestrian trails even lead to spectacular overlooks into Snow Canyon. There, riders can see black basaltic rocks lying on the red and white Navajo sandstone. This dramatic visual contrast in the canyon is definitely worthy of a photograph.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife enthusiasts have so much fun at this Bureau of Land Management property in Utah, due to the abundant wildlife species that roam the wilderness. Numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles reside within the wilderness, with different areas hosting different fauna.

The sandstone canyon walls serve as the resting place for eagles, falcons, and hawks, while the canyon bottoms host deer, white ring-tailed cats, bear, and cougar. Other wildlife commonly seen in the wilderness area include mountain lion, jackrabbit, and various raptors.


Red Mountain Wilderness is home to lots of beautiful plant communities that decorate the corridors of the wilderness. The clear mountain streams that descend into canyons from juniper-dotted uplands provide good habitats for a number of flora species.
Nature enthusiasts that visit the highest plateaus in the park will come across islands of ponderosa pine forests. The small holes in the canyon walls also house and provide water to some other plants such as scarlet monkeyflower, maidenhair fern, and columbine.