RedBud National

Head to Michigan for the Nationals at Redbud MX in Buchanan. As the centerpiece of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, this is fun stuff.

Event information

On the Fourth of July weekend, you and the family can pile into the RV and head to Buchanan, Michigan for the Redbud National. Forget the fireworks, let the professionals at RedBud do them for you. In fact, the excitement of motocross championship racing is more than enough excitement, but Saturday night is a fireworks show you won’t believe.

Since 1973, this track has held motocross races, and the locals love it. In fact, fans come from all over the world to this small town in Michigan for the annual event. An average of 60,000 spectators visit the track every summer.

The full weekend starts on Wednesday, and you can stay until Sunday in one of the many campsites in the six camping lots on the property. These are huge sites that can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 80 feet in length, and many are just a few feet from the track. Whether you are there for the night or the whole weekend, camping here is the best way to experience the Redbud National.

You’ll also enjoy food, and soft drink concession stands, real restrooms, shaded picnic areas, grandstand seating, and plenty of activities during the weekend. Bring your family, your cooler, your beer, and your snacks as well because you can bring food and beverages in with you. Tailgating and BBQing are allowed and encouraged, so have fun!


Everyone over six years old has to have a general admission ticket for the Redbud National, which have often ranged from $50 to $95 for adults and $25 to $45 for kids six through eleven. The price depends on what day you get because the tickets are for the whole weekend. The only day you can get a one-day ticket is on Saturday, which is usually $25 to $50 for the one day only.

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Just off of US-31 from Interstate 90 or 94, the Redbud MX Track is in Buchanan, which is in the southwestern corner of Michigan. You’ll only be 16 miles from South Bend, IN, which is known for its Studebaker National Museum and the University of Notre Dame. Less than 100 miles from Chicago, you can visit this big city on Lake Michigan and see the Willis Tower, Hancock Center, and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower.

Parking areas

There is usually parking galore at the Redbud MX Track because they make use of all the grass they can find during the Redbud National. If you are not camping onsite, you can take either Gate C or Gate D to the main parking areas. Staff members are there to guide you to a spot. If you are camping, take Gate C only.

Public Transportation

The best choice for RVers is to camp onsite during the RedBud National. However, if you are camping elsewhere, your best bet is a rideshare app or rental car service. There are no public buses that provide transportation in this area. Sometimes you can find carpools or a party bus type of ride in the area. You may also consider taking a taxi or a private bus service.

Where to stay


The RedBud MX Track has six different camping areas. Lot A has five separate sections based on space, length of RV, and how close to the track you are. Lot B Campground is in the northeast corner of the property and is known for its party atmosphere. If you are looking for a more family-oriented campsite, consider Lot A1, A2, or A3.

The largest sites can handle rigs up to 80 feet long; however, there are some that are a bit shorter. None of the sites have utilities, but you can run your generator all night long if it’s not too loud. Pets are welcome as long as you keep them properly restrained and supervise them at all times.


Sometimes you just need to get away from the crowds. If you are not fond of camping in such a crowded place, there are over a dozen campgrounds within 15 miles of the track. Some of the sites have full hookups, while others are primitive. Several of the campgrounds are on the banks of Lake Michigan with swimming beaches and boating available.

Getting around

The RedBud MX Track offers golf cart shuttles around the track area from Thursday until Sunday. And on Saturday, they run from the ADA parking areas to the pro track entrances. Most of the fun is packed into a pretty compact area, so you should not have to walk too far anyway. No ATVs, scooters, quads, bikes, or pit bikes are allowed.

What to pack


Southern Michigan is hot and sticky in the summertime, so pack accordingly. Light clothes, a hat, and comfortable shoes are essentials. Most people wear shorts and tank tops or tee shirts the whole weekend, but it can get breezy this close to Lake Michigan, so bring a jacket or light sweater as well.


Go ahead and pack some food, snacks, soft drinks, and beer in your cooler because they are allowed at the RedBud MX Track. You’re also welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on since you will likely be watching the race from the grass. There are free bleachers, but you have to get there early and claim a spot. However, if you get up, your spot is gone.

Health & Safety

Pack your backpack full of sunblock, bug spray, and don’t forget your sunglasses and hat, as it may be hot and sticky in July. Although there are several areas with shade, most of the best viewing areas are not shaded. Bring along any medications you may need as well as a first-aid kit just in case.

Where to eat


Fans camping at the Redbud National are allowed to cook meals indoors using a generator or outdoors on a gas grill, camp stove, or in a fire ring. Be sure you have what you need, so you don’t have to pack everything back up and drive to town for and campsite food or supplies. The nearest convenience store is about 2.7 miles from the park, and there are grocery stores a bit further down.


Since you are in the neighborhood, stop by one of the awesome eateries in Berrien County on your way in or out of the track. You can find nice fancy restaurants as well as small cafés or choose one of the many fast food joints for a burger and fries. You’ll also find a sub shop, pizzeria, and a coffee house nearby within a 10-minute drive.


Visitors have been known to come back year after year for certain foods that they can only get at the track. Some of these items in the past include corndogs, tri-tip sandwiches, and funnel cakes. The track just started selling alcohol in 2018, so you can get that there, too. Merchandise vendors are also on hand to show off their newest items.



You’ll be getting your bags and coolers checked by security at a few different areas around the track. The RedBud MX Track takes safety seriously, so don’t bring anything in that you know is not allowed. Some of these things include fireworks, drones, weapons, and drugs. Although marijuana laws have changed in Michigan, it is not allowed at the track at all.


The first week of July is hot just about anywhere you go, and Buchanan, Michigan is not only hot but humid as well. Average temps in July range from the upper 80s to lower 90s for the highs and low 60s at night. Thunderstorms are likely so be prepared for that as well during your trip to the RedBud National.


The medical staff on hand at the RedBud MX Track is trained in emergency and basic first aid procedures. The track also has an ambulance service and paramedics available if needed. If you would rather make the trip yourself or need to pick up a prescription, the nearest hospital is just 10 minutes away on US-31.