Rehoboth Beach to Key West Road Trip Guide


Rehoboth Beach is located on the Delaware Coast. While it’s a small town of just a little over 1,500 people, a lot of tourists flock here every summer to check out the boardwalks and spend some time catching rays or swimming in the ocean. And it can get lively during beach season. Plus, it’s a great starting point that starts from the Atlantic Coast and ends where the ocean converges with the Gulf of Mexico.

Key West is one of the westernmost communities in the Florida Keys. And it’s the perfect place where you can end a road trip. It’s the southern terminus of US Route 1, which ends in the northern part of Maine near the Canadian Border. This seven-day road trip from one beach to another in an RV might just be the best road adventure yet. With plenty of stops along the way, you’ll be writing a story that can be told for years. Get excited! This road trip will definitely be one of the best you’ve ever been on.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest


While you’re still in Rehoboth Beach, it would be good to get some time fun time in before heading out on the road towards Key West. Funland has plenty of rides for the kids (and for you if you are a kid at heart). This place has been open since 1962 and remains one of the beach town’s greatest fixtures (aside from the beach itself). And if you dare, you can check out the Haunted Mansion attraction that they have. It will guarantee you quite the scare.

If you need an RV Park to stay at nearby, then you cannot go wrong with Port Delmarva Campground. It can fit plenty of RVs of almost any size. Plus, it’s conveniently located on State Route 1, which will be your main road as you travel out of Delaware.

Ocean City Boardwalk

After traveling through Delaware, you’ve now entered Maryland. While it might be slightly out of the way, you’d be hard-pressed to pass up the chance to visit Ocean City. While you are there, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants located on the Ocean City Boardwalk. One of the best things Maryland is best known for is their crab cakes. So you might want to try them for yourself before you continue on. Oh...and there are plenty of carnival rides that your kids can enjoy. Hasn’t this been a fun road trip already?

One RV park you can stay at is located just south of Ocean City. The Castaway RV Resort and Campground is just near the Ocean City Municipal Airport. You will be near State Route 376, which will connect you back to US Route 113 (where you will continue your journey towards Virginia).

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge Center

After driving through much of Virginia, you’ll come across the town of Cape Charles in the Hampton Roads region. If you are looking to do some exploring while coming across plenty of birds and animals along the way, the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge Center is a good place to start. With plenty of forests, marshes, and wetlands, you’ll never be in short supply of what nature has to offer.

If you are looking for an RV park in Cape Charles, you don’t have to go too far. There’s a KOA Campground that is located off of US Route 13. And it’s literally across the road from the refuge itself.

Neptune Statue

It’s another day in Virginia, it’s time for another stop at a beach. This time, it’s Virginia Beach. While there is a lot that you can do here, you might want to check out the statue that honors Neptune, the God of the Seas. It’s a behemoth of a bronze statue that is worth taking a few pictures. The kids can spend time at the beach or the handfuls of amusement parks and attractions nearby. There are plenty of options where you and the whole family can have fun.

There’s a KOA Holiday Campground that is located south of Virginia Beach. It will be located near Oceana Boulevard, where it will connect to Interstate 264 where you’ll continue onward towards the Sunshine State.

Airborne and Special Operations Museum

At this point, you’ve driven through most of Virginia and North Carolina. As you’ll be close to the South Carolina border, you’ll be in Fayetteville. That’s where you’ll find the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. Not only are there plenty of exhibits to check out, but you can take part in the many simulators that will be the closest thing to virtual reality. You’ll get to see through the eyes of the dangerous missions that Army Special Forces have done in their history. You’ll learn about the history of the US Army’s Special Forces and the rigorous training they undergo in their efforts to defend freedom if and when needed.

There are a few RV parks that you’ll find in Fayetteville, with some of them just off of Interstate 95. If you are looking for one, in particular, that will accommodate RVs, the Lazy Acres Campgrounds might be a place you can consider setting up for the night.

The Waving Girl Statue

The Waving Girl Statue has greeted many ships that have sailed near Savannah, Georgia on their way north or south. And it has stood there for nearly 45 years. It might just greet you hello as you are just passing through the coastal city that is rich in history. While you are still in Savannah, you may want to explore this city that has a unique Southern charm that will leave you with a lasting impression.

If you are looking for an RV park, a couple of them are just off of Interstate 95 as you are south of Savannah. You can choose between the CreekFire RV Resort or the Savannah Oaks RV resort just up the road. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get plenty of hookups and amenities while resting and recharging for the inevitable home stretch.

Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral

This is the site where many shuttle launches have happened in America’s history. And it’s also a great place to see one up close. Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. While you are here, you can check out the many attractions located right on the space center grounds. You’ll be able to see the Rocket Garden and the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Who knows? You might be lucky enough to meet an astronaut who has seen space and has a few interesting stories to tell about their past missions.

Once you’ve finished up checking out the Space Center, it’s back to nearby Titusville where you’ll spend the night at one of the many RV parks in the area. The Titusville KOA Campground is located near Interstate 95, so you won’t be too out of the way before continuing onward.

Monkey Jungle

Imagine being in a place where the monkeys run free and all the humans are caged. Well, there is a place just like that. The Monkey Jungle located in Miami is a habitat where many primates will walk and run freely in a controlled environment. You’ll tour the habitat in a caged tunnel. And it will be a ton of fun seeing all these lively creatures in action. You’ll have plenty of fun...even if you are in a cage.

After a fun-filled day with monkeys, you can get settled in at the Miami Everglades RV Resort. They’ve got plenty of space, the hookups you need, and they have a pool among other amenities. After all, it is Miami. Who says you and the family cannot have fun in this lively city?


You’ve finally made it to Key West! After a long road trip that took you from one beach to the next (with a few others along the way), you can get the rest and relaxation that you need. Of course, you can take the day to do some exploration in the westernmost community of the Keys. While you are there, check out the Dry Tortugas. It’s a remote island that contains a brick fortress that is over hundreds of years old. And it’s been said that it’s a place where a lot of turtles hang out.

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