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Richard B. Russell Lake


For your next outdoor adventure, why not consider a trip to Elberton and Georgia's Richard B. Russell Lake? It's a fantastic place for your next RV holiday.

Richard B. Russell Lake, a body of water sometimes referred to simply as Lake Russell or Russell Lake, is located at the halfway point between Elberton, GA, and Calhoun, SC. This body of water is a man-made reservoir constructed following the building of the Richard B. Russell Dam. In October 1983, progress began to fill the lake with the completion of the project occurring in December 1984.

The lake takes its name from respected U.S. Senator Mr. Richard Brevard Russell, Jr. Richard B. Russell Lake is quite large, encompassing 26,650 acres in total. With over 540 acres of coast to explore, families can definitely enjoy long leisurely strolls along the beach at this beautiful natural space. A large portion of the shoreline is restricted from public use outside of state parks, so it is important for visitors to Richard B. Russell Lake to strictly adhere to sections that are reserved for public use.

The area now occupied by the lake was once a site of great local archaeological importance. Prior to the building and filling of the lake, a major excavation effort occurred to unearth artifacts belonging to past generations and former inhabitants of the land. One of the landmarks buried with the lake was the Georgia-Carolina Memorial Bridge. Though many mourn its loss, it has not been destroyed. It's still there, beneath the waters of the lake.

The Army Corps of Engineers has maintained that the vast majority of the coastline at Richard B. Russell Lake remain undeveloped. However, there are several state parks and day-use recreational facilities which border the lake where families can enjoy the shoreline and its plentiful attractions.

People love to flock to Richard B. Russell Lake in spring, summer, winter, and fall. This incredible body of water is close to many location attractions and is a haven for several state parks and camping facilities. The climate remains consistently warm and pleasant throughout the seasons, giving it a strong pull for RV campers in search of a tranquil spot for their next vacation.

Ready to get out on the open road in search of your next outdoor adventure? Consider an RV stay at Richard B. Russell Lake. You'll have an amazing time.

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Centrally located at the halfway point between Elberton, Georgia and Calhoun, SC, Richard B. Russell Lake follows direct routes from both cities and is quite easy for RV campers to find. The highways from either state are kept in excellent condition and consist primarily of two lanes. Traffic moves well at all times of the year with little road construction seen, even during the summer months.


Parking is available at any of the state parks or recreational areas which border Richard B. Russell Lake. Alternatively, there is parking at the entrance to the beach property itself.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation available to Richard B. Russell Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Richard B. Russell Lake

Campsites in Richard B. Russell Lake

Reservations camping

Richard B Russell State Park Campground

Richard B. Russell State Park Campground sits on the same property as the 26,650 lake which bears the same name. This camping facility offers RV and tent camping as well as cabin rentals year-round by reservation only. Generator use is considered acceptable, and pets are permitted on the grounds so long as they remain on a leash at all times.

There are many popular attractions at this campground including a disc course, a swimming beach, and an 18-hole golf course with an on-site pro shop.

Wifi is available in several locations, and the property is also home to picnic shelters, several boat ramps, and a sand beach.

Seasonal activities in Richard B. Russell Lake


Wildlife viewing

Richard B. Russell Lake's wooded property is a haven for many different species of plant and animal life. As you wander through the lush fields and verdant green forest, you will discover many unusual flowers, trees, and living creatures that are worth recording on film.

Carry your binoculars, your camera, and a naturalist's guide with you, so you can spot, identify, and record your findings. Don't forget to wear comfy shoes and dress for colder weather.


If hiking is one of your fave things to do, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to places to visit at Richard B. Russell Lake. Check out some of the hiking trails found at the various state parks in the region or chart a course all your own. Before you head out, be certain to make sure the area you plan to visit is accessible to the public as many areas of the shoreline are off-limits.

Along your travels, you will discover many beautiful sights. Be sure to have your camera ready to snap a few shots of your adventure.


Richard B. Russell Lake is an extremely popular locale for those who love to fish. With 26,650 acres of water to choose from, you won't have any trouble sourcing a spot where the fish are biting.

If you prefer to fish directly from the shore, you can cast your line into the water from the banks at the edge of the lake. Fancy yourself more of a boat kind of person? Take the canoe or motorboat out for a spin to see what you can haul home after your day of fishing fun.



Richard B. Russell Lake is an excellent spot for enjoying a picnic lunch. You can feast right along the shore with the sound of the crashing waves lapping in your ears or eat at one of the picnic areas in one of the state-run facilities such as Watson Mill Bridge State Park. Either way, you're bound to have a great time.

Pack a tasty lunch to enjoy and be sure to include plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration. Your pooch may join you on your picnic, but in accordance with state laws, they must remain on a leash at all times.

Water sports

Several of the state parks and recreational facilities bordering Richard B. Russell Lake offer boat launches and docks which make them the perfect place to have some water sports fun. Paddle out in your canoe or kayak or take a spin on your jetski. You will find the waters are warm and inviting.

Since fishing is also a popular activity at Richard B. Russell Lake, you can try your hand at fishing from your canoe or pleasurecraft. Be sure you have lots of snacks and drinks with you to complete your day of fun on the water.


In the areas designated for public swimming at Richard B. Russell Lake, you and your family are sure to have a ball. Since much of the property has been declared off-limits to development and public use, it is important to consult each specific state park's website to determine if your camping facility permits lake access directly from their premises.

Swimming is unsupervised at Richard B. Russell Lake, so it is best to proceed into the water with caution. This beautiful recreational area has a splendid coast that is ripe for exploring in search of seaside treasures. Meander at your will with your leashed best canine pal by your side should you so choose.

Bring along lots of drinking water, a beach towel, sunscreen, and some snacks.