Richmond Raceway

Rev up that RV to the Richmond Raceway, which offers great camping and NASCAR fan experiences.

Event information

Start your engines and get ready for a fast and fun time when you visit the Richmond Raceway. This premier short track offers an amazing race experience that is tailored for fans of all ages. This ¾ mile D-shaped oval track has only become even more unique since it opened back in 1946. The inclusion of the DC Solar FanGrounds on the infield puts you literally in the middle of the race.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and the NASCAR Xfinity Series have been held here in past years. Prominent events like these are usually held in the mild months of April and September, making this a great destination for an RV trip.

This raceway is also outfitted with several RV campgrounds, the most premier of which allow campers to watch the action right from their vehicle. If this isn't your style, you're still in luck as there are over 51,000 seats that stretch across more than half the track. You won't have to worry about missing anything either with a scoring tower that gives Richmond Raceway an LED glow set to amaze fans. When visiting, you'll also be welcomed by some of the best in culinary digs in and out of the grounds.


Richmond Raceway has a lot of ticketing options offered. Adult ticket prices start around $35 and can go over $150. Children must also have a ticket but are usually about $25 cheaper, with some events even being free for them. There are a variety of other discounts available for military personnel, college students, and scouts. Group and travel packages are also available, which bundle up multiple services and seating at a discounted rate.

RV camping spots are reserved ahead of time, and spots often go fast. Before you can reserve a spot, you'll need to purchase a racing ticket. For more information on what ticket options are available, look over the Richmond Raceway website.

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Richmond Raceway is located in Henrico County just a few miles away from the City of Richmond. Squished between Richmond Henrico Turnpike and Carolina Avenue, most drivers take I-64, I-95 or I-295 to make it to the raceway. RV drivers have a few options for getting into the grounds with the best course of action dependent on which campgrounds will be their new raceway home. Lot F attendees will need to enter via gate 7, Lot J will have to enter through gate 14, and those camping near the turnpike will need to take the service gate.

Parking areas

Parking is subdivided into several locations depending on a few factors. Cars and trucks will need to be on either lot H for free parking or take up one of the premium spots if they have the associated parking pass. The campgrounds for RVs are similarly divided with grounds based on hookups and location to the raceway itself.

Public Transportation

In the past, free shuttle services have been set up between Richmond Raceway and parking lots not within walking distance of the venue. ADA carts are available to transport individuals with disabilities along with specific routes pre and post-race. Transportation via taxi or other private shuttling services is possible as well.

Where to stay


Campgrounds F and J are considered dry grounds and thus don't have any electrical, water, or sewage hookups. Some campgrounds do have full and partial hookups. More premium areas, which are part of package deals, allow visitors to watch the race right from their RV. Non-potable water is available on all grounds for a fee.


Race fans will find several RV camping resorts in the greater Richmond area. Most are located within 25 minutes by vehicle from the raceway, and near the interstates of I-295, I-64, and I-95. Hookups are usually available regardless of the location with many offering amenities like free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and entertainment.

Getting around

The majority of the RV camping spots are located fairly close to the track itself, with only lot J requiring a good deal of walking. Guests with disabilities will need to coordinate with guest services to get a cart to take them from the campground to the track. Personal motorized vehicles like carts, scooters, ATVs, and so forth are not allowed on any of the Richmond Raceway property. Bicycles are permitted in some areas.

What to pack


The weather during September oscillates between mild and warm. Because of this, you're going to want to pack lightweight attire but with some variety. Wear light clothing during the day with a backup hoodie or light jacket on hand in case the temperature drops during the evening. If you plan on going out to a restaurant or somewhere else in the area you may want something nicer for a change.


A few good general practices for any outdoor event are sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and a hat. When it comes specifically to speedways you're going to want to protect your ears as it can get loud on the track, so make sure to invest into a pack of earplugs. If you have a scanner with working headphones, this is the time to break that gear out and enjoy the track action even more. While Richmond Raceway completely supports credit and debit cards having a bit of cash on hand is helpful.

Health & Safety

When packing for your trip to Richmond Raceway make sure you have things like a first aid kit and any medication you need to take regularly. Water can be found at the campgrounds for your rig, but remember to bring drinking water or purchase bottled water if needed. Showers are also available on the grounds but any toiletries, except toilet paper, are up to you to bring.

Where to eat


The campground supports both propane and charcoal grills, but the use of these is limited to your specific spot. Open fires of any type are not permitted for any reason. Outdoor fireplaces are permitted as long as they are within the size guidelines. While there are some limitations on what you can do, you can look forward to grilling and enjoying a good meal at your site.


There are numerous food options in Richmond and Henrico County. If you want to pick up something quick to eat, you can go across East Laburnum. A plethora of sit-down restaurants is located farther south in the heart of central Richmond along East Broad Street. Here you will find quaint eateries, vegetarian dishes, and roaring breweries.


Hungry fans will have many food options available on site that range from mouth-watering barbecue, tasty pizza, and delicious tacos. Other food options include both local and chain restaurants. Memorabilia ranging from hats, glasses, shirts, and more are available as well.



Safety is an important aspect of Richmond Raceway, and security will be on site. The raceway's list of approved items includes things like small soft-sided coolers, backpacks, binoculars, and seat cushions. Other items like weapons, fireworks, laser pointers, and anything else that can be deemed dangerous will be confiscated at the entrance of the raceway.


Inclement weather can undermine even the best planned week, especially when it involves the dangerous sport of racing. That is why Richmond Raceway is part of the ISC Weather Protection Program that allows fans to exchange grandstand tickets that were rescheduled to a later date on any one of the properties.

Thankfully, rain isn't all that common in the area, and if the skies do get wet, it's usually just a drizzle. Nonetheless, you may want to pack a bit of raingear and a waterproof bag just in case.


First aid and emergency services are available on site and are typically located just outside of the gates. In the past, Richmond Raceway has set up ways to contact the Emergency Command Center either by calling or through text. If needed, there are hospital services stretched throughout the area just west of the grounds.