Riot Fest Chicago

Three days of music and dance, that's Riot Fest. Head to the windy city for your fix of sound and sun; retreat to the tranquility of your RV at night.

Event information

Fans of the alternative music scene will want to attend Riot Fest, renowned for non-stop music performances showcased on several stages. A multi-genre festival, this event will keep attendees in movement-mode all weekend long. Guitar riffs, drum solos, memorable vocal moments – you will experience all this and more the minute you walk through the gates.

Riot Fest is loud, and it’s meant to be. It is a celebration for true rockers who keep time with the beat of alternative rock, indie pop, ska, metalcore, punk, hip hop, and more. Some of the bands playing here are booked to play full-album sets. Other artists will reunite to entertain at this weekend party.

While in the city, check out the Lincoln Park Zoo, marvel at the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, and wander through the Garfield Park Conservatory. Spend an entire day at the Navy Pier where you can hop on amusement rides, visit shops, and sample delicious food. Stroll from one end to the other and enjoy the view of downtown.

You may be in a large city, but it is only moments away to some of the best camping in the state. Make a reservation at your chosen campground and set up your peaceful oasis for relaxing after a day on the go.


Choose from General Admission, VIP, Deluxe, or Ultimate. Visit to view the packages. Are you up for one day of rocking and rolling in front of the stage? Or do you prefer three days in a private cabana with plush seats for you and a gang of friends? Prices range from around $50 to $1600, it all depends on the experience you are looking for at Riot Fest.

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A number of interstate connections may bring you into the City of Chicago, with I-290 just north of the site, and Historic US-66 puts you right in the neighborhood of Douglas Park. Set the GPS coordinates and take a visual look at the maps before you start your trip to this busy destination. Check out the Travel Midwest Alerts System or the Notify Chicago System to be aware of road closures and emergency situations within the city.

Parking areas

The parking of an RV near Riot Fest may prove to be a challenge. The location of the event is a populated urban area. Call or email the organizers for information on best where to park your rig, or consider taking alternate transportation from your campsite or from just outside the city.

Public Transportation

The easiest way to get to Riot Fest is via public transportation. Use the Chicago Transit Authority L Route and take the metro. The pink line, exiting at the California stop, is right around the corner from the festival. Other options are to bike or to use a taxi or ridesharing service. Pick a stress-free option and let someone familiar with the area do the driving.

Where to stay


There is no accommodation for camping in a tent via RV via the Riot Fest venue. Despite being in the vicinity of a bustling and populated city, you will be able to find camping within a short drive of the event. Select your place to stay based on your favorite after-festival activities.


There is no shortage of great campgrounds within an hour’s drive of the windy city. Accommodations include full hookups, large sites, lakeside views, hiking and fishing options, and sprawling fields for the kids to play in. Campgrounds in this region are within minutes of the interstate highways but allow for some tranquility, with reviewers commenting that there is no road traffic noise.

Getting around

If you decide to bring your children to the festival, prepare them ahead of time for the crowds and noise. Strollers are permitted, so this may be the best mode of transport for little ones. Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and bicycles are not permitted on festival grounds. The terrain is grass with paved walkways. If you will use a wheelchair, assistance may be a good idea in case of rain which can make the grass challenging to navigate.

What to pack


The temperatures can vary this time of year. Jeans and a t-shirt are typical festival wear. A sweatshirt for the evenings is a wise addition to your wardrobe. Layer your clothing in case a hot afternoon is in store. Closed-toe shoes are the best bet, with running shoes being the ideal choice for comfort. Wear a hat to the festival because the sun’s rays can still be intense in September.


The list of what you can and cannot bring into Riot Fest is extensive so take a look at it before heading there. You can bring a blanket to sit on, but chairs are on the list of not allowed items. A plastic, refillable water bottle is a must for rehydrating throughout the day. Don’t forget to pack earplugs; they may prove to be your most important piece of festival gear. There are lockers for rent so that you do not have to carry your belongings all day. For the RV, stock up on toiletries, pack a portable radio, and make sure you have a flashlight in the glove box.

Health & Safety

Sunscreen and bug spray are two essentials for both the music festival and the campground. Reapply before you need it to avoid a painful sunburn that can ruin your weekend. Drink lots of water, and if you are indulging in an alcoholic drink throughout the day, alternate with water so that you do not get dehydrated. Campground safety includes giving the kids rules for playing out of range of the fire pit.

Where to eat


The fresh air will increase the appetites of the family, and this calls for a fully stocked fridge in the RV. Fruits and cut up veggies fit the bill for satisfying snacks in between a breakfast of bacon and eggs and a supper of steaks and corn on the cob. When packing for the trip, buy charcoal briquets and matches, but remember to check fire regulations for where you plan to camp. Verify that the RV propane and water supplies are topped up.


There are so many excellent restaurants in Chicago that you will have to take some time to think about what kind of meal experience you are looking for on your trek. Casual dining at its best in the area offers vegetarian, beef, and seafood options. You can choose based on the flair you are in the mood for, whether it be Asian, French, Italian, and more. Just about every nationality is represented in the city’s dining scene. Think about location, too and go for a view of the waterfront or an eatery amongst the skyscrapers.


Vendors will be set up to offer the usual festival goodies like food for all tastes, artisan crafts, records, books, and clothing. No outside food or drink items can be brought into the festival, so plan to eat here and enjoy the Chicago-style hotdogs, spicy chicken wings, and fully-stuffed tacos.



Expect security staff to check your bag as you enter Riot Fest. Any confiscated items will not be returned. In respect for those living in the neighborhood, general admission ticket holders cannot leave the venue and return during the day. Employees will be verifying wristbands and IDs throughout the festival. Talk to security if you have to bring in prescription medication. They will verify the packaging and check that the name on the prescription matches your photo identification.


Riot Fest goes on rain or shine. Pack rain gear in your day bag just in case. You can store it in your locker if you do not want to carry it around the venue. Umbrellas are not permitted at the festival but pack some for a rainy day at the campground. The nights will be cool, which means extra blankets in the RV are a must.


Medical staff members are on hand to assist if needed. If you have a pre-existing medical condition and would like to make the personnel aware of it, see them as soon as you arrive. Back at camp, keep a fully stocked first aid kit in the RV. Before leaving home, check expiry dates on ointments and creams, and top up items like bandaids and gauze.