Road America

Road America is a beautiful scenic destination that hosts hundreds of events throughout the year with spacious RV camping sites.

Event information

Road America is a race track that is located on some of the most beautiful grounds that Wisconsin has to offer. Since 1955 this 4-mile track, with a total of 14 turns, has been virtually unchanged despite many upgrades to the grounds.

In the decades since, millions of dollars have been invested into the track, helping attract 800,000 visitors annually and holding over 400 events annually. Visitors will get to watch as remarkable drivers test their mettle on an incredibly difficult track.

RV drivers will find Road America more than suited for their needs as there are multiple grounds for them to pull into and camp near the action. Once on the grounds, you'll get to see a dozen or so vendors that serve all manner of food and drinks. Road America is also host to some great paths, a family fun zone, and disc golf.

Events are many, with some happening on the same day as one another. This means that taking your trip to Road America can happen at just about any of the year, letting you visit in the season that works for you. Not all events are motor vehicle related, either. Runners and cyclists may also find an event to interest them at this diverse location.


There is a range of events that go on at the Road America track and ticket prices can vary. Friday is often the cheapest day to go with rates as low as $20, while weekend passes and premier seating often surpass $150. To get a better deal, Road America offers advanced pricing that usually ends just days before an event starts.

Camping is similarly distinguished with tent sites coming in at remarkably inexpensive. RV camping prices are all about location and hookups, with prices ranging from just below $100 to over $300. For more information, check out the Road America website.

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Located to Road America's east is the beautiful Lake Michigan. Multiple interstates and highways intersect the surrounding area, with most drivers taking I-43 if coming from either the north or south. If you're coming from the west, highway 23 will probably be the easiest way to come. You'll find the entrance to Road America on highway 67 across Little Elkhart Lake.

Parking areas

Parking on the grounds is free with the purchase of a ticket. Preferred parking is available at a fee, which gives designated parking near the paddock. Parking spots are strewn throughout the area with four of them located just in the entrance, another farther north across from the Road America Center, and a few more in the south near the Family Fun Zone.

Public Transportation

In the past, motorcoach transportation has been provided to and from set locations for a fee. These coaches allow for carry-on coolers and bags, along with restrooms on board. Transportation is available to the site via private services with drop off on the eastern portion of the grounds.

Where to stay


Camping is divided into roughly four areas: trackside, non-trackside, tent area, and fan camping area. RV drivers that are staying will need to purchase both a reservation for the campsite along with a ticket for each day of the event they are staying. Electrical hookups are only offered on certain campsites with a couple of dumpsites located throughout the property. Water hookups are not offered, so be sure to fill your tank before arrival.


There are several campgrounds located in the surrounding area, many of which are on Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago. A little closer, just south of the Road America grounds, are a few more campgrounds. Amenities vary from the campsite with many of them outfitted with electric and water hookups. Getting back to the race is just a matter of getting to highway 67, with most RV campgrounds in the area near a major interstate.

Getting around

Road America grounds consists of 640 acres with plenty to do. Motorized vehicles like ATVs and golf carts are not permitted, though motorized scooters have been okay in the past. Up for a run or walk in the woods while camping on site? This unique racetrack offers guests a place to put their feet in motion with trails just for that purpose.

What to pack


Road America is mostly outdoors and consists of multiple gravel trails and grass, so a pair of good walking sneakers is highly recommended. When packing, you want to consider the time of the year you are going, with early spring and late autumn races requiring something warmer to wear in this northern location of Wisconsin.


Outside food is not permitted in either the concession stand areas or the adjoining seating spots. Hats, sunglasses, and other sun protectants are advised at all times. At the campsite, cooking units, fold-out chairs, and pop-up canopies allowed as long as they are put up by the end of the night. Race fans will add another dimension to their experience with a scanner and headphones, though earplugs are at least a minimum.

Health & Safety

First aid stations and medical personnel are located throughout the site, but when packing for this event you may want to bring a personalized bag. This bag should include a small first aid kit with bandages, cream, and over-the-counter basics. Any prescription medication should be brought as well.

Where to eat


Campfires and grills are permitted as long as raceway rules are respected. Visitors may only burn approved wood from the Road America site, and all fires must be observed closely. All fires and grills must be several feet or more away from tents, RVs, trees, and buildings. Stock your RV kitchen before leaving or reload at any one of the local grocery stores within a 10-minute drive.


For those looking for a quick bite to eat, but who don't want concession food can ride over to the highway 57 and 23 junction. A little past this, along Eastern Avenue are several local and chain sit-down restaurants ranging from everything from Chinese food, burgers, and deli sandwiches.


Large events bring in a dozen or so vendors that offer a range of food and drinking options. Beer and wine are served throughout the grounds with mixed drinks found at the turn 1 concession stand. The official Road America store offers a range of souvenirs and collectibles.



Security personnel may search any vehicles or bags entering the grounds. Weapons, illegal drugs, and other prohibited items will be confiscated. While the grounds are meant to be safe for everyone, Road America is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lost and Found can be found at the security office near gate 6.


Located so far north, the weather in Wisconsin ranges from cold to mild. Early spring and late autumn temperatures might be anywhere from the 50s to 70s, while the summer can be a bit warmer and get into the 80s. While not known for being an especially rainy state, light precipitation is known from time to time.


A first aid station is located near victory lane just outside of the pedestrian tunnel, along with another one across from parking area 8. Mobile medical teams also patrol the facility offering any assistance as necessary. Security can be contacted via a phone number available on site in case of an emergency.