Roam Bike Fest Brevard

Roam Bike Fest Brevard is an all-female mountain bike festival. Break out the RV and roam around western North Carolina from the comfort of your RV.

Event information

Ladies, it is time to put away your makeup and your work attire, and escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to tear up the mountain bike trails, for three days, with hundreds of mountain bike (MTB) babes. Roam Bike Fest Brevard is a mountain biking event, created by women, for women.

The festival takes place at Reeb Ranch, a self-proclaimed beers n' bikes venue owned by Oskar Blues Brewery. The mountainous terrain and protected landscape of the DuPont State Forest and the Pisgah National Forest surround the area, making Reeb Ranch the most scenic shred-venue in North Carolina. If you are looking for an added layer of fun, skip the hotel, and stay in an RV. Western North Carolina's thick trees and spectacular mountains take glamping to a whole new level.

The organizers of Roam Bike Fest wanted to put together an MTB festival where women could gather, ride, shop, eat, and party, with other women without the pressure from macho, mountain biking men, so Roam Bike Fest was born, and now several Roam Bike Fests take place across the country. The premise of the festival is simple. Women gather for three days to demo the newest and gnarliest bikes and bike gear while being able to shop top-of-the-line clothing specifically made for a woman's body.

There are no clinics at Roam Bike Fest, just awesome trail rides with people of all MTB skill levels, so women can get outside and ride without restraint. If you are an MTB woman searching for an event that adds a high level of fun, sisterhood, and shredding, then Roam Mountain Bike Fest in Brevard is for you!


Do you think you are ready to shred the trails with other like-minded mountain biking women? If you are a woman (or you identify as a woman) and you are at least 21 years old, this event is for you. While it's best to attend the event all three days, it's understandable if you can't participate in the whole event. Different level passes, including add-on VIP passes and add-on camping passes, are available for purchase at the Roam Bike Fest Brevard Website. If you are ready to ride, buy your tickets early, as prices increase as the event gets closer. In the past, ticket prices ranged between $80 and $300.

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Reeb Ranch is located approximately 10 miles outside of Brevard, North Carolina. RVers should expect mountainous terrain with some curves in the road. Depending on the route you take, you will arrive at Reeb Ranch via US-64 or by State Road 1504, also known as Old Hendersonville Highway. Both directions include a two-lane highway for much of the drive. RVers staying on the main highways won't have to contend with low bridges or overpasses but exercise caution if you leave the highways to take back roads.

Parking areas

As Roam Bike Fest nears, event staff will post information about parking at both the event facility as well as near the different trailheads. Since shuttles will transport bikers to and from the trails, it's best to drive to Reeb Ranch and catch a ride with the rest of the bike riders. Once the staff knows how many people are attending the event, they will be more equipped to discuss RV and oversized vehicle parking on site.

Public Transportation

Brevard, North Carolina is a small city. The best ways to get to and from your campsite to the event is to take a rental car, arrange a carpool, or take one of the city's private taxi services. If Roam Bike Fest runs shuttle transportation to Brevard, more information will be posted on the event website as the date gets closer. Contact Roam Bike Fest Brevard for more details.

Where to stay


The only onsite accommodations are for the event organizers and those women who purchased the add-on tent camping package. Don't worry about finding a place to stay, though, because the Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most-scenic RV camping in the eastern portion of the United States, and several stay-worthy RV camping locations are close to Reeb Ranch.


RV campers who want full-hookup campsites have numerous options to choose from, but most of the full-amenity camping options are at least 15 miles away from Reeb Ranch. The closest KOA is the Travelers Rest / N. Greenville KOA located in Greenville, South Carolina.

For campers who like to camp off-the-grid, set up your RV in the Dupont State Forest dispersed camping areas. Self-contained RVs can find scenic views and isolated camping spots nestled in this boondocker's paradise. If boondocking isn't for you, and you prefer flush toilets and showers to offset your primitive campsite, then try the Davidson River Recreation Area, a national forest campground.

Getting around

The best way to get around a bike festival is on two wheels. For places where you can't ride your bike, walking is the preferred mode of transportation. Mountain bikers who need to get from the event to the trailheads and back have access to the free shuttles that run back and forth between the trails and Reeb Ranch. When you get to the festival, ask for a shuttle schedule.

What to pack


MTB girls love to look the part of a skilled rider, so it's only appropriate to pack the clothing you need to ride comfortably yet still feel your best. Since you will be out on the trails, most likely getting dirty, bring a few changes of clothing for each day. Also, May sees varying temperatures throughout the day, especially once the sun sets, so pack a combination of warm and cold weather clothing. Don't forget your rain protection. You won't want to get soaked to the bone and not have options.


Roam Bike Fest is a festival created to bring bike and gear demos to women. Although you will be trying out bikes and other MTB gear, you still should pack your helmet, cycling shoes, gloves, and your other protective gear. If you don't plan demoing bikes, you won't need your pedals, but what fun is a demo event if you don't try out the latest and greatest bikes built for women? Make sure you bring your bike with you. If you can't bring your bike, check out some of the local bike shops that rent bikes from their loaner fleet.

Health & Safety

Prepare your first aid kit with items that you will need to help soothe bumps and bruises from the trail. Your first aid kit should have ice packs, bandages, antibacterial ointment, as well as moleskin to help buffer any blisters. Don't forget to pack plenty of sunscreen, lip protection, and pain killers. If you know your feet will hurt after riding all day, consider bringing some Epsom salts for a foot soak.

Where to eat


Part of the Roam Bike Fest experience is the free food and drinks that every gal gets with her paid registration. Since most meals and trailside snacks are provided, there is a good chance you won't need to return to your RV or camper and prepare a meal. Just in case you get the craving for a late-night snack, bring foods that require little cooking like prepackaged deli meats and cheeses or fruit. Even if you stay in a location that you don't have hookups, there is a good chance you will have a propane stove in your rig. Pack a tea kettle to boil water for coffee, oatmeal, and just-add-water soups and dehydrated camping meals.


If you aren't too full from all of the free food that you get with your registration, then head over to the Oskar Blues Brewery and Taproom in Brevard. Oskar Blues Brewery and Taproom is a sister-facility to Reeb Ranch because the same company owns the two venues. No wonder the word Reeb is beer spelled backward! The brewery and taproom offer more than beer. Sample the suds, take a tour of the brewing rooms, and eat from one of the food trucks on the premises. If you aren't full when you get to Oskar Blues, you will be stuffed when you leave.


Don't forget to bring your credit card with you, because the vendor portion of Roam Bike Fest is made just for your interests, ladies. The vendors on site make it easy for you to buy women's riding gear from the sassiest and most comfortable clothing vendors in the MTB world. Many of the vendors bring unique items that only women will want. Your guy will be jealous when he sees your monster swag bag and your new trail riding clothes.



Because of the availability of alcoholic beverages, Roam Fest Brevard is an event for women ages 21 or older. When you get to the festival, head to the security area to pick up your event information and show a member of the staff your state-issued ID card. Once you've shown your identification, you will be issued a wristband to wear for the duration of the festival. All participants are required to show their wristband throughout the whole weekend.


Brevard, North Carolina is located in the mountainous western portion of the state. During the spring, the weather is cool and conducive to outdoor activities. In May, the average low temperature is 49 degrees, and the average high temperature is 75 degrees. Most of the precipitation in Brevard takes place during the spring and summer months, so bring your rain gear because an afternoon thunderstorm isn't uncommon.


Small injuries are part of mountain biking, and generally, it's easy to care for minor injuries yourself. If you find yourself needing medical care during Roam Bike Fest, there are several medical care facilities and pharmacies located within a ten-mile radius of Reeb Ranch. If you need help or directions to the nearest hospital or urgent care, ask a member of the Roam Bike Fest staff for assistance.