Roam Bike Fest Sedona

Roam Bike Fest Sedona pairs a woman’s love of mountain biking with the outdoors in an adventurous festival unlike any other.

Event information

Sedona, Arizona, surrounded by its iconic red-sandstone rocks, is a city known for its deeply-rooted spiritual connection between the earth and the human soul. People come from all over the world to heal both emotionally and physically amidst the presence of the red rock temple formations. The red rocks are not just a place where people go to meditate and find themselves. Sedona is also home to some exciting and rugged off-roading and mountain bike trails in Northern Arizona.

When the organizers of Roam Bike Fest were looking for a place where mountain biking (MTB) women could gather for a weekend of trails, demos, parties, and vendors, it’s obvious why they chose Sedona as the stomping grounds for the exciting and innovative women’s only MTB event.

Roam Bike Fest Sedona is an exciting festival created to bring together women of the MTB world. The three-day event takes place in Northern Arizona where the terrain transforms from the desert valley of Phoenix to slightly higher desert elevations. The cooler temperatures and scenic beauty of Sedona is the perfect backdrop for adventurous women who are searching for a weekend of mountain biking, RVing, camping, dancing, and bonding with like-minded women. Bring your sense of adventure and prepare for the time of your life when you attend Road Bike Fest Sedona.


The Roam Bike Fest listens to ladies and offers tickets that suit almost every kind of MTB girl out there. Ticketing options give women the choice to shred the trails for one day, two days, or three days. If your trail riding experience wouldn't be complete without the add-on camping or add-on demo passes, then be sure to snag up those extra-fun additions because space is limited. Passes generally run between $80 and $300 depending on when you purchase your pass and what ticketing options you select.

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Sedona is located approximately 130 miles north of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. The quickest route takes drivers north on Interstate 17. Sedona is a higher elevation than the desert valley, so drivers heading either direction to and from Phoenix will have a steep 6% incline or decline for six miles heading in and out of the town of Camp Verde. RV motorists are advised to stay in the right lane and use lower gears on the descent.

People staying in Sedona or the Village of Oak Creek can take Highway 179 N, north of Camp Verde. This two-lane highway is relatively straight until you get into the town of Sedona. Drivers pulling trailers should take extra caution and slow down in the roundabouts inside the city limits.

If you are coming from Flagstaff, the best route for RV motorists is to take Interstate 17 south to Highway 179 N. Although the interstate has a steep 6% downward grade for 13 miles heading south, this route is preferred for RVers over the scenic Highway 89-A S. 89-A S between Flagstaff and Sedona has sharp, hairpin turns and several switchbacks; the road is doable for RVs, but is best for people super comfortable driving on very curvy road conditions.

RVers staying near Cottonwood can take 89A-N to Sedona, and then proceed south on 179 to get to the venue in the Village of Oak Creek. Unlike 89-A S from Flagstaff, 89A-N from this area is RV-friendly without the dangerous, hairpin curves.

Parking areas

Parking is limited at the trailheads. The event staff encourages mountain bikers to use the free shuttle leading to the different trailheads. Shuttle options vary, so it’s best to check the website for the latest shuttle details. 

Public Transportation

Sedona is a small city with limited public transportation services within the city limits. People who need transportation within Sedona, or to and from the Village of Oak Creek, may use one of the city’s rideshare services, a taxi, or a private shuttle service.

During Roam Bike Fest, attendees should utilize the event shuttles to get from point A to point B. If you need assistance getting to a shuttle stop, use one of the city’s rideshare services or taxis.

Where to stay


Please note that the event camping site is reserved for tent-camping only. The facility won’t accommodate RVs or trailers because the campground is small with little room for maneuverability in between the campsites and the parked cars.


Roam Bike Fest takes place in the Village of Oak Creek, a residential suburb south of Sedona. The Village of Oak Creek doesn’t have camping facilities, but Sedona and the neighboring town of Cottonwood both have full-service RV parks for RVers who like full-hookup camping with plenty of amenities like showers, flush toilets, electrical hookups, water, and sewer. If you want to stay in an RV park, it’s best to reserve your space as soon as possible, because November begins Arizona’s peak RV season. 

If you prefer to camp off-the-grid, there are national forest campgrounds and free Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Camping areas within 45 minutes of the venue. If you plan on camping on national forest or BLM land, it’s best to prepare for your trip by bringing a generator and a cooking source other than a fire-based cooking stove or campfire in the case of fire restrictions. Many of these camping areas are first-come, first-served locations. 

Getting around

It’s best to leave the street-legal ATVs or golf carts at home for this event because mountain biking is where it is at during Roam Bike Fest Sedona. While there are trails in and around Sedona that are off-road friendly, the event caters to mountain bikes, and most of the venue and the streets surrounding the site won’t accommodate the extra space for additional vehicles during the event. Get where you want more quickly by riding your bike!

What to pack


Pack your favorite bike clothing, but don’t forget to leave space in your suitcase for your event swag and all of the new bike clothes you hope to buy at the event. Roam Bike Fest caters to women, so there will be vendors onsite selling riding shorts, shoes, and other protective gear that is made specifically for a woman’s body.


Roam Bike Fest is an event built around mountain biking for women. Although the main focus of the event isn’t MTB demos, why pass up the chance to demo some of the best bikes built for women? Bring your helmet, your cycling shoes, and your protective gear with you and shred the trails on the best bikes in the industry. If you want to ride your own MTB, no problem; be sure to pack your bike and a lock to keep your ride secure when you aren’t on the trails.

Health & Safety

Seasoned mountain bikers know that riding on rough terrain causes bumps and bruises. Prepare yourself by packing your first-aid kit filled with bandages, ice packs, and antibacterial ointment. Even though the sun doesn’t always feel intense in November, you still never head out for a ride without applying sunscreen. Pack sunscreen and lip protection with an SPF along with aloe or another soothing lotion to calm overexposed skin. It’s better to have too many choices of SPF than not enough.

Where to eat


When almost every meal is included with the cost of your registration, there may be less of a need to cook. Although it’s possible to eat every meal away from camp, it’s still best to bring a few staple items with you in case you get hungry in between meals. If you are camping off-the-grid, bring foods that are easy to cook over a propane stove, or plan meals that don’t need cooking. If you have electrical hookups, it’s possible to cook almost anything, but still easy enough to bring already prepared items with you.


The Village of Oak Creek is a quiet community with a local flair. If you arrive early or leave after Roam Bike Fest wraps up for the weekend, there are places within walking distance of the venue to find something to eat or drink. The restaurants in Oak Creek are locally-owned, so visitors will feel good about supporting the community. If you want fast-food, Sedona has a few choices, but your best bet to find chain restaurants is in Camp Verde, about 20 miles south of the venue.


During Roam Bike Fest, food is part of the experience. Depending on the type of ticket you buy, you will have plenty of food to eat. In the morning, purchase breakfast from vendors, but don’t fill your belly too full, because the themed dinner parties are loaded with food and drink.



Before you hit the trails for three days of demos and dirt, don't forget to stop by the registration and security area to pick up your event information for the weekend. Everyone attending the event is required to bring a state-issued ID card as well as a credit card with them during check-in. Credit cards are not needed for the event unless you plan on riding demo bikes, and then the card serves as a security deposit for the borrowed equipment.


Even though the rest of the country prepares for winter in November, Sedona is finally cooling off from the hot summer weather and settling into the best months of the year. Comfortable temperatures often create delightful conditions for RVing and bike riding. The average temperatures range from 41° to 68° degrees, so the morning chill warms to ideal outdoor mountain biking weather.


Sedona has medical facilities such as urgent care centers and an emergency room for people who need immediate medical assistance, and there is a drug store located within walking distance of the Roam Bike Fest venue. Larger hospitals and medical facilities are located in Flagstaff and Phoenix if you prefer to visit a full-service hospital.