Robbers Cave State Park

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In the San Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma, you’ll find Robber’s Cave State Park. Many years ago, Robbers Cave was the hideout place for two of the most famous outlaws of all time - Jesse James and Belle Starr. Now, you can get to see the cave yourself when you visit in your RV.

There are over 8,000 acres of beautiful land here at the park, and you won’t want to miss the experience of it all. There are plenty of opportunities for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. And if you enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming, there are 189 acres of lakes in Robber’s Cave State Park. Choose between Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace, and Coon Creek Lake when you visit during the warmer months. There is no better way to spend the summer time than by a lake.

Visiting during the colder season isn’t a bad idea either, as it stays fairly warm in Oklahoma. Whenever you decide to bring your RV to Robbers Cave State Park, you’ll not only have lots of opportunities for adventure and fun, but you’ll also be well taken care of at their campground. They have lots of amenities and camping options, so make your reservations today.

RV Rentals in Robbers Cave State Park

Transportation in Robbers Cave State Park


Getting to the park is simple, and navigating once inside is pretty easy as well. You shouldn’t run into any problems, as there are no low bridges, narrow or one-way roads, steep climbs, or any other driving restrictions. Some areas might be closed in the winter, but you shouldn’t have any reason to drive on those roads.


Parking is actually pretty limited for all vehicles, but especially for RVs and large vehicles. If you’re planning on RV camping at Robbers Cave State Park, then you’ll need to go straight to your campsite and set everything up there first. This way, you won’t have to struggle with finding parking when there is none.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Robbers Cave State Park

Campsites in Robbers Cave State Park

Reservations camping

The Campgrounds at Robbers Cave State Park

Robbers Cave State Park is the perfect place to bring your RV for a camping trip. If you are looking for the best sites, there are 22 RV sites that have full hookups. That means water, sewer, and electric hookups for your RV. If you can do without the sewer hookups, then there are 67 more RV sites that have just water and electric hookups.

If you can do without any of that and simply just want a place to park your RV, then there are 86 sites that are more primitive. The park stays open all year long, but there are going to be less camping options when it gets colder. Due to winterization, certain camping areas shut down for the season, and the sites that remain open will only have electric hookups. But you still have the option to visit and stay at Robbers Cave State Park any time that you wish.

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Alternate camping

Cabin Camping

There are 26 cabins here at Robbers Cave State Park, so if you have changed your mind about RV camping, you can rent one of these instead. They’re great to stay in, as they have a full kitchen with a fridge, cooking range, microwave, dishes and utensils, and a coffee pot. You won’t even need to worry about bringing linens either, as they provide these too.

They also have heating and air conditioning, as well as a nice fireplace to keep you warm. You can relax and watch the TV in the cabin, or look out the window at the gorgeous nature views. Feel free to bring your pet along with you too, as these cabins are pet friendly. Choose between a one bedroom or two bedroom cabin, depending on the size of your group. The one bedroom cabins can sleep 4 people, while the two bedroom cabins can sleep up to 6 people.

Seasonal activities in Robbers Cave State Park


Nature Center and Programs

While you’re here, you should visit the nature center to see what they have to offer. See some interesting exhibits and displays and learn a few things about the park. Plus, there’s always something going on here, so see what kinds of nature programs are happening during your time here.


This park is the perfect place to come for a peaceful ride on a scenic lake. You can rent canoes and paddleboats, so you won’t need to worry about bringing your own with you. It’s also great if you’re a beginner because you can take your time getting the hang of it with the gentle lake waters.


Lots of people come to Robbers Cave to fish for trout when it’s the season for it, and it’s a great activity if you wish to get in touch with nature and relax for a bit. See what you can catch when you put your line in the water for a while.


If you want to go for a dip, there are two places where you can do it. You can go to the swimming area at one of the lakes, or you can head on over to the swimming pool. The lake is more natural, while the pool is cleaner. Whatever your preference is, you have options at the park.


There are three lakes at Robbers Cave State Park, and they are Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace, and Coon Creek Lake. When you visit, you can take a boat out on one of these bodies of water, and enjoy your time soaking in that summer sun. Take the family out for a fun time, and maybe even work on your tan as the wind rushes around you.


Rock Climbing

Many people come to the park to go rappelling or rock climbing. The off season will mean that you won’t have to fight with the heat as you work your way up the rocky sides of mountains and cliffs. Just be sure to take proper safety precautions. Rock climbing here probably isn’t best for beginners.


There are plenty of picnic tables located all through the park, so pick the one that seems to have the best view to you, and invite your friends and family for a nice meal. If one table isn’t big enough and you’d like something that’s more ideal for a family reunion or party, then you can rent one of the bigger picnic shelters that are available.

ATV Riding

This park has its own ATV riding area, so feel free to bring your ATV when you visit. This riding area features 250 acres for you to ride on, providing you with lots of space and freedom to do what you like. And it’s open every day of the week, from 8 am until sunset.

Horseback Riding

There are also plenty of trails that are open to horseback riders. You can even rent a horse from the park if you want to try it out and see if you like horseback riding. Get to see all the beautiful scenic views with your horse friend when you go horseback riding through all the nature on the trails.


There are many miles of hiking trails available for you to discover at Robbers Cave State Park. Get to stand on top of a giant cliff overlooking the rest of the world, enjoy all of the pretty scenery, and, if you visit in the fall, take a few moments to appreciate the vibrant changing leaf colors.

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