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Roberts Creek Provincial Park


With a campground set in a verdant forest and a day use area on a scenic beach, Roberts Creek showcases coastal British Columbia at its finest. Just a couple hours from the bustling heart of Vancouver, this humble park offers a quiet escape for those wishing to explore sea, beach and woods.

At the park's day use area, you'll find a rocky, sprawling beach on the northern shore of the Strait of Georgia. Gazing across the Strait, you can see Vancouver Island in the distance; and in the water, you may just catch a glimpse of a whale or a pod of dolphins. Eagles, ospreys and other birds of prey soar overhead, while sandpipers and oystercatchers run along the tide's edge. You can enjoy a stroll to the Roberts Creek Pier or explore the fascinating biota of the tide pools. Anglers can cast for salmon and trout, when the season is right.

At the Roberts Creek campground, you can relax under the towering, moss-clad conifers which characterize British Columbia's temperate coastal rainforests. Heavy and consistent rains water a thick understory of ferns, flowers and fruit-bearing bushes (such as timbleberry, blackberry and salmonberry). Look for deer and bears, or for the summer calling of Pacific chorus frogs.

The campground is open from mid-May to early September and features 21 non-reservable sites.

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RV Rentals in Roberts Creek Provincial Park



Roberts Creek is located right off of the scenic Sunshine Coast Highway, which weaves along its namesake coast for about 100 miles, going from Langdale to Lund. To reach the highway's southern terminus at Langdale, you'll need to take a ferry from Horseshoe Bay, which is itself just a couple miles outside of Vancouver. From Langdale, Roberts Creek is just an 11-mile (18 km) drive away; on your way, you'll pass several charming coastal communities and have great views of the Strait of Georgia.

The campground's main access road branches right off of the highway, while the beach area can be accessed via a short drive along Flume Road. Traveling from Langdale, you need not worry about any sharp or steep sections. Once you arrive at the campground, you'll find a well-maintained gravel road that will take you to your site.


The campsites at Roberts Creek are laid out simply and finding your spot should be no trouble at all. All sites are back-in, but there's plenty of space between sites, and no sharp curves, so maneuvering shouldn't be too difficult. Visitors should note that space for extra vehicles is limited, however.

Public Transportation

BCTransit's Line #1 makes a stop right near the park's campground access road. The line goes from the Langdale Ferry to Sechelt.

Campgrounds and parking in Roberts Creek Provincial Park

Campsites in Roberts Creek Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Roberts Creek Campground

Robert Creek's quiet campground is set within a gorgeous stand of red cedar, Sitka spruce and Douglas fir. There are 21 sites in total, all of which can accommodate RVs or trailers (no specific length limits are given, however, so if you're driving a large rig, you may want to call ahead to the park). Sites are primitive, with no water, electric or sewer hookups. The park does have a sanitary dump station near the entrance, which can be used for a small fee. Sites all come equipped with fire rings and picnic tables. The campground has four pit toilets and several potable water spigots.

You'll find serenity and quietude at the campground, but you'll also be just a short walk or drive away from the charming beach town of Roberts Creek. There, you can find restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and many places to shop. The day use (beach) section of the park is just about a half-mile south of the campground area.

Roberts Creek's campground is usually open from mid-May through early September. All sites are first-come first-served.

Seasonal activities in Roberts Creek Provincial Park


Beach Walking

Though there are no designated trails at Robert's Creek, visitors can stroll across the many miles of rocky beaches that stretch east and west of the day use area. Take in the beautiful oceanic views and, on a clear day, see the outline of Vancouver Island on the far horizon. Ambling along the shore, you'll likely come across some gargantuan driftwood and a plethora of seashells - British Columbia's forests and waters are rich with life, and the evidence is all around.

Roberts Creek Pier, about a mile's walk from the park's day use area, is both charming and easy to reach.


The waters off of Robert's Creek could hardly be described as mild...but sometimes a cold, bracing swim is just what the doctor ordered. In July and August, the area averages just a couple rainy days per month, and high temps can routinely reach 80 degrees (about 27 Celsius), so a cool dip can be a very attractive proposition. Visitors should note that there's no specifically designated "swim area" and that the park does not have any lifeguards.

Sea Fishing

There's nothing quite like catching a waft of salty sea air as you cast your line away from shore. At Roberts Creek, you can enjoy a spectacular view and cool oceanic breezes as you wait for your first bite. Salmon (including Chinook, Coho and Sockeye) and cod are the main game species for tidal fishermen here. June through September is typically the best season.

Of course, make sure you have a proper British Columbia fishing license before making your cast.


Wildlife and Ocean Life Viewing

Both the wooded campground and the sprawling beach provide ample opportunities for spotting native wildlife. Underneath the boughs of great, mist-drenched trees look for black bear, white-tailed deer, Douglas squirrels, garter snakes, alligator lizards, pacific chorus frogs and more. If you're heading to the coast, bring a pair of binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for orcas, grey whales, harbor porpoises, Stellar sea lions, and more. There's also a host of avian life to be seen at the beach, from ospreys to eagles to oystercatchers.

Tide Pools

The rocky shore along the Roberts Creek is host to some magnificent tide pools. Skirting the boundary between land and sea, tide pools' environments change hourly, and the creatures which live in them must be hardy and adaptable. Ochre sea stars, gooseneck barnacles, anemone, sculpin, sea snails, crabs, mussels and oysters are just some of the creatures you may discover while exploring these rich, diverse microhabitats. If you're really lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a more elusive creature, like an octopus.


Roberts Creek sports both a lush coastal forest and a scenic stretch of beach, with each presenting marvelous opportunities for landscape photographers. From sunsets on the coast to misty mornings in the verdant woods, there's no shortage of scenic subjects. Wildlife photographers, meanwhile, can set their sites on everything from whales to bald eagles to bears. Even macro photographers can have a field day; study the elegant ferns in the forest or head towards the tide pools to capture some of the brilliant, and tiny, life that thrives there.