Rock Fest Wisconsin

Rock Fest is perfect for RV campers who'd like to celebrate three days of rock music, food, and shopping in a picturesque countryside setting.

Event information

Rock Fest is one of the biggest of its kind in the US and has been running since 1994, with annual camping and premier outdoor rock music events boosting its presence. One of the best-known rock festivals, this popular event delights modern and classic metal and rock lovers. It is a four-day music festival organized near the town of Cadott in Wisconsin. The three-day festival is organized in mid-summer and is perfect for RV campers looking out for a fun and energy-filled weekend getaway in the country.

More than 20 national rock music acts are performed in the amphitheater concert ground. Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Tom Petty, and Kid Rock are a few legendary names who have performed in this grand festival.

Rock Fest is not just about endless music fun through mainstream artists. Regional artists perform on the side stages in addition to the performances on the main stage. Furthermore, live music performances are also performed in the four specially designed beer pavilions daily for a limited time. The festival management runs convenience stores and merchandise stores to facilitate the audience and participants. Guests are also guaranteed spectacular views from the main stage, which is situated right at the bottom of a beautiful hillock in the region.


Every year the online ticket sale opens after the announcement of the festival lineup during mid-winter each year. As the festival comes closer, the ticket prices increase accordingly. The festival will issue wristbands as per your ticket category. The ticket amount of the General Admission tickets varies from $50 to $200 for the three days while the VIP tickets typically cost between $300 to $500. The RV camping and Lure Lock Top Tier Lounge tickets vary between $70 and $4000. The festival creates a separate section in front of the stage for the VIP guests in which seats are reserved with drinks and meals. You can visit the official event website for the current ticket pricing and more details.

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If you are driving to the venue, the festival recommends following the GPS-suggested route. The Rock Fest Grounds location is about 30 miles away from Eau Claire, 116 miles from Minneapolis, 105 miles from La Crosse, and 100 miles from Wausau. Guests will need to carry their passes with them to get access to the festival site from the main gate of the venue. Consider checking the Wisconsin road and weather alert system by dialing 511 or visiting online resources before planning your travels to get the latest updates on the current road conditions in the region.

Parking areas

The festival grounds has a huge open parking area for all types of vehicles. The parking area is divided into two sections, one for camper vehicles and another for non-campers. There is a dedicated VIP parking lot which Rock Fest maintains for all non-camper vehicles. Campsite guests can park additional vehicles in this same parking area. VIP campers, however, do not need to purchase separate parking tickets as parking is included in their package price.

Public Transportation

If you’d rather take public transportation to the festival venue, you will find a number of different options. The festival issues a weekend shuttle pass for guests who’d prefer an offsite accommodation. Guests will need to have their shuttle wristbands with them to avail the services. The shuttle services are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also utilize the services of ridesharing apps to arrive at Rock Fest.

Where to stay


One of the spaces at the festival venue is known as the Amphitheatre and provides more than 7,000 campsites for camping lovers who can choose to stay either in their RVs or tents. Please note that a separate RV pass is required apart from the usual festival entry pass. Campsites are generally large, but may not all be level; bring blocking if your rig requires it. The festival allows a maximum of six people per campsite where each person needs to have his or her individual campground access pass. Only one vehicle is allowed within each campsite. Guests can choose to camp in a general campsite, an electric campsite, the top tier lounge or a VIP campsite.


If camping at the festival venue is not your first choice, you can seek a peaceful and serene camping site might choose to stay offsite within a 30-minute drive. There are very limited options when it comes to campgrounds in the immediate vicinity of the festival site, but guests will find a plethora of great campgrounds near the Chippewa Falls and Lake Wissota.

Getting around

You can expect a lot of walking around on the festival grounds and your feet will thank you for a comfortable pair of shoes. When heading to your favorite performers, organizers request that you give plenty of time for getting to the concert areas. The festival is a fully accessible event, and those with a current placard can display it at the separate entrance to be guided to the dedicated ADA camping sites and parking spaces.

What to pack


You will want to bring light and comfortable summer clothes for this gorgeous area of Wisconsin. Do not forget to bring your umbrella and raincoat with you to prepare for the occasional showers. Wearing a hat and scarf is a great idea as it will protect you from the sunlight when the sun decides to join the festival crowds in celebrating great music. A pair of good sunglasses will also enrich your summery rock experience in July.


Rock Fest permits the use of basic cameras in the concert site, but guests should be respectful with the use of flash. Professional camera and recording gear are not permitted. Amplifiers are not allowed on the grounds, but guests may bring in their generators. In case your generator is noisy, you’ll have to turn it off during quiet hours.

Health & Safety

Do not forget to bring insect repellent and sunscreen to protect your skin. Stay hydrated at all times. Always remember to carry a water bottle with you, as Wisconsin can get real humid and hot during the summers. However, freshwater stations are located throughout the concert grounds and the campsites. Guests should also note that glass containers and kegs are not allowed.

Where to eat


Guests are not permitted to light bonfires and open ground fires. Rock Fest permits only self-contained fires inside a fire ring. Guests may not to dig fire pits and must attend fires at all times and ensure that they are more than knee-high. Campfires must be at a safe distance from the tents and flammable materials. It is best to bring your campsite meal preparations with you to avoid having to leave the site to replenish. Make sure you arrive with the water tank full and note your fuel tank levels before arriving.


You can expect to eat and drink enjoyably while at Rock Fest. However, if you would like to explore the community by eating outside the festival venue, you can check out a large number of restaurants in Cadott that offer a variety of food delicacies. Many of these restaurants are located near Lake Wissota. Do not miss the Wisconsin curds and the authentic Mexican cuisine in these restaurants.


On both the north and south sides of the festival concert ground, you will find rows of vendors offering yummy food, delicious drinks, and other merchandise to suit your tastes. Near the side stages, you can enjoy your favorite drink in the bar. Beer lovers can enjoy some refreshingly chilled beer not only in the side stage bars but also throughout the spaces on the grounds. Guests can expect to find a number of vendor types. You can grab some cool hats, t-shirts, mugs, pins, tank tops, fest gear, and sweatshirts from the Merch Store. You can even shop for your daily use articles from the convenience stores which are located on both the north as well as south campgrounds. The festival arranges a number of ATMs throughout the concert grounds for simplicity.



Rock Fest has a dedicated security team. Security guards can be easily identified by their neon yellow shirts and are always ready to serve guests should any issues arise. Guests can also visit the security headquarters to report any unpleasant experiences or potential safety or security concerns. If you do not wish to disclose your identity in reporting any incident, you can use the festival’s tip hotline text service at any time of the day. There is also a dedicated lost and found booth which is situated on the hillock right next to the festival merchandise store.


Guests will want to be prepared for unexpected temperature variations and follow the latest weather alerts. It can get quite hot in the open areas and you will want to consider staying hydrated all the times. Carry plenty of water with you to make the most of the festival. RV campers should ensure that the vehicle wipers are in proper condition before driving through rainy weather.


The medical tent is located right on the top of the hill. You can reach out to the nearest festival staff in the event of an emergency as this is usually the quickest way to get help. Remember to also pack in your first aid kit with all essential medications. Pharmacy services may be limited in the immediate area but are available within a 30-minute drive.