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Rock Point Provincial Park


Rock Point Provincial Park, located on the northern shore of eastern Lake Erie, is a provincial recreational park that attracts campers, bird-lovers, and recreational seekers. The park is located near the town of Dunnville, Ontario, and is close to many significant points of interest in both Canada and the United States, making it a convenient and fun place to visit.

If you are interested in geology and North America’s prehistoric past, Rock Point Provincial Park has evidence of the formation of the land before and after the glacial period. The park’s beach has fossilized evidence of a coral reef that dates back to over 350 million years ago, and park guests may walk near the limestone shelf along the beach to see the exposed fossils embedded in the rock. This area of the park is not only informative and educational, but for some people, seeing the preservation of the fossils is a reminder that the Earth is always changing, and as the Earth evolves, evidence of past climates will remain forever.

Rock Point Provincial Park is perfect for camping, no matter what style of camping you prefer. The park has tent camping, group camping, and car camping with both electric hookups and non-electrical hookups available. All of the sites accept reservations, and some spaces are barrier-free. Generators are permitted as long as you adhere to the park’s rule of keeping excessive noise to a minimum. The campground area has all of the comforts that most campers desire such as a dump station, a fill station, a laundromat, modern restrooms, and showers. The Park Store is a bonus to the facility because it sells camping items, snacks, food, drinks, groceries, ice, and souvenirs. Campers staying at Rock Point Provincial Park won’t have to worry about leaving the facility if they don’t need to because everything they need is within reach.

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RV Rentals in Rock Point Provincial Park



Rock Point Provincial Park is located 78 miles (126 km) south of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Depending on the route you take, you may pass over bridges and waterways.

If you are coming from the United States, prepare yourself for the drive by gathering your passports and pet records. To get to the park, you must cross international borders, and if you have a pet, documents and other verification may be necessary to bring your pet with you into Canada. The park is located 224 miles (360 km) northeast of Detroit, Michigan, and 42 miles (67 km) west of Buffalo, New York. Most routes will cross tollways and bridges.


Guests visiting the park must pay a daily vehicle permit fee as well as an overnight camping fee for more than one vehicle. Prices vary depending on the residency and ages of the guests. Fees are payable upon entry.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Rock Point Provincial Park

Campsites in Rock Point Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Kinsey Campground

The Kinsey Campground is a pet-friendly, seasonally operating campground that is closest to the day-use area. This campground is best for campers who need electrical hookups. All of the sites have both 15 and 30-amp electrical connections and accommodate RVs and trailers up to 32 feet in length. The driveways are naturally surfaced, and all of the sites have a picnic table and a fire ring. Campers staying in the Kinsey Campground will find a comfort station with showers, a laundromat, trash and recycle bins, and drinking water. This campground is closest to extra parking, hiking, and the dump and fill station.

Niece Campground

The Niece Campground is Rock Point’s southernmost campground. Although the sites look like they are waterfront, most of the sites in this campground are wooded. Campers reserving sites in the Niece Campground will find a pet-friendly facility that operates seasonally. All of the RV sites have naturally surfaced driveways, a picnic table, a fire ring, and access to both 15 and 30 amp electrical hookups, and almost all of the RV-friendly sites accommodate rigs up to 32 feet in length. Campers staying in the Niece Campground will find vault toilets, a comfort station with showers, a laundromat, trash and recycle bins, and drinking water close to their sites. This campground is closest to extra parking, hiking, and a swimming area.

Minor Campground

The Minor Campground, located in the southern section of the camping area, is a pet-friendly and seasonally operating campground that sits close to the shore of Lake Erie. This campground is best for smaller RVs and trailers under 18 feet; however, a few spaces accommodate larger campers up to 32 feet in length. The Minor Campground is a mix of tent and RV sites, and all of the sites are non-electric with natural surface driveways, a fire pit, and a picnic table. Campers have access to vault toilets, a comfort station with showers, a laundromat, trash and recycle bins, and drinking water. If you reserve a space in the Lookout Campground, you will be close to the hiking trails and a playground.

Lookout Campground

The Lookout Campground, located near the shore of Lake Erie is the best campground to choose if you have a smaller RV or trailer. This campground shares a mix of RV campsites and tent-only campsites, and the RV sites are best for rigs smaller than 18 feet in length. All of the sites have natural- surface driveways, a picnic table, and a fire ring, and all of the sites are non-electric. This Lookout Campground operates seasonally and permits leashed pets. Campers have access to a comfort station with showers, trash and recycle bins, and drinking water. If you reserve a space in the Lookout Campground, you will be close to hiking trails, playground, scenic viewpoint, and the campfire circle.

Seasonal activities in Rock Point Provincial Park


Butterfly Migration

During the fall, Rock Point Park transforms into a bird and butterfly haven. While migratory bird viewing is a favorite pastime for birders who live or visit the bodies of water located along a bird’s migratory route, the monarch butterfly migration is much less common and more spectacular. If you visit during the migration period, your opportunity to see and photograph the Monarch butterfly, as well as other species of butterflies, is excellent. Visit the park website or speak to a member of the park staff about taking part in this fluttering phenomenon.


Birdwatchers who favor migratory species should add Rock Point Provincial Park to their lists of places to visit. The park, located along a migration route, is a favorite place for birdwatchers, especially during the spring and the fall. The park has a designated bird-watching station as well as information on the species of birds recorded living and passing through the area. Currently, over 260 species of birds are on record for the park. For detailed information on birding, or to find out the best time of day to look for birds, contact the park.


The fall is not just a time for birdwatchers to witness the migration of different species of waterfowl. This time of year is also a prime time for hunters looking to shoot ducks and other water birds along their migration to the south. The hunting season begins after the park closes for the regular season to avoid safety issues. The opening day of hunting is generally after the Thanksgiving holiday, and during hunting season, only hunters are permitted in the park. For rules, regulations, and other hunting questions contact the park or Ontario Fish and Wildlife.



What better way to spend your time along the shoreline of Lake Erie than to lounge at the beach and swim in the lake? During the summer months, the park is bustling with people who crave the beach. The beach is a natural sand and pebble beach that overnight guests and day-use visitors can access from both the campground and the day-use area. Anyone who decides to swim should do so at his or her own risk because there are no lifeguards on duty, and the beach’s drop off isn’t marked with buoys.


Before you cool off in Lake Erie’s cold lake water, why not work up a sweat? Bring your hiking shoes and your hiking gear and explore the park on foot. The park’s trails bring hikers over a variety of landscapes from forested areas to wetland habitats. One of the trails leads to the viewing platform that gives hikers a panoramic view of Lake Erie and the park’s sand dunes.

If your dog needs a walk, don’t worry. There is a special trail made just for exercising your pooch. The path is short, but a perfect length to give your dog the exercise that it needs.

Day Use

Rock Point Provincial Park is a park that brings in day-use guests as well as overnight guests because there are so many things to see and do during the peak season. The day-use area located beach-front runs along the length of the beach and has picnic areas, restrooms with flushing toilets, and access to swimming. The Park Store rents barbecues and bicycles as well as sells food, snacks, and drinks, and it is close to the day-use area, so you don’t have to go far to get what you need. If you plan to visit during weekends and holidays, come early, as the day-use area gets crowded quickly!