Rocklahoma welcomes life, liberty, and the pursuit of rock with its music and camping festivities in Oklahoma.

Event information

Promising life, liberty, and rock, Rocklahoma is among the most popular annual hard rock events in North America. For years, it has been the highlight of many rockers’ social calendars. See up to 50 top acts perform throughout the weekend at the hard rock fever party that takes Oklahoma by storm every year. With international superstar headliners, legendary rockers from the 1980s to the recent days, and a plethora of upcoming talent, there is something for every rocker on one of the four official stages.

Rocklahoma is not just the music and the killer bands, camping on site adds another dimension to the experience. Plus, with bars, art installations, restaurants, stalls, and even reports of an air-conditioned igloo on the horizon, the attractions will keep you entertained throughout the weekend. Nothing will get you in the mood like planning your days out, and at Rocklahoma, you can download the app to get connected and stay up to date with all the essential information.


General Admission for the weekend is usually around $150, with a discount for military members and veterans and savings on group tickets. They also have Early Bird tickets deals, so book well in advance to get the best possible price. If you are looking to take your weekend to the next level, check out the range of VIP tickets and passes for a whole host of behind the scenes benefits. It should also be noted that Rocklahoma advises that you leave your kids at home, but if you still wish to take them, they will require an adult ticket. If tickets have been purchased in the past, fans may also be able to renew some ticket options.

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Rocklahoma is situated at the ‘Catch the Fever’ Festival Grounds in Pryor, just east of Tulsa, and it is easy to get to by private vehicle. Located about four miles north of Pryor and around four miles south of Adair, attendees often follow US-69 to arrive near the venue. Gate entrance options may vary depending on the type of ticket that you choose. Make sure that you set out early as traffic is expected to be busy before the event. Have some cash or plenty of change ready in your vehicle for tolls.

Parking areas

If you are camping, your vehicle will need to fit into your camping space (20 x 40''), or you will need to buy an extra parking ticket. You can choose from either general or preferred parking, and they also have motorcycle parking available. All of which, you can book for either the whole weekend or for an individual day. If you need to park at the event, it is recommended that you arrive early as spaces are limited. However, if you have a Weekend VIP reserved, Groupie, or Roadie package, VIP parking is included within the admission.

Public Transportation

Whether you are looking to go by bus or plane, several public transport options will get you to or near Tulsa, which is about 50 miles from Pryor. The closest major airport to Rocklahoma is the Tulsa International Airport, with flights from several major airlines. There is also a shuttle service that will pick up from various locations nearby Pryor and Tulsa, with trips starting at $10 per person.

Where to stay


To help guests better enjoy the festival's offerings, the campgrounds at Rocklahoma are usually open a day or so before and after scheduled events. Amenities at the campsite often include a shower facility, a fresh water supply, and restrooms. There is also a general store on site where you will be able to get all the basics and garbage service. Campers may also appreciate being able to enjoy the Roadhouse Pre-Party the night before the big event.


Travelers will find a whole host of campsites and RV parks in the local area, including Grand Lake State Park about a 30-minute drive from the venue. If you are looking for a chance to get away from the party atmosphere, however, it is also important to think about how you will return to the festival. For example, there are many campgrounds in the wider Tulsa area, but it may take about an hour to reach the venue from some of them, so check to see if your campground is on the shuttle bus route.

Getting around

No unauthorized motorized vehicles will be permitted at the event, including golf carts and motorized scooters amongst others. Rocklahoma is an inclusive event in which all are welcome. If you or a friend will require assistance regarding accessibility, contact event organizers at least two weeks prior to the event.

What to pack


If you are thinking about heading down to this outdoor festival, be sure to bring clothing to help cope with the heat. Rocklahoma is an outdoor event, so you need to pack clothes for just about every weather possibility. Summer clothes are usually essential, but it is also advised that you pack a light waterproof jacket and some warm layers for the evenings. Shoes should be comfortable as you are likely to be on your feet for a long time. Think rain boots as it may be muddy and closed-toe shoes are helpful in the concert crowds.


A first aid kit, emergency flashlight, and batteries are items for the top of your list. If you forget anything, you can also pick up a few basics from the general store. Whether you are in need of some extra camping supplies, drinks or snacks, the store is open for most of the festival. Due to the grass pitches, some of the RV sites are not level. As a result, you may require blocks to stabilize your vehicle.

Health & Safety

Safety is the number one priority at Rocklahoma, and organizers have a strict system in place to ensure that the event goes without a hitch. The campground is lit 24 hours a day, with security present at the event. It is important that you check out the list of prohibited items before you attend, as anything that is not allowed will be confiscated at the gates.

Where to eat


Whether it is frying bacon in the morning, having hot dogs around the fire, or biting into that first watermelon of the year, food tastes so much better when you are camping. If you are looking to cook your own food, remember to bring utensils, tableware, and cooking equipment. You can take outside food and beverages into the campgrounds, but not into the concert.


Pryor and Adair are each about a 15-minute drive from the festival site and each offer local meal options as well as fast food selections. Tulsa restaurants will require more of a drive but may also provide a bit more of a scenic venture if you wish to enjoy relax in a nearby park or have reason to wait for transportation to and from the event.


When it comes to food, Rocklahoma is legendary, and they always have a huge choice of top vendors providing a wide array of food and drink, with vendors from near and far serving up a treat. Try something new and flavorsome, or just revel in the greasy festival food that promises to make bellies happy. Check out the Rock'n Brews & BBQ for the taste or the grill or head to the Roundhouse for a delicious dinner and a well-stocked bar. With food to suit most dietary requirements, you will certainly never go hungry while on site at Rocklahoma.



Safety is a top priority, and the security team will be on hand to make sure that everyone is following the festival rules. Things can get a little rowdy, and guests are encouraged to respect others responsibly and participate at their own risk. It is important that you are fully aware of your surroundings, and that you report anything suspicious to a security supervisor or police officer.


Oklahoma weather in May is usually hot, but it can also be unpredictable, and spring storms have impacted Rocklahoma in the past. As a result, they utilize a flag system to warn attendees about the weather, with color-coded flags located throughout the park. In the incident of a severe weather warning, the festival will stop, and there will be an announcement to return to your vehicles or do as instructed. Also, you may want to have a phone with you that is set up to receive alerts via the Rocklahoma app, website, or social media outlets.


It is always recommended that you pack your own first aid kit, but there are first aid locations situated throughout the festival. It can get quite hot, and so it is essential that you remember to stay hydrated at all times, particularly if you drink any alcohol. Emergency medical and pharmacy services are available about 15-minutes away in Pryor or 30 to 45 minutes in Tulsa by car.