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Located in the beautiful forests of upstate New York, Rollins Pond Campground offers some of the best boating, fishing, and hiking you’ll find in the region. The miles of trails in the park lead you through forests of spruce, maple, and birch, populated with dozens of species of birds and mammals. And if you want to spend time on the water, you can rent a variety of different types of boats. You’ll also find waters that are populated with bass, yellow perch, trout, and many other species. And hunters are welcome as well, with excellent deer hunting.

With over 250 campsites, Rollins Pond Campground can accommodate rigs of varying sizes. All of the sites hug the water, so you’ll have waterfront views no matter which one you choose. Stay for a night or for a week. There’s plenty to explore- both on and off the water- at Rollins Pond Campground.

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Located in northern New York, Rollins Pond Campground is a quick drive from multiple major cities in the state, as well as from cities such as Montreal and Ottawa. Take I-87 north out of New York, and you will get to the park in around five and a half hours. The park is also a quick drive from multiple major cities in Canada. If you are coming from Montreal, take Autoroute 15 and NY-3, and you will get to the park in around two and a half hours.

The roads of the park run along the shoreline of the lake, so they can be windy, but the turns shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have a large rig, you should consider renting a site that’s closer to the park entrance, so you don’t have to weave around as many tight corners.

Most of the year, there are few hazards that you should worry about on the roads. But if you plan on visiting during the winter, you should be aware that the roads may often have a layer of ice. If the forecast is showing snow for any portion of your stay, you may want to consider bringing snow chains.


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Rollins Pond Campground

Rollins Pond Campground has 266 campsites for you to choose from for your RV. The campsites are spread along the shore, and all have views of the water. Because they are so spread out, some will be much closer to the restrooms and showers. But all of the sites are within walking distance of the boat launch, as well as the park office and volleyball court.

Pets are allowed at all of the sites. And all of the sites have a fire pit and a picnic table. None of the sites have electrical or water hookups, although you can easily access drinking water from multiple locations throughout the campground.

All of the sites can be reserved online, for a maximum of 14 days. You must book at least a day in advance, and can reserve up to nine months in advance. The park is very popular during the summer months, so you should book as early as possible if you are planning on visiting during this period.

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The most popular activity at the park is boating. With acre upon acre of beautiful waters to explore, you’ll never run out of lake to enjoy. You can take a boat out onto Rollins Pond or Whey Pond, and there are boat ramps at both areas. Both have horsepower limits of 25. There’s also a wide variety of boats available to rent such as canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, and rowboats should you not want to bring one with your rig.


Those who want to cast a line will find waters populated with a wide variety of fish species. You’ll be able to find largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, yellow perch, northern pike, pan fish, and brown bullhead. Fishing tends to be best in the spring and fall, but you can fish in the park any time of year. Just make sure you follow state fishing regulations.

You’ll need a New York state fishing license if you plan on fishing in the park. These licenses are not sold at the park, but you can easily get one online or over the phone.


RV campers visiting the park will also be able to hunt. The park is well populated with a variety of game. The dense forests and various bodies of water make for challenging hunts.

You’ll need a New York state hunting license if you plan on hunting in the park. Seasons and hunting areas are strictly enforced. Also note that the park is a popular destination for hikers, so you should take extra caution.



RV campers who want to hike will find plenty of ground to explore at Rollins Pond Campground. You can connect directly to the Saranac Lake Wilds Forest through the Otter Hollow Trail, which begins in the campground. There’s excellent birdwatching anywhere along the trails as well, so you may want to bring a pair of binoculars.

Hiking is excellent year round, but at its best in the fall, when the maple and birch trees begin to turn and the park’s colors come alive.


The network of trails is also excellent for biking, allowing you to explore the forests at a slightly faster pace. Should you want to go on a longer ride, you can connect to trails that lead you out of the park and into the Saranac Lake Wilds Forest. The forest is over 75,000 acres wide, offering miles of trails for you to explore.

Cross-Country Skiing

Those visiting the park in the winter should also consider bringing a pair of skis along with their rig. The network of trails in the park turns into an excellent cross-country skiing course. The conifers are beautiful when crusted in snow, and you’ll find plenty of birds and mammals in the park during the winter.

The trails aren’t groomed, so less experienced skiers may have a hard time after a heavy snow storm. And there are no rentals, so make sure you bring your own gear.