Roots Picnic PA

Point the RV toward Philly for Roots Picnic PA, a day-long mix of east coast culture. Experience hip hop, live recordings, DJ’s, and R&B performances.

Event information

Described as a festival celebrating all things Philly, this ever-expanding music extravaganza has a little something for everyone. Hear and feel the blues-rock vibe. Fill your soul with tunes that pay tribute to yesteryear and witness the evolution of break-out artists. The genres of rap, indie, R&B, and hip hop are some of those represented and are sure to get your body grooving to the beat.

If you love a visual experience, attend Roots Picnic PA and watch the unbelievable choreography of some of the best dance crews in the nation. Try to match the epic moves of the crew as they put their best to the test. Those who love to join in the fun of show production can take part in live podcast recordings. The stage is set for standing room only performances at this musical gem.

The Roots, who are known for their house band prowess, host this gala of talent and their reputation ensures that every act to play will hold the bar high to match them. You can’t go wrong with this one, so start planning the trip!


Roots Picnic is an event that packs a lot of entertainment into a one day ticket! General admission is the way of the land here; there are no reserved seats. If you want the VIP benefits which include VIP restrooms, lounge, and access to the pit at the front of the main stage, place your order soon! Ticket prices will go up as the event gets closer, so secure your early bird price. Cost for entry can range from $60 to $400. Attendees 2 years of age and up pay the full ticket price. Shop early for tickets to Roots Picnic PA.

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You will see the beauty of the region as you approach Roots Picnic PA. Fairmont Park is an expansive venue, and as you make your way along the I-76, you will see much of what the Philadelphia area has to offer. Take note so that after the event you can stop by other landmarks and points of interest.

Parking areas

You can pay for parking at the festival, and there is plenty of room for your RV. The parking is in a grassy area and is well-marked for easy visibility. Drop the family off at the main gates and look for parking attendants to guide you to the ideal spot for your vehicle size.

Public Transportation

Ride-sharing, busing, and taxiing are all viable options for getting to Roots Picnic PA. These modes of travel work well for those who prefer to leave the car at home or the campsite. If you want to combine music and exercise, check out the bike share option and rent a bike which can then be docked near the event.

Where to stay


While cars and RVs can park on the grounds, overnight camping is not permitted. You will find everything you need for an excellent RV getaway very close to the city. You can easily experience the city and the country in one trip!


Some may want to stay minutes from the city, and that is easily done with options for full hookups, dumping stations, Wi-Fi, and main area attractions practically right outside the door! If the country air and sounds of nature are more your style, point the compass north or northwest to experience nature at its best. Camp near a creek, choose a large wooded site, try out some angling, or plan an epic trek. Whatever your liking, Roots Picnic PA is within easy reach!

Getting around

Roots Picnic PA is a popular event that typically sells out every year to an energetic crowd that is eager to mingle, meet and greet, and dance. Because of this, put your most comfortable and hip dancing shoes on. Leave any form of wheels at home, whether they be two or four-wheeled. Don't forget that bikes can be docked near the entrance to the event.

What to pack


The weather in June is ideal for festival-goers to let loose and dress in free and easy style. Don casual apparel that enables you to move to the music and feel at your best all day. Sturdy sandals and comfortable running shoes are ideal for the grassy terrain. Don’t forget your most stylish hat to protect you from the sun’s rays!


Being a one-day event, attending Roots Picnic PA doesn’t require you to bring much more than a big blanket to sit on if you want to take a rest or some shade, a small collapsible umbrella, and a factory sealed water bottle. Remember to pack sunscreen and reapply throughout the day!

Health & Safety

Top up your water bottle as needed at the many water re-fill stations throughout the park. With plenty of refreshment stands available, you can stay hydrated and ready to dance the night away. Be sure to enjoy a snack or meal throughout the day to keep your energy level up.

Where to eat


Prep an easy but yummy yogurt and muesli mix the night before so that you can have a carefree start to the day. Keep the entire trip a relaxed one and prepare simple meals like grilled cheese sandwiches, wraps, flavorful salads, and nourishing bowls of soup. Make sure your RV refrigerator is in excellent working condition and then stock it up with healthy food. Cook over the campfire, at the grill or use your propane stove. The key is to keep it simple!


There are ample choices between Roots Picnic PA and the campground if you’d like to stop and dine out. Choose from Italian, Indian, Korean, French, Japanese, Israeli, or Spanish. Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love, so it’s only expected that lots of nationalities be represented on the food scene.


Philly food trucks are known for their delicious fare, and there are several of them are spread out on the festival grounds. You will also find concession stands offering a quick and tasty snack, and refreshment stations are plentiful at this venue. Be prepared to show ID if you are purchasing alcohol. Vendors will accept payment via cash, debit or credit card, and there are ATMs for your convenience if you prefer to pay cash for festival merchandise.



Be prepared for a bag check if security deems necessary as you enter the festival. Be sure to read over the extensive list of what not to bring; adhere to the guidelines and avoid having your belongings confiscated. Roots Picnic PA is a no re-entry event, so plan to enter the park and remain there for the duration of the fun.


Temperatures are pleasant in Philadelphia in June. Be prepared for a cooler evening just in case, so bring along a light sweater. The music, podcasts, and dance shows will go on rain or shine. Pop a lightweight rain poncho in your bag in case a few raindrops roll in to join the party.


Because the venue is grassy terrain, inclement weather may make wheelchair accessibility a challenge; contact the organizers for information on how best to navigate the venue. Certified service animals are welcomed to attend. Familiarize yourself as you enter Roots Picnic PA so that you know where the medical stations are in case you require assistance from the trained staff.