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Ruckle Provincial Park


As one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the Gulf Islands, Ruckle Provincial Park offers camping options that make it an RV camper’s paradise. Located on Salt Spring Island along Beaver Point Road, 10 km (6 miles) east of Fulford, this 5 sq. km (2 sq. mile) provincial park offers you the perfect setting to pitch your tent or park your RV in a grassy meadow that overlooks the Swanson Channel.

While you’re camping at Ruckle Provincial Park, you are provided extended periods of enjoyable exploration of shorelines, tiny coves and bays, rocky headlands, and other amazing features at the park. The beautiful flora and fauna that characterize the park will blow your mind, as you may get to see seals, sea lions, porpoises and whales. Other opportunities at the park include hiking and biking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, windsurfing, Interpretive Programs and many more.

At Ruckle Provincial Park, there are several camping options including eight RV campsites and 78 walk-in campsites available by reservation and on first-come first-served basis. Amenities and facilities at the park include group camps, picnic areas, water taps, wheelchair accessible areas, winter camps, firewood, viewpoint, telephone, amphitheater, and parking lots.

Ruckle Provincial Park was established in 1974.

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Camping Accommodations

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RV Rentals in Ruckle Provincial Park



Located on Salt Spring Island along Beaver Point Road, 10 km (6 miles) east of Fulford, you’ll find that driving to Ruckle Provincial Park is easy, whether in your RV, trailer, and any other motorized vehicle. Within the park, there’s a road that leads to the RV campground, group sites and walk-in sites, as well as other places of interest. There are no driving restrictions within the park.

In order to get to Salt Spring Island, it will be necessary to take a ferry from either Vancouver or Victoria. Ferries can get busy in the summer months, so it's a good idea to book ahead.


Three parking areas are available in Ruckle Provincial Park at different areas for RVs and trailers. One of the parking lots is located near the RV campground. At the campsites in the campground, there is room for RV campers to park their rigs and trailers too. Overnight parking is available in the park.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Ruckle Provincial Park, however, BC Ferries offers service to Salt Spring Island.

Campgrounds and parking in Ruckle Provincial Park

Campsites in Ruckle Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Ruckle Campground

At Ruckle Campground, there are eight campsites available for RVs and trailers. These campsites are not equipped with electric hookups, however, cold water taps, pit toilets, and fire rings are available. Trailer length limit at the RV campground is 32 ft (10 m). Half of the campsites are reservable while the other half are available on first-come first-served basis.

At the campground, there are also 78 walk-in/backcountry campsites which are equipped with pit toilets, cold water taps and group fire rings. Only 10 of the walk-in campsites are reservable.

Seasonal activities in Ruckle Provincial Park



There is an extensive trail system that adds up to more than 15 km (9 miles) at Ruckle Provincial Park. These trails vary in hiking difficulty from easy to strenuous and take campers along the shore of Swanson Channel to various scenic spots and lookout points within the park. Some other trails in the park lead inland to areas where hikers will see the wildlife and vegetation that decorate the park.

For cyclists, Ruckle Provincial Park is a popular destination because the park is a good place to begin exploring the Salt Spring Islands. Cycling is restricted to the main roads in the park and bicycle helmets are mandatory.

Flora and Fauna

As one of the largest provincial parks in the Gulf Islands, Ruckle Provincial Park features a mosaic of wetlands, older forest, flowering Garry oak meadows, shoreline habitats, and offshore kelp forests. These florae decorate the park and make it a wonderful sight. The forest habitats in the park serve as home to various birds and mammals, especially endangered species. You’ll find northern alligator lizard and western screech owl at the park, among other animals.


As you visit Ruckle Provincial Park, you will have the chance to participate in salt water fishing if you are an avid angler or fishing enthusiast. To enjoy fishing in the park, you are required to possess an appropriate fishing or angling license and comply with provincial and federal fishing regulations.

Be prepared to see a brightly-colored world of crab, limpet, sculpin, mussel, starfish, and other aquatic organisms in the tidal pools of the park.



Kayaking is a popular activity at Ruckle Provincial Park as the park offers RV campers the opportunity to enjoy ocean kayaking. The use of canoes in the park is however not recommended, since these boats are not designed for ocean travel. There are no rental and boat launch facilities at the park, so if you're planning to do some boating, you'll need to bring your watercraft with you.


Although there is no designated swimming at Ruckle Provincial Park, there are still opportunities for you to take a dip in the Swanson Channel and enjoy a swim. The absence of a designated area and lifeguards on duty at the park calls for caution while swimming in the channel.

Scuba Diving and Windsurfing

Ruckle Provincial Park’s waters are regularly visited by scuba divers because there are opportunities to float above the ocean floor and see nudibranches, sponges, anemones, sea stars, octopuses and giant barnacles. Even more, scuba divers also get to enjoy drifting among the castle-like coves in the park. Opportunities for windsurfing are also available at Ruckle Provincial Park.