Sacramento to Grand Teton National Park Road Trip Guide


With 269 sunny days per year, Sacramento is one of the sunniest cities in America! Located north of Los Angeles, this city is a great place to live and visit. It is the state capital of California and can be found right along the Sacramento River. Speaking of water, there are several miles of river all around Sacramento, making it the perfect place to enjoy water activities including canoeing, fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

You can enjoy wooden wagon rides on wooden boardwalks where the Gold Rush took place many years ago. There are several shops, amazing restaurants, and places to see in this amazing city. Whether you own a campervan or not, you can rent one to take a much-needed trip from Sacramento to Grand Teton National Park.

The trip is around 850 miles one way and is the perfect couple's getaway, even if you’re on a budget. With plenty of beautiful and entertaining points of interest along the way, what are you waiting for? Check out some of the top spots to visit below.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: van
audience: couple

Point of Interest

East Idaho Aquarium

Since you’ve spent plenty of time outdoors on this road trip, it’s safe to say a day at the aquarium is the perfect way to end the road trip, before making it to your final destination. The East Idaho Aquarium is a non-profit organization that has been around for nearly a decade. You’ll be able to learn all about different aquatic creatures and see quite a few right before your eyes.

There are several different ecosystems throughout the aquarium thanks to the exhibits and education programs the aquarium offers. If you’re traveling with children, they’ll enjoy the hands-on displays where they can hold starfish and pet sharks. With carved out cave-like dens, you’ll feel like you’re underwater with the creatures. There are also non-water based animals at this aquarium as well. You’ll be able to see a plethora of birds and snakes during your visit to the East Idaho Aquarium.

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail is the penultimate stop on your road trip, before reaching Grand Teton National Park. This trail is a popular option that has several different areas where you can enter and exit. As you can tell by the name, it follows the rim of the canyon and offers amazing views. Nearby you’ll be able to relax by waterfalls and enjoy a picnic immersed in nature.

Many locals suggest visiting the Perrine Bridge during your stay. There you’ll be able to base jump and get your adrenaline pumping. The Snake River Canyon Rim Trail is a great place to watch wildlife. You may see hawks and eagles soaring the sky, especially if you bring a pair of binoculars. Rock Creek RV Park is a lovely place to park for the night as you make the final leg of the trip to Wyoming.

12 Mile Hot Spring

A relaxing and romantic stop on your trip will be the 12 Mile Hot Spring. Whether your legs are sore from walking all around the wildlife management area or you just need to stretch out after a couple of hours of driving, this is the perfect stop for you. As you can tell by the name, there is a 12-mile long hot spring where you can kick back and relax.

This area also goes by the name of Bishop Creek Hot Springs and it offers plenty of hiking areas along the waterline so that you can get in a bit of exercise before hitting the road again. You could also lay down a blanket and have yourself a picnic as well! Being able to take your eyes off the road, sit back, and soak in natural springs is one of the best ways to spend your morning or afternoon on a road trip.

Humboldt Museum

Even though it sounds like it’s in the same area, the Humboldt Museum is about 90 minutes from the wildlife management area. Located in a small town called Winnemucca, this museum brings you just past the halfway point of your trip. Many road trips will take you through small towns and it can be interesting to see the history behind these places.

The Humboldt Museum does just that. You may be surprised by how interesting the history of Winnemucca is! You’ll learn all about the buildings downtown and stories about how the ice age impacted the town well over 10,000 years ago. There are a couple of ma and pa restaurants in the area and a great restaurant called The Griddle if you’re looking for classic diner food. Silver State RV Park is a local campground where you can get some rest before continuing on.

Humboldt State Wildlife Management Area

Enough time indoors, it’s time to get off your phone, stretch your legs, and enjoy an afternoon exploring Humboldt State Wildlife Management Area. This state park was established in the early 1950s and is a beautiful place to visit. The majority of the wildlife management area consists of salt marshes, all along the Humboldt River. Speaking of the river, depending on the time of year that you visit, you’ll be able to cool off from the humid Nevada summer in the river.

You could also cast a reel and hope to catch a fresh meal! While you’re there, you can go hiking, mountain biking, and more. Because it is a wildlife management area, you may want to bring a pair of binoculars, just in case you see some of the animals that call the area home. Don’t worry about finding a place to camp for the night, as you can pitch a tent or park the RV right at the park!

National Automobile Museum

While you can stop at one of the many casinos when passing through Reno, there is a more unique thing you can experience. The National Automobile Museum is a different kind of fun to be had in this great Nevada city. You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy a few hours there either. You’ll be able to see over 200 vehicles that are from a variety of different points in history throughout the past 100 years.

Something great about these vehicles is that they’re restored and in amazing condition. Because the museum is over 100,000 square feet, you’ll have plenty of room to explore and see something you may never see again. In addition to the car National Automobile Museum, this space is also joined with the Nevada Space Center. Two pit stops in one sounds like an amazing way to get the most out of your trip.

Lake Tahoe National Forest

After a long day at the zoo, it’s time for you and your partner to get some alone time in a very scenic area. The Lake Tahoe National Forest is a beautiful place to make a pitstop on your way into Nevada. If you’re visiting during the summer, you can take a boat onto the water and relax under the sun. If you’re a skilled angler, you’ll even be able to catch yourself some trout for dinner.

There are plenty of trails to enjoy hiking and climbing, which is a great activity after a couple of hours on the road. You’ll be surrounded by mountains, dense forests, and of course, Lake Tahoe. If the weather is going to be clear during your visit, you’ll want to make sure you bring a warm blanket, a thermos full of hot chocolate, and have a romantic evening under the stars. You can park the van within the forest to sleep next to these stunning views.

The Sacramento Zoo

On your way to Wyoming, you may not want to leave Sacramento without a stop at the Sacramento Zoo. This zoo is part of William Land Park and is one of the older zoos in the area, having been open for almost 100 years. Within the past century, this zoo has nearly quadrupled in size and there are a variety of different animals that you can visit when you go there. You’ll find classic critters like giraffes, lions, zebras, and monkeys.

There are also animals there that you won’t see at other zoos including specific birds, fish, amphibians, and cute lizards. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your spouse, or with a group of kids, this is a great place to stop. Not to mention, there is also a golf course, amusement park, and restaurant within the park as well! If you need to count sheep before reaching the California and Nevada border, take a nap at Sacramento Shade RV Park.


Congratulations! You’ve finally made it to Grand Teton National Park after a week on the road. By now, you’re a camper van expert and can make your way around this park without a problem. Feel free to go hiking, biking, camping, and more during your stay. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy a picnic after a long day of exploring!

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