Salcha River State Recreation Site
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Just 40 minutes southeast of Fairbanks, vacationers can escape into a natural paradise called Salcha River State Recreation Site. The site is not only loved by the nearby residents of Fairbanks and Delta Junction, but also by those visiting from outside the state.

If you are an angler, a river rover, a wanderer, a photographer or simply a lover of nature then you’ll love to lose yourself in the boundaries of Salcha River State Recreation Area. A walk amidst its wilderness will bring you face to face with wild animals, rare and exotic birds, and splendid scenic views.

That’s not all. The region also has a rich history with many places of interest; traces left by the people of the past. Travel close to the river and you’ll find yourself in a fishing hub. Nothing will make your day better than finding a secluded spot all for yourself that gives you gorgeous views, a chance to unwind and lay back, while at the same time enjoy the feeling of having a fish on the line.

Come alone, come with your pet, or bring your best friends with you! Salcha River State Recreation Site will give you a chance to rekindle your inner adventurer and have some unforgettable glamping experiences.

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As the name suggests, the Salcha River State Recreation Site is located right alongside Salcha River. It is about a 40-mile drive southeast of Fairbanks. The park and its campgrounds are situated at mile 323.3 of Richardson Highway where this beautiful getaway will be awaiting your arrival. The roads are wide and well-maintained with beautiful views on either side making for a relaxing and enjoyable drive to the park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Salcha River State Recreation Site

Campsites in Salcha River State Recreation Site

First-come first-served

Salcha River State Recreation Site Campground

There is only one campground on at Salcha River State Recreation Site called the Salcha Campground. The campground has only six sites and each site offers a primitive camping experience with no-hookups available.

For those seeking a more relaxing and comfortable camping experience, the park does offer a public cabin that can be reserved for a maximum of three people and offers protection from the weather along with basic living accommodations.

The other campsites available come with a picnic area, toilets, and access to potable drinking water. There is also a boat launch area near the campground. The campground does not offer ADA access. Campfires are allowed at the campsites.

These campsites are perfect for seasoned campers who want to enjoy a more rugged and primitive camping experience amidst beautiful natural scenery and great fishing opportunities.

Seasonal activities in Salcha River State Recreation Site


Snowmobiling / Cross-Country Skiing

The Alaskan winters might seem cold and harsh, but you can still find warmth and fun with a trip to Salcha River State Recreation Site with your loved ones. When everything’s frozen and covered with cold hard ice, the park opens up for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, allowing the campers and picnickers to enjoy some fun winter sports and enjoy the atypical view of Alaska in the colder season.


The Salcha River State Recreation Site provides all the best facilities for a spot of leisurely picnicking. Picnic tables are strategically placed with a view of the river while still being shaded under the trees. It’s a perfect place for the nearby residents to pack some sandwiches and plan a sweet little getaway.

Clean toilets are also available on site and hence allows the picnickers to spend their whole day amidst the beauty of nature without worrying about anything. The little ones too get a chance to play around out in the open and even learn a thing or two.

Archeological Sites

Salcha River State Recreation Site is home to a number of archeological locations that indicate the presence of numerous 19th-century village sites of Athabascan Indians. The sites remind present-day vacationers of a time where villagers had established a home and community alongside the Tanana River. A roadhouse, store, and a military telegraph at the mouth of the Salcha River also indicates the presence of prospectors who settled down along the Salcha River during the inception of the Fairbank’s gold rush.



The Salcha River is the main attraction of the Salcha River State Recreation Site and in addition to boating and fishing opportunities, it also allows summer vacationers to take a dip in the cold water and enjoy some laid-back swimming. It’s a popular spot for families in the summers and parents can be seen teaching their little ones to swim.

More seasoned swimmers will appreciate the clean waters and the magnificent views they get to see as they swim along the length of the river and enjoy its natural surroundings.


With all those miles of river, only few can resist the prospects of a boat ride. A boat launch is located close to the campgrounds for all those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding water. The river banks comprise of super dense forests and during a boat ride, you are more than likely to catch a glimpse of wild animals chasing you from ashore. Kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are all allowed on the river waters.


The 125-mile tributary of the Tanana River, the fast and clear Salcha River is home to many species of fish. Vacationers and anglers can take a boat ride, or walk on foot to reach the best hotspots for grayling and salmon fishing.

Anglers can test their skills and patience fishing for prized king salmon, northern pike, and Arctic grayling. If your purpose of camping is exclusively fishing then make sure you plan a trip in July as it is the salmon run season.