Salt Lake City to Fresno Road Trip Guide


For lovers of nature with a unique thirst for adventures, Salt Lake City sits at a prime location of one of the most historical landscapes. Best represented by its age-old archeological constructions and picturesque terrains, the capital city of Utah infuses options for outdoor adventure into its signature charm as a location for tourism. Today, the bustling city holds its place as one of the top vacationer’s playground while its scenic environment invites visitors to explore Utah’s open highway and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

A start at Salt Lake City opens you up to a great RV road trip to California and will give you ample opportunities to explore breathtaking red rock landscapes, stunning vast natural habitats and the sizzle of active cities this trip offers. A trip with a route from the stunning largest city of Utah to Fresno County heralds a delightful exposure to fun and excitement.

Home to varieties of lakes, parks, and unique fun spots, Fresno adds to your adventure a unique touch of civilization and in the end opens you to a more fun-filled but relaxed environment. Enjoy the grandeur of the different states with the adventure that this RV road trip offers.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Zion National Park

Over 300 miles from Salt Lake City lies a vast tract of land rich with the wonders of nature. Home to massive creamy, pink and red stone cliffs, narrow and steep canyons, and a unique variety of plants making up its vegetation, Zion National Park makes up a good location for nature lovers and it gives the stunning feel of the wilderness to its visitors.

A stop at this haven offers you the opportunity to see an amazing array of animals. What’s more, the several trails specially designed to accommodate visitors guarantees you an impressive trip through the beauty of nature.

While this park is open to a plethora of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and photography, the best part of this trip is that you don’t have to leave your vehicle to enjoy the scenery as there are various parking areas as well as several campsites to accommodate even the largest of rigs without stress. Enjoy the amazing touch of nature in style.

Valley of Fire State Park

After the grandeur of the natural vistas, a two-hour drive to the Valley of Fire State Park guarantees you and your buddies ample opportunity to capture the opalescent beauty of this red hot scenery.

At a distance of roughly 130 miles from Zion National Park, this State Park in Nevada is home to exquisite red rock and sandstone formations as well as natural arches. A scenic drive through Arch Rock, Duck Rock and northward through White Domes takes you through a towering beauty that seems to resist the laws of nature. If you’re looking to do some hiking, don’t miss the winding trail of the Fire Wave, which reflects an amazing changing combination of colors and opens for a chance at taking beautiful pictures and creating those memories.

If you wish to prolong your stay, you can take advantage of any of the park’s variety of campgrounds and campsites designed to meet your RV needs.

Stratosphere Casino and Resort

A short one-hour drive from the red rocks and desert landscapes takes you to the grand city of Las Vegas with its excitement and glamor. A night in Las Vegas takes you beyond the famous casinos and gaming tables to a wide array of entertainment sure to keep you and your friends fully engaged before rest.

You also get to eat choice foods from the different restaurants available. Enjoy a mix of drinks while you keep winning at the tables. With the lights, the multiple shows, and the nightlife parades available, you should definitely enjoy the buzz and spirit of the heart of Nevada.

This trip makes up a great time for fun, catching up on old times, unwinding from the strains of routine and bonding with old and new friends. When it’s time to retire for the day, the resort provides accommodation facilities to make your visit more pleasant. Enjoy the semblance of civilization and don’t miss out on the sheer grandeur this city has to offer.

Kern County Museum

Get yourself in the mood for a blast from the past which feels no different from stepping into a time machine and taking a trip back in time to some centuries ago. This museum in Bakersfield contains all you need to know about the history of the city and how it came to be. The town is a delight and a visit to the museum is an experience that is totally worth it.

Kern County Museum contains both indoor and outdoor exhibits and as you would rarely see in other museums. More than 50 original houses that relate to life in the 1800s are featured here. If you and your friends want to have a swell time, don’t forget to visit the Black Gold exhibit.

If you’re running longer than planned in the town and you need a place to stay the night, the O. K. Trailer Park is just a few minutes from the museum and will accommodate your RV.


A final drive takes you straight to your destination and sets you directly within the wonderful city of Fresno. On a beautiful day, Fresno gives you the beauty of major watercourses and large agricultural landscapes.

Whether you just want to enjoy a walk-through or wish to immerse yourself in indoor and outdoor activities, Fresno is a great place for you, thanks to the abundant recreational opportunities that are on offer to every visitor and tourist. You can rest assured you won’t forget your visit to this city so easily.

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