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Salt Rock Campground is a campground located in Sprague, Connecticut. This gorgeous campground covers almost 150 acres and is within easy access to the rest of eastern Connecticut. It is very rural, located on what used to be farmland, and you can enjoy a variety of different activities if you come camping here, including hiking and trail exploration.

Salt Rock Campground is also located on the water, so you can enjoy fishing in the waters if you bring your fishing gear when you come to the campground with your rig. You can also enjoy boating activities, so make sure you pack your canoe or kayak when you come to Salt Rock.

The park offers campsites for tents and RVs. Registered campers can enjoy the swimming pool on site, in addition to various other amenities, including a volleyball net and horseshoes. The sites also have fire rings and picnic tables for you to utilize during your stay.

Salt Rock Campground is a great place to visit if you're staying in your rig in Groton, Connecticut. The campground is also very close to Mystic, Connecticut, which among other tourist destinations offers an aquarium.

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Salt Rock Campground is located in Connecticut, within easy distance of several major towns, including Mystic, Groton, and New London. You will want to travel carefully when you drive your camping rig to the campground, especially in winter weather. The New England climate tends to be harsh, especially if you are not used to it and can pose a hazard with your RV.

You can easily reach Salt Rock Campground off of I-395. The campground is two miles north of the town of Baltic on Route 97, past Salt Rock Road. Because of the easy commute to other towns, you're sure to find plenty to keep you busy when you camp at Salt Rock.

Once you've checked in at the campground, you will want to find your camping site. The maximum length for RVs and trailers is 35 feet, although some sites are much smaller and cannot hold a large rig. Some spaces are only large enough for a tent, so you are going to need to check carefully when you make your reservations. You will have space at your campsite for parking, although the number of vehicles is limited.


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Salt Rock State Campground

Salt Rock State Campground has 71 different tent and RV camping sites located across the 149 acres of property. Some have a view of the waterfront, as the Shetucket River winds through the park. Some of the campsites offer electrical hookups, as well as water and sewer hookups, so you can reserve one for your RV, if needed or desired. Only one vehicle is allowed at each spot, with additional vehicles needing to park in the nearby parking lot.

The campground has multiple handicapped accessible sites and some hiking trails. There are restrooms that are also handicapped accessible, so all members of your family will be able to enjoy your time at Salt Rock Campground.

The maximum length of stay is 14 days when you camp at Salt Rock. After that time, all members of your party must vacate the park for a minimum of five days before coming back, unless you have prior permission from the park. You are not able to bring firewood in from out of the state, so you will want to purchase firewood locally if you plan to utilize your campsite's fire ring.

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Salt Rock Campground is located on the Shetucket River, with a mile of riverfront acreage. You can go fishing here from the shore or on your boat, which is also allowed, so bring yours. When you pack your camping trailer, you will want to make sure you pack your bait and tackle. You will also need to have a valid permit to fish in the park, which you can register for online prior to your trip.


When you come camping at Salt Rock Campground, you should make sure to bring your boating equipment, including a canoe or kayak, when you come. The campground is located on the shores of the Shetucket River, and you can launch your raft that you have packed in your RV from the shores and enjoy a meandering trip on the water. You'll want to watch out for tubers, who may also be in the river enjoying it.


While the waters of the Shetucket River may seem appealing when you come camping at Salt Rock Campground, you will have better luck hanging out in the park's pools. The campground has two in ground pools that registered campers can utilize during the open hours. You will want to check the pools hours before you come if it is important to you, as some local groups also use the pools. Make sure to pack your swimsuit in your campervan!



When you stay at Salt Rock Campground, make sure that you pack your hiking boots, a water bottle, and your walking stick in your camping trailer. There are trails across the 149 acres of property that you can explore. There are additional hiking trails separate from the campground but within close travel distance. You will be able to appreciate views of the Shetucket River. In the fall, enjoy the changing leaves of the fall foliage.


If you come to Salt Rock State Campground, make sure that you plan to enjoy some relaxation time at the park, such as by taking in a meal picnic style. There are picnic tables at the campground, but you can also bring your picnic basket and some linens in your RV and enjoy a meal on the grass. The campground has fire rings at multiple campsites, so you can cap off your meal with roasting marshmallows.

Viewing Wildlife

When you come to Salt Rock State Campground to camp, you will want to bring a pair of binoculars and your camera to document some of the wildlife that you can see. Whether you are enjoying a hike or relaxing on the banks of the Shetucket River, you can take the opportunity to bird watch or spot native wildlife, such as white-tailed deer. Take some photos of the animals to showcase to your family and friends back home.