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Laying claims to one of the quaintest bodies of water around, San Angelo State Park is situated right on the shorelines of O.C. Fisher Reservoir, and sprawls over 7,677 acres of Texas land. This reservoir was completed by US Corps of Engineers in 1952, in order to control flood in the North Concho River. The picturesque state park is not only a serene place but a sanctuary for those who love recreational activities and outdoor adventures.

The campsites are well maintained and offer a number of amenities for RV vacationers to have the time of their life in complete comfort. The options of brilliant outdoor recreation are endless and have something to offer to people of all age – the most prominent one includes retracing the steps taken by the prehistoric reptiles who existed even before the dinosaurs.

The interesting thing about this state park is that it is supported by volunteers, called the friends of San Angelo State Park who organize a number of events, programs, and projects throughout the year.

The campsites are located in a mystic spot that allows the RV campers to witness magical sunsets and sunrises across the horizon. With the typical sandy Texas land stretching out for miles, the reservoir in view, and the Bison and Longhorn herds nearby, there’s nothing that can bring you peace like RV camping at San Angelo State Park.

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The drive to the San Angelo State Park is easy and without much hassle. The park itself has two-way paved roads that run through the campground and offers plenty of room for larger RVs, Motor homes and Big Rigs to maneuver and park.

The roads at the entrance of the park are hard-surfaced that leads to the campsites. Some of the campsites are pull-through and others are back-in.

Armadillo Ridge Loop is the first one when entering from the south entrance of the San Angelo State Park. From the north entrance of the park, the Badlands trail is the nearest.

If you are willing to go for the dinosaur trail, it’s recommended to enter from the north.


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Campgrounds and parking in San Angelo State Park

Campsites in San Angelo State Park

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Red Arroyo Campground

San Angelo State Park has a total of 126 campsites that are open all-year round and spread across various campgrounds in the park. Located at the park’s south entrance is Red Arroyo campground that offers 40 electric and water hook-up sites that overlook O.C. Fisher Lake. Guest can choose from pull-through to back-in sites that are extremely spacious and offer terrific views of the lake and surrounding woods. Each site has a picnic table, outdoor grill, fire ring, and electric and water hook-up. Nearby bathroom and shower facilities are also available for campers and guests alike. Just next to Red Arroyo campground is the Chaparral Group Area that can be reserved for larger parties and also offers a sheltered group pavilion.

The RV parking pads are paved and all the sites are leveled. The terrain is different at different sites. Some have large Texas trees, others have almost none. Some campsites provide a view of the river, and other campsites overlook the native land. Additionally, campgrounds also has a playground and two boat ramps that offer access to the lake waters for boating, fishing and swimming.

San Angelo State Park Equestrian Campgrounds

For all of you that love horse back riding the North Concho area of San Angelo State Park offers pens and feeding areas that make camping fun and comfortable not just for you but also your beloved horses. The equestrian campsite offer water and electric hookup, a shaded shelter, nearby showers and restrooms and outdoor grills and picnic table to make for an enjoyable camping and horse riding experience. This campground has a total of just ten sites that can only be reserved to equestrians. The rest of the sites are primitive tenting sites and group camps that offer a more rugged and intimate outdoor experience.

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San Angelo State Park is home to fifty miles of hiking, biking, and riding trails. These trails run amidst all kinds of native plants and trees. That’s not all, RV campers might even run into herds of different wildlife during their hike, including the Bison and Longhorn herds. If you specifically wish to trek alongside the lakeshore, then take the six-mile Trailhead trail.

The trails vary in their difficulty level and range from rough ones for the adventurers and easier ones for beginners. These trails are open to everyone. RV campers staying for several days can enjoy different trails and if lucky, might get a glimpse of deer and spring turkey silhouette among the trees. Don’t forget to bring your pets along to enjoy the day. Make sure to keep them on the leash and let your furry friend enjoy the trails as much as you.


San Angelo State Park is the perfect place for RV campers to kickback, relax and enjoy nature in all its splendor. This park enjoys the shoreline of both O.C. Fisher Reservoir and Concho River and anglers can fish to their heart’s content. No fishing license is needed to enjoy fishing from the piers of this state park.

If you are a seasoned fisherman with a license, then you can take your boat farther into the water and fish from there, if you’re patient, you might even catch on of the lake’s famous monster catfish.

RV campers don’t need to worry about bringing their fishing gear either. The state park loans rods, reels, and tackle boxes to its guests.

Horse Riding

San Angelo State Park is a haven for equestrians everywhere. The people of Texas love their horses and enthusiastic campers can bring along these beautiful animals and spend a few days riding on the expansive equestrian trail system present in San Angelo State Park.

The park also offers an equestrian campsite that has pens and water wells for horses. Equestrians can choose between the Dinosaur Horse Trail, Badlands Horse Trail, River Bend Horse Trail, or Turkey Creek Horse Trail when setting off into this large expanse of wild and rugged terrain.


Dinosaur Tracks

One of the main attractions of San Angelo State Park is the 26 sets of fossilized track ways made by prehistoric creatures of the Permian Age. These tracks are called the dinosaur tracks – despite having traces of creatures that existed even before them – and demands a two-mile hike to take in this rare and amazing spectacle.

Staying overnight, RV campers can feel a connection to the history of these lands knowing that they sleep in a landscape where once bygone creatures from millions of years ago prowled.

Mountain Biking

For those who like extreme sports, the mountain biking tracks are open year round. RV campers can strap their bikes and bring it along for a fun ride even during colder seasons. The trail for mountain biking is the same as the Dinosaur Trail System. Those who wish to see the traces of creatures that existed 90 million years prior to the dinosaurs, but don’t want to hike can opt to bike their way through. The trail is suggested for intermediate bikers as well.

The three-mile long River Band Trail is also open to the mountain bikers. This is the longest biking trail at San Angelo State Park and goes across varied terrain.


This vast landscape with its varied terrain including rivers, lakes, woodlands, grasslands and rolling hills make for some amazing views and scenery. The abundant fauna and flora gives San Angelo State Park a feeling of abundant life both on land and in the water. Whether it is bird watching, wildlife watching or simply relaxing soaking up the views and weather San Angelo State Park has it all. A wonderful destination for your next picnic with family and friends. Enjoy the spacious and private picnic spots that are equipped with amenities like picnic tables, grills and access to clean water.