Sangchris Lake State Park
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Located in between Chicago and St. Louis, Sangchris Lake State Park is an enchanting natural landscape offering a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle. The over 2,000-acre Sangchris lake calls fishers and boaters from all over the Mid-West and beyond. Hunters flock to the uplands of the park for a chance to claim a prize of small game. Hikers and horseback riders can embark on over 20 miles of scenic trails.

With so many activities available, there's something for every RVer to enjoy at Sangchris Lake State Park. For those looking to learn new skills during their RV adventure, there are options for that as well. Novice archers can hone their skills at the public archery range. If you're into dog training, this state park provides a large dog training area for you to use seasonally. Want to try your luck at treasure hunting? Just bring your metal detector, and you're free to explore. No matter what brings you to Illinois in your camper or trailer, Sangchris Lake State Park is an excellent place to relax on the lake shore or enjoy a serene picnic.

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Lake Sangchris State Park is located on a minutes’ drive from Springfield, Illinois’s state capital. The park is less than 20 miles away on the southeastern side of Springfield. The primary route to the park is mostly open during the snowy season, but exercise caution while driving in winter.

The park roads are excellent for driving with wide, nicely paved roads. You will easily drive your RV, motorhome, or trailer through the park roads. There are no driving restrictions, so you can freely drive your rig on the park roads.

Parking problems are almost non-existent thanks to the availability of three parking areas throughout the park. Campers also have the luxury to park in their designated campsites. Parking areas are located near the entrance and the group campsite, near the Maple Flats, and by the visitor’s center.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Sangchris Lake State Park

Campsites in Sangchris Lake State Park

Reservations camping

Deer Run Campground

Larger of the two campgrounds, Deer Run Campground is located on the northern end of Lake Sangchris and features 80 campsites with electric hookups, 40 primitive campsites, five campsites for tent-only camping, and five class equestrian campsites. A dump station is available in the campground. While there is no shower facility located at the campground, you can access one by walking or driving to the Hickory Point Campground on the eastern side of the lake. The campground closes down from mid-January to the end of March. During the camping season, reservations are available. You can bring your pets in the campground, but make sure they are on a leash at all times.

Hickory Point Campground

Hickory Point is located on the eastern side of Lake Sangchris near the boat dock and contains 55 sites with electric hookups and 10 primitive sites. Two reservable cabins are also available within the campground. The sites are pet-friendly. Amenities like restrooms with flush toilets, a shower facility, and playground are provided. Water access, including the showers, close down from November to March.

Seasonal activities in Sangchris Lake State Park



Bring your RV to Lake Sangchris State Park to take away as much fishing pleasure as you want. The park is bustling with opportunities for angling enthusiasts in the form of colorful, diverse species and massive fishing tournaments which are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Lake Sangchris, is brimming with species like bluegill, largemouth bass, catfish, bullhead, and carp. Boat access is offered at the east and west shores of the lake, as well as at Strawkus Point Launch.

Horseback Riding

A few equestrian trails offer unlimited refreshment and pleasure to horseback riders at Lake Sangchris State Park. Roughly 20 miles of hiking trails are open to equestrians. The pathways are impressive in natural beauty characterized by wildflowers and songbirds that enhance the overall riding experience manifold. If you own a horse, bringing it in your trailer is a must as the park also offers a few equestrian sites to accommodate RVers camping with horses.


Boating at Lake Sangchris State Park will become one of your fondest holiday memories that you will recollect time and again. The lake is gorgeous, and the background vistas will render you speechless. You are allowed to bring your boats, kayaks, canoes, and rowboats to the lake – it is the perfect excuse to pack your boats in the trailer. The East Ramp, West Ramp, and Strawkus Ramp provide access to the lake.


Hunting and Dog Training

You will want to bring your hunting gear in your campervan while visiting Lake Sangchris State Park. The park is home to game like squirrels, dove, deer, and waterfowl. Hunters are only allowed to indulge in their favorite activity during established hunting seasons. Hunting and trapping seasons are set up during the winter and fall. The park’s Maple Flats area contains a dog training area which you can access during the off-season after seeking permission with the authorities. You will also find an archery range for public use at Maple Flats.


Lake Sangchris State Park becomes a winter wonderland with excellent opportunities for snowmobiling whenever the weather turns frosty. There are miles long trails that offer this most delightful winter pleasure for as long as the weather permits. You can also enjoy one of this most popular winter activity here – all you need to do is pack your snowmobile inside your trailer or motorhome and getaway to Lake Sangchris State Park to relish the delights of snowmobile riding.


The natural features of Lake Sangchris State Park and its panoramic views are sufficient to keep the campers amused during their stay at the park. Campers bringing their RVs to the park treat themselves with refreshing views of the lake and its sandy shorelines. The forested regions of the park encompass a welcoming variety of colored trees, bright flowers, and sweet songbirds. Drive your rig through different portions of the park and enjoy a delightful array of beautiful vistas. To catch a glimpse of the park’s native birds, don’t forget to pack your binoculars.