Satchmo Summerfest

Ready for one of the best jazz festivals in Louisiana? Hop in your RV and set off for New Orleans for the annual Satchmo Summerfest this August.

Event information

The jazz lovers in your traveling party may be chomping at the bit for an RV adventure this summer. If it’s not the thought of summer travels that have you dusting off your motorhome, then it will surely be the Satchmo Summerfest at the New Orleans Jazz Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Satchmo Summerfest, also known as Satchmofest, is a music festival with a heavy emphasis on jazz and paying tribute to jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong. The general date of the festival, around the first Sunday in August, aligns with Louis’ birthday.

Everything to do with jazz is celebrated at the annual event, which has been gracing the City of New Orleans for several years. Visitors can enjoy multiple stages with everything from traditional jazz to contemporary, band, up-and-coming, and a children’s stage, too.

But it’s not just the beautiful jazz music that entices hundreds of visitors to the festival annually. It’s also the venue. The Satchmo Summerfest is held at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, the decommissioned New Orleans Mint, which now serves as a branch of the Louisiana State Museum. While jazz fills your ears, you can be navigating the museum to learn more about past jazz musicians.

Summer is calling, and an RV road trip to Louisiana could be in order. Now’s the time to find somewhere to stay with an RV and start preparing your best jazz soundtrack for the journey.


Many music festivals require attendees to book their tickets online. The Satchmo Summerfest operates a little differently. Daily admission pricing for the New Orleans Jazz Museum applies, so jazz fans might expect to pay as little as $6 each for admission into the museum and festival. Travelers who are feeling a little generous may like to pay more, for all proceeds go to festival musicians.

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Taking a road trip to Louisiana is about more than arriving at the destination. It’s also about exploring, admiring the sights, taking the scenic route, and making sure the journey is as exciting as the jazz festival itself. With the help of a travel aid like Louisiana 511, any savvy traveler can find themselves on an exciting adventure as they navigate the many bridges, interstates, and highways to get to New Orleans.

Admire the many historical parks and preserves, the abundance of wildlife management areas, and take in the sights of the lakes, like Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne, that border New Orleans.

By the time travelers arrive at 400 Esplanade Avenue by the Mississippi River, they will be eager to experience more of what the southeastern City of New Orleans has to offer.

Parking areas

While parking spaces are not available at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Satchmo Summerfest officials make sure that all attendants are well catered for in the area. The French Market District retail parking lot is available for festival-goers to park in, with access from St. Peter Street.

Travelers with Airstreams and similarly oversized motorhomes may see the value in parking their rig at an RV campground nearby, and arranging public transportation to get to Satchmo Summerfest.

Public Transportation

A wide variety of transit services are in operation for New Orleans visitors looking to navigate the Satchmo Summerfest, and the wider city, with ease. The keen cyclist can enjoy pay-as-you-go bikes for hire to navigate the city streets, or otherwise taxi services, rideshare, buses, and streetcars. Check a public transportation schedule before attending the festival to ensure pick-up and drop-off times are convenient.

Where to stay


Onsite camping at the New Orleans Jazz Museum would be a convenient option for many travelers to the city, but space restrictions see that possibility ruled out. However, finding a New Orleans RV campground within the city limits is not as hard as a visitor might think. Start looking for RV campgrounds near New Orleans Jazz Museum before an RV road trip to Louisiana to be as well-prepared as possible.


In as little as seven miles, travelers can park at an RV park near the New Orleans Jazz Museum, ready for a relaxing night’s stay. Look for places like French Quarter RV Resort or Three Oaks & A Pine RV Park in August as well as most other months of the year.

Travel a little further out, and visitors can treat themselves to luxury accommodation and service hookups at New Orleans KOA Holiday within 14 miles of Satchmo Summerfest.

For those who don’t mind new experiences, like primitive RV camping, Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area within 30 miles, and Bogue Chitto National Wildlife within 50 miles, both deliver on that experience.

Getting around

Satchmo Summerfest spans the block of Decatur Street, Esplanade Avenue, and Barracks Street. Everything a festival-goer needs to remain comfortable is within a short walking distance, including two shade tents and a misting tent. Given the conservative size of the venue, there may be no need for personal modes of transportation, like scooters and skateboards.

What to pack


Hot, humid, and rainy conditions await those who visit the Satchmo Summerfest in August. August tends to be the peak of the warmer weather, which means a summer wardrobe with light, breezy layers is essential for comfort. Choose light colors and pair them with breathable footwear and a sunhat while in New Orleans.


Camping and cooking equipment are must-have essentials for anyone taking an RV road trip to Louisiana. However, upon arriving at Satchmo Summerfest, jazz fans won’t need to bring all that much in with them. Coolers, ice chests, glass bottles, and outside food and beverages are not allowed. Bring a mobile phone, which can be charged at the onsite charging station if needed, cash and payment cards, and money for entry.

Health & Safety

One of the most significant health and safety concerns in New Orleans during summer is the intense heat. Fortunately, Satchmo Summerfest officials do their best to make sure jazz lovers are as comfortable as possible. Alongside providing access to the New Orleans Jazz Museum for relief from the elements, there are also shade tents on site and a misting tent to cool down.

Travelers can take extra care on their adventures around New Orleans and surrounding locations like Baton Rouge and Lafayette, by traveling with sun safety supplies, toiletries, first aid and medical equipment, and plenty of water. Anyone venturing into the great outdoors, such as fishing at Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, may like to take bug spray as a precaution.

Where to eat


Camping prep before setting off to Louisiana can make mealtimes a breeze, but there’s nothing quite like an authentic New Orleans cooking experience. Stock up on local produce at the nearest grocery store within a mile’s drive and make use of onboard RV appliances for convenience. Some of the best places for RV camping in New Orleans also offer communal kitchens, but restrictions may apply for the use of grills, fire pits, and campfires over summer.


Any Satchmo Summerfest visitor who’s also a foodie may be impressed by what New Orleans has to offer. New Orleans is famous for its cuisine, especially as it often combines Creole, Cajun, Chinese, African, French, Italian, and American, into one eclectic menu that’s uniquely New Orleans.

Get your fill of beignets fried dough, Gulf oysters, jambalaya, gumbo, and one of Louis Armstrong’s favorites, red beans and rice. No matter where you travel in New Orleans, your taste buds will be dancing the jig.


Festival attendants won’t need to travel all too far to enjoy some of the area’s most exquisite cuisine. Instead of going to local vendors, let them come to you! A range of dining establishment owners will be on site to ensure that no one goes hungry.

From ice cream and burgers to meat pies and tacos, there’s something for everyone. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages will also be for sale, along with merchandise for visitors to remember their festival experience. Some vendors may accept credit cards and debit cards, but not all. Therefore, it pays to withdraw cash before attending.



For security and safety reasons, officials at the Satchmo Summerfest don’t allow visitors to bring weapons. All bags will be checked at the gate, and visitors may approach security officials at any time if they require assistance. The New Orleans Police Department is within two miles, past Louis Armstrong Park, for anyone that needs outside help.


Hot, humid conditions often await those who descend upon New Orleans for the Satchmo Summerfest in August. While rain sometimes accompanies the heat, it’s worth checking a weather station before collecting an RV rental in Louisiana to know what to expect on your travels. Travelers should also be aware of New Orleans’ hurricane risk due to its low elevation and proximity to water from the north, east, and south.


Jazz fans need to take care of themselves while exploring New Orleans in summer. Remain hydrated, retreat to the shade of the shelter and misting tents, and seek help at the first-aid area by the ticketing entrance when necessary. In an emergency, don’t hesitate to dial 911. The closest medical center to the New Orleans Jazz Museum is within a three-mile drive.