Attention craft beer lovers: SAVOR of Washington DC is held for one day only, so hop aboard your RV and camp nearby this craft beer show.

Event information

If it has been a while since you treated yourself to a trip away in your motorhome, then why not use the changing of the seasons as the prime excuse? The SAVOR American Craft Beer & Food Experience for one night only in May is a not-to-be-missed event on the craft beer lover’s calendar.

Held at the National Building Museum at 401 F St NW, Washington DC, it’s a prestigious event that starts in the early evening and runs until late. Those who attend can experience some of the best craft beers from dozens of breweries, as well as beautiful food pairings to make it a night to remember.

Learn what it takes to craft the perfect beer, what food to pair beer with, and who has the best beer around. You can also get the opportunity to meet some of the faces behind well-known craft beer brands.

SAVOR is what will surely bring you to Washington DC for one night, but there are plenty of other reasons to stay on a little longer. You can visit the White House, National Gallery of Art, and even the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

History-loving travelers will find plenty of things to do within walking distance of SAVOR if you arrive a little early. Wander down to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial or the Darlington Memorial Fountain. If you need a break from the concrete jungle, then there is always walking or birdwatching at United States Botanic Garden to give you that greenery fix.

Come for the craft beer, but stay for the adventure. Your campervan trip through Washington DC is sure to be an exciting and memorable experience.


If you’re on the fence about whether you want to attend SAVOR, then you’ll need to decide fast. Tickets for this event sell out quickly, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can buy general admission and VIP experience tickets online, and there is a lot packed into each ticket.

You receive craft beer, non-alcoholic beverages, a commemorative tasting glass, and beer, and much, much more. Those who purchase VIP packages online can also enjoy early entry, VIP tables, and many other perks.

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Washington, DC is on the east coast of the United States, bordered by Maryland to the northwest, north, and east, and Virginia to the south and west. It’s a densely populated area and busy community, which means that those behind the wheels of their RV must take extreme care when navigating the roads into the district's center.

I-495 encircles DC on the outskirts and may either connect with your route our cross it as you approach. You can be aware of any expected congestion by tuning into a traffic app such as Waze. Traveling to DC in an RV may mean that you park or camp on the edges and utilize public transportation within the district.

Parking areas

What you may quickly discover on your journey to Washington DC, and hopefully beforehand, is that it’s not the most user-friendly place to park. Parking near the National Building Museum is not likely in an RV or another vehicle.

If you are not making use of the exceptional public transport system, then consider arranging to park your RV at Union Station, which is under one mile from the SAVOR venue. Your motorhome must be under 13 feet, and there is usually a sizeable daily cost. There are covered parking buildings in the district for a fee, but few that cater to RV-goers.

Public Transportation

The beauty of Washington DC is that the public transport system is advanced, and there are plenty of options. What they lack in parking, they well and truly make up for in trains, buses, taxis, and private ride service providers. There are train stops within a short walking distance of the SAVOR venue, as well as regular bus routes. Make sure you preorganize your transportation or familiarize yourself with the train schedule and layout to ensure you’re at SAVOR in a timely fashion.

Where to stay


SAVOR is a one-night-only event, which means most people won’t require somewhere to stay with an RV at the National Building Museum itself. However, once you have finished exploring what the rest of Washington DC has to offer, you can wander to the outskirts, or across the Potomac River, to enjoy some of the best campgrounds within a reasonable driving distance of the heart of Washington DC.


Expand your sights to 45 minutes or within two hours of the SAVOR event site, and you are sure to find an eclectic mix of resorts, parks, and primitive camping opportunities to satisfy your requirements, especially along the Potomac River. Remember that these will likely show with a Maryland or Virginia address but still rest near the border of Washington DC.

Some local accommodation providers offer sewer hookups, water, and electricity, but others require you to be self-contained. Make sure you book weeks or months in advance of SAVOR to avoid missing out on your first choice. Remember, SAVOR runs until late at night, which means the closer you are to the event site, the sooner you can be back at your RV sleeping.

Getting around

SAVOR is held in the National Building Museum over two levels. It’s a wide, open venue you can navigate on foot, and also has a few different craft beer and food stalls on the second floor as well. There are plenty of places in this venue to rest your weary feet, and signage is plentiful to ensure you don’t get lost.

You can leave your skateboards, scooters, and other wheeled transportation back in your RV for enjoyment later, but these may also be fun and helpful if you plan to enjoy the National Mall area and nearby sites.

What to pack


Spring weather in Washington, DC, is usually mild to warm, and you will want to pack a variety of clothing options to suit your activities. SAVOR is a nighttime event, which means that long sleeves and coats may be necessary to ensure your comfort. Don’t forget comfortable attire and footwear for sightseeing during the day.


The SAVOR American Craft Beer & Food Experience is an evening event that runs for several hours. Aside from credit or debit cards and cash, you won’t need to bring much with you for this event. In the past, there has been an ATM across the road from the venue, but much of the food and beverages within the event are included as part of your ticket price. Bring a small bag to carry your commemorative glass, but consider traveling light for convenience.

Health & Safety

As SAVOR is an event that sells and supplies alcohol, it’s important that you have plenty to eat and remember to drink responsibly. For your RV adventure that follows, it wouldn’t hurt to pack a few supplies in storage compartments, such as a first aid kit, any prescriptions you might require, and drinking water.

Where to eat


Cooking rules will vary from one establishment to the next on the outskirts of Washington DC. While this milder time of year means there could be more opportunities for fire pits and charcoal grills, it always pays to ask before you light. If in doubt, use your onboard kitchen appliances. Be prepared to dry camp even if you think you won't need to in advance.

If you haven’t yet completed your grocery shopping for your stay in the area, then consider doing this before SAVOR kicks off. There are plenty of grocery stores in Washington, DC, but these may close before the craft beer and food experience ends for the evening.


Even within a short walking distance of the National Building Museum, there are plenty of dining establishments to satisfy those hunger pangs. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the abundance of bakeries and cafes in the general vicinity, while those with a more substantial appetite can chow down on Italian, Japanese, and other ethnic cuisines. Make sure you leave plenty of appetite for the delicious food and craft beer at SAVOR.


Dozens of vendors line the walls of the National Building Museum in Washington DC on the two levels. You can enjoy food samples, such as oysters and canapés, as well as a myriad of locally produced craft beer to quench your thirst. There will also be opportunities to purchase bottles of beer to take home.



There will be a security presence at SAVOR to make sure everyone who attends this event is having a great time safely. These security officers will be located around the event’s entry point to check tickets and IDs. They are also the people to approach if you have any questions or concerns. If you have any other security concerns, the Metropolitan Police Department is within a 0.2-mile radius and walking distance of the SAVOR venue.


Daytime temperatures in Washington DC in May sit around an average of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. While the days are warm and comfortable, the nighttime temperatures are a little milder at an average of 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring doesn’t typically bring adverse weather conditions, but it’s worth tuning into a weather app to know what to expect on your RV travels in Washington DC and surrounding areas.


If you find yourself in a spot of medical trouble while in Washington DC, and the severity is far beyond what your RV first aid kit can handle, then a trip to the hospital could be in order. There is a medical facility within 1.5 miles of the National Building Museum, and a pharmacy within 0.3 miles for supplies. In an emergency, dial 9-11.