Savoy Mountain State Forest
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Located in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts, Savoy Mountain State Forest is a secluded natural getaway for RV campers. There are over 10,000 acres of woodlands for you to explore, ranging from dense sugar maple, beech, and yellow birch forests to old country land. With over 50 miles of well marked trails, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover. Many of the trails are also open to mountain biking, as well as cross-country skiing during the winter. With dozens of bird species, including a wide variety of raptors, the forest is a popular birdwatching area.

You’ll also find plenty to do on the water. There are a number of ponds and creeks in the area that give anglers opportunities to catch panfish, pumpkinseed, and brown bullhead. The green forests provide a shaded shoreline that also makes for relaxing canoeing and kayaking from spring through fall. There is also a swim beach at both South Pond and North Pond, giving you plenty of space to relax and enjoy hot summer days. The small RV campground located within the forest is situated right on two ponds, giving you easy access to swimming, boating, and fishing directly from your campervan.

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Located in western Massachusetts, Savoy Mountain State Forest is a secluded RV camping retreat. Although you should be able to access the campground without any issues, large rigs should drive with caution through the park, as there are some tight turns.

If you are coming from Boston, take MA-2 west out of the city and you’ll get to the park in around two and a half hours. From Providence, take I-90 west to reach the park in two and a half hours. If you are driving from New York, take Taconic State Parkway north and you will arrive in three and a half hours.

The forest is located just off MA-116. The main campground can be reached easily by most RVs, although you should take caution while driving on Bannis Road if you have a large rig, as there are some tight corners. The roads in the park often have ice in the winter, so be prepared if you visit during the colder months of the year.


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Campgrounds and parking in Savoy Mountain State Forest

Campsites in Savoy Mountain State Forest

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Savoy Mountain State Forest Campground

The campground found within the park is fairly small, with only six designated RV sites. None of the sites have hookups of any kind, but they do have picnic tables and fire pits, as well as a food storage lockers. Modern restrooms with showers and flush toilets are located throughout the campground, but may be closed during the winter.

The campground is located right on the shores of South Pond, giving you quick access to the swimming beach. The North Pond hiking loop is just outside the campground, and you’ll also be within walking distance of Busby Trail, the park’s most popular hike. There is also a ranger station located on the edge of the campground.

All of the sites in the campground can be reserved online. There are only six sites for RVs, so you should try to book as early as possible, as they fill up quickly during peak season.

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Savoy Mountain State Forest has over 50 miles of hiking trails that take you through the 10,000 acres of woodland packed with sugar maple, yellow birch, and beech trees. There are seven hill summits found throughout the forest, as well as two waterfalls.

The Busby Trail takes you up to Spring Hill, winding along old farm roads and shaded forest. The first part of the hike is relaxed, but it becomes more difficult as you get to the base of the hill. At the top of Spring Hill you’ll have a panoramic view of the whole forest.

Mountain Biking

Many of the trails in the forest are open for mountain biking, with a range of terrain types depending on your experience level. There are seven hill summits in the park, including Spring Hill, which features a 600 foot elevation change. You can also bike past the Tannery Falls, one of the two waterfalls found in the forest.

Not all of the park’s trails are open to biking, so check with the park office before you start your ride. There are no equipment rentals, so make sure you bring everything you need along with your camper or trailer.

Swimming and Boating

There are a number of ponds and creeks located throughout Savoy Mountain State Forest, giving you plenty of opportunities for swimming and boating. There are two swimming areas located near the park’s campground. The South Pond swimming area has a sand beach, and is reserved for use by RV campers. You can also use the North Pond beach, which is open to the public.



Large portions of the forest are open to hunting. You’ll be able to hunt game such as deer, squirrel, rabbit, and coyote. With over 10,000 acres of woodland with varied terrain, you’ll have a mix of different sightlines as well as plenty of cover.

There are restricted areas where hunting is not allowed, and you must also stay away from the hiking trails. Ask the park office for a current map that shows areas where hunting is allowed. Massachusetts hunting laws are strict, with regulations that vary widely by species and season.


With thousands of acres of hardwood forest, the park is an excellent destination for RV campers interested in birdwatching. You’ll find dozens of bird species visiting the park throughout the year. Hike up to the top of Spruce Hill for some of the best birdwatching spots in the park. You’ll be able to see hawks and other types of raptors as they hunt during their migration south in the fall.

Massachusetts has some of the best birdwatching societies in the country, many of which produce excellent field guides and bird checklists. You can also go to the park office to find more information on the birds found in the area.

Cross-Country Skiing

Wintertime visitors to the park can use the more than 50 miles of trails in the forest for cross-country skiing. There are many bird species that remain during the winter, as well as deer, beavers, coyotes, and black bears.

The park does not always groom the trails, so beginner level skiers should take caution, especially after heavy snow storms. There are no rentals within the park itself, although you can find sports stores nearby in Savoy that will rent ski equipment.