Scioto Trail State Park
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Scioto Trail State Park is an excellent place to visit for just the day or even to spend several days camping. The park itself is full of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast and those looking for a relaxing camping trip!

Within the park, you'll find two lakes; Lake Caldwell and Lake Stewart. Both of these lakes are the perfect size for small boats, paddle boards, and kayaks. You can even rent canoes and kayaks at the camping check-in station. In addition to boating, there is a swimming area just walking distance from the campground on Lake Caldwell.

Fishing is another excellent activity in the park. Just as the summer months are excellent for boat and bank fishing, you can also ice fish in the lake when temperature permits, making this an excellent destination for both summer and winter.

Scioto Trail State Park is home to over 200 acres of land, located within the 9,000-acre Scioto Trail State Forest. This forest is excellent for wildlife viewing, hiking, and just relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.

With beautiful mountain backdrops and lakeside camping, you won't regret your visit to Scioto Trail State Park.

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Scioto Trail State Park is located in Chillicothe, OH and is easily accessed via State Route 372. There are very few roads within the park, and they are all very easy to navigate with your RV. The roads within the park are paved, so you won't have to worry about dirt roads.

When heading to the park, the roads that get you there are very winding and curvy, so exercise caution, especially if you're in a large RV or you're towing a camper trailer.

Within the park, there is very little parking if you plan to visit for the day. While there are three parking lots located at several places around Lake Caldwell, they are moderately small, and it may be difficult to park your RV.

If you're camping, there is ample parking for your RV and one other vehicle at the campsite. All campsites are within walking distance of everything in the park. If you wish, take a mountain bike with you. This is an excellent way to both view the park and get to your next adventuring destination.


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Scioto Trail State Park

Scioto Trail State Park is an excellent place to park your RV and relax. There are many outdoor activities to do within the park, and all of them are within walking distance of the campground.

If you're camping in the summer, boating and swimming are the perfect way to cool down and enjoy your stay. Kayaks and canoes are available for rent at the campground check-in station.

Both the state park and the campground are open year-round, so if you plan to stay during the winter, don't fear. There's still lots to do in the winter months. Skiing, sledding, and ice fishing are just a few of the winter activities in the park.

Within the park there are 55 campsites that offer electric hookups. While there are no water or sewer hookups, there is potable water available in the park, as well as a dump station for your convenience. Note, there are restrooms in the park and at the campground, but there are no showers.

Located at the check-in station of the campground, there is a camp store that has some supplies if you need them. Souvenirs, camping supplies, kayak/canoe rentals, and firewood are just a few of the things that you'll find in the camp store.

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One unique feature of Scioto Trail State Park is that it has two lakes within the park. Both lakes are relatively small, but electric trolling motors are allowed. These lakes are the perfect size to enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing.

The limitations on boat motors allow the water to stay calm. Calm waters allow for great fishing and perfect concentration when enjoying your paddle board.

If you don't have your own, kayaks and canoes are available to rent in the park at the campground check-in station.


While boating and paddle boarding can be a blast, there's nothing better than cooling off from the hot summer sun like a swim in the lake.

Located just a few minutes walk from the campground, you'll find the swimming beach on Caldwell Lake. Note that there are no lifeguards and pets are not allowed on the beach, so the campground warns you to be safe and wear a life vest if you're a new swimmer.


Picnicking is a great activity for those of all ages. Whether you're taking your spouse out on a date or having a get-together with friends, Scioto Trail State Park is the perfect place.

At each campsite you'll find a picnic table and a fire ring, making picnics convenient for those who choose to camp in the park. If you're not camping, or have a large group, you can reserve one of the three picnic shelters in the park.



With over six miles of trails, hiking in Scioto Trail State Park is the hiker's dream. There are five trails in the park that range from .4 miles to two and a half miles. The friendship trail, which is .4 miles, is the best if you plan to take the whole family, as this is the easiest trail, even for kids!

If you're looking for something a little more challenging, try out the Church Hollow Trail! This trail is two miles one way and is considered difficult and should be left to the experienced hikers.

Sledding & Skiing

Wintertime in Ohio can be a bit cold, especially if you're from an area of warmer climate. These cold temperatures don't stop the adventure in Scioto Trail State Park.

While all depends on temperature, during the winter months, there are opportunities for both sledding and cross-country skiing. This type of skiing is great if you're a beginner, or simply want a relaxed day in the snow.

Fishing and Ice Fishing

No matter what time of the year, fishing on both Caldwell Lake and Stewart Lake is a blast. During the summer months, fishing from the bank or from a small boat is ideal.

If you plan to fish during the winter, this is an excellent state park for ice fishing. There are many species of panfish in the lakes, as well as channel catfish and largemouth bass.