Seattle Mariners RV Camping Guide

Heading to Seattle for an RV vacation? Take some time to go to a Mariners game at T-Mobile Park in the State of Washington. It’s fun, inexpensive, and the kids love it, too.

Event information

In the heart of Seattle, Washington, you can find a massive stadium with a retractable roof that seats almost 48,000 people. T-Mobile Park has been home to the Mariners since it opened in 1999, although it used to be Safeco Park. A relatively young team, which started in 1977 with a sold-out crowd, they’ve been playing to big crowds ever since. Their mascot, the Mariner Moose, has been dancing for the crowd since 1990, and the fans love him, both young and old. During a game, you can stop by the Moose Den in center field to get photos and say, “Hello.”

Speaking of the Mariner Moose, sign the kids up for the Mariners Kids Club with the Moose so they can get some free goodies like a backpack, whiffle ball, badge, and other free items. They can even get a Mariners hat and Mini Moose bobblehead. While you are there, take the kids to see the retired numbers above the Pen. Number 42-Jackie Robinson, number 24-Ken Griffey Junior, and number 11-Edgar Martinez. Teach the kiddos about baseball’s historic best while at Mariners Stadium.

One of the most popular things to do at T-Mobile Park is eating. That is because this park has such a great variety of food choices that your mouth will be watering before you even get there. From veggie burgers to fried chicken and hot dogs to pizza, you will find all kinds of delicious foods. Grab a frosty drink to wash it all down with and head for your seat so you can watch the first pitch.


When looking for a good deal on Seattle Mariners tickets, you can typically find general seating spots for under $20. It depends on what time of year you go, who the Mariners are playing against, where you sit, and what amenities you want. For example, Diamond Club seats right behind home plate have gone for $425 in past years while bleacher seats are usually about $15.

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Just off of WA-99 on First Avenue in Downtown Seattle, you can reach T-Mobile Park from I-5 or I-90 to the east and north, Spokane Street Viaduct to the south, and WA-99 to the west. Be ready for some incredible views as you cross the bridges in the area leading you to and from Seattle. If you are looking for something to do in King County before or after the game, try the Seattle Aquarium, which is just a mile to the north or the Gum Wall, which is 1.5 miles to the north. It is very much a wall covered with chewing gum.

Parking areas

Parking your rig near the park is going to take some planning because most of the parking lots have a height limit. The Mariners Garage has a height limit of seven feet, CenturyLink Event Center Garage has a limit of eight feet three inches, and Union Station Garage has a height limit of six feet six inches. There are several others around T-Mobile Park, and some do not have height limits, so you may be able to find a place to park in one of these. Tow vehicles and smaller campervans may be the way to go if you would like to park close to Mariners Stadium.

Public Transportation

King County Metro has quite a few buses that can get you to the game. Some that will get you within a few blocks, which is where the parking lots are. The Sounder trains will take you to King Street Station, which is just a short walk to the park. The Link Light Rail and Express Bus also go to T-Mobile Park on game days. If you are parking across the river, you can take the West Seattle Water Taxi, Bremerton Ferry, or the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

Where to stay


There is no camping allowed at T-Mobile Park during a Seattle Mariners game, or at any other time for that matter. In addition, you are not allowed to stay overnight at any of the parking lots affiliated with the park. But don’t worry, there are quite a few Seattle RV campgrounds nearby that can accommodate Class As, pop-ups, and Sprinters.


Within 30 miles of the park, you can find over a dozen campgrounds, including the Seattle / Tacoma KOA, which is 15 miles to the south and has over 100 sites for RVs up to 55 feet long. They offer utilities and other amenities like a pool, playground, store, and more.

If you like water sports as well as baseball, you are in luck because just a short 12 miles from T-Mobile Park you can find Saltwater State Park. This beach paradise in Des Moines has 35 campsites that can accommodate rigs up to 50 feet long, and they have showers and restrooms. For even more water fun, Dash Point State Park on the Puget Sound has 114 campsites that can fit RVs up to 40 feet long just over 27 miles away.

Getting around

The baseball park offers ADA assistance for those who need it in the form of escorts, elevators, and ADA accessible seating, restrooms, and concession stands. Although T-Mobile Park is huge, they do not offer any trolleys or golf carts to help you get around. However, they do have four escalators and two elevators for your convenience. The escalators are located near Sections 125 and 143, the Left Field Gate, and Home Plate Gate. Elevators can be found near Sections 105 and 191.

What to pack


The temperatures in this part of Washington do not get really hot as they do in some parts of the country in the summer. In fact, it generally stays in the 70s during the day, so you can plan on packing just about anything you like. The usual T-Mobile Park attire typically consists of Mariners jerseys or t-shirts and jeans or shorts. However, you may want to bring some warmer clothes like a hoodie or jacket for the campground because temps can drop into the lower 50s at night.


Similar to other events, Mariners games at T-Mobile Park prefer that you bring very little with you. The less you bring, the less you have to carry. If you have to bring stuff like a camera, water, phone, sunglasses, and other items, a small clear backpack is the best choice. They cannot be over 16 inches in length, and they will be searched at the gate. Mariner's greens and blues are also excellent additions to your day.

Health & Safety

Although it tends to be cloudy and sometimes rainy in this part of Washington, you still need sunblock or sunscreen with you. A Mariners hat is a good idea too because it can keep the sun off your face while showing your team pride. Pack water with you to stay hydrated, even if you plan to drink other beverages at the game. Bring insect repellent for the campsite, and even a first-aid kit would be handy, just in case.

Where to eat


While fans are not allowed to cook at T-Mobile Park before, during, or after the game, you can do some cooking back at your campsite. If you stay at a campground with utilities, you can cook indoors on your RV stove or freeze your meals ahead of time and reheat them in the microwave or on the fire. Otherwise, you can always use the campfire grill or bring a BBQ pit with you. It is always good to be prepared just in case something is not working so bring a camp stove as well to cover all your bases.


If you want to dine out while you are in town, Seattle, Washington has some fabulous fine dining establishments from steak houses to seafood and Cantonese to Chinese cuisine. You’ll also find several Italian eateries, two sushi bars, a Japanese restaurant, and quite a few pubs and cafés to choose from. If you would rather do fast food or you are in a hurry, there are several drive-through places where you can grab some grub on the go.


There is something for everyone at T-Mobile Park. Besides the usual popcorn, crackerjacks, and hotdogs, the park also offers unique items like KuKu Fries, which are French fries loaded with chili sauce, flying fish roe, and Togarashie Japanese seasonings. Of course, they also have kids’ meals and other treats for the kiddos, adult drinks like beer and wine, and even healthy food like meatless burgers and veggie dogs. If you want to grab a few souvenirs for the folks back home, visit the team store or one of the many kiosks in the park.



All guests coming into T-Mobile Park for a Mariners game will have to be screened by a metal detector. It’s best to get there early so you don’t miss the first pitch. You will also have to have any bags or other carry-in items searched before entry. To speed things up, be prepared before getting to the park, make sure you do not bring anything on the prohibited items list, and get there with plenty of time to grab some food and get to your seat before the game starts.


Everyone knows it rains quite often in Seattle. While this is true, the summer is the least time to expect these drizzlers. The majority of the rain and thunderstorms in this area of Washington occurs from October through March. And it does not get unreasonably hot either, with average highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Just to be on the safe side, always have some rain gear in the RV, and have a weather app on your phone to check the forecast daily.


If you are feeling ill or experience and injury, there are medical professionals at the first aid stations in Sections 329 and 128. The Seattle Fire Department provides medics on-site to help with minor medical issues, and they will transport you to the nearest medical center if necessary. There are over a dozen within two miles of the park. Of course, if you need emergency assistance, do not hesitate to call 911.