Seattle Seahawks Tailgating

Seattle may be known for its famous fish market and Space Needle, but it’s also home to the Seahawks, a Super Bowl-winning team. The Seahawks play at Century Link Field, otherwise known as “The Clink.”

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Seattle may be known for its famous fish market and Space Needle, but it’s also home to the Seahawks, a Super Bowl-winning team. The Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field, otherwise known as “The Clink.” Blitz and Boom keep fans entertained and in good blue and green spirit.

The stadium is also home to the Seattle Sounders, an MLS team. Join the 12s, the nickname for Seahawks fans, at CenturyLink Field, which holds 72,000 people. Fans in Seattle are passionate, and they’re proud of having the loudest stadium in the NFL. The stadium, built on a smaller piece of land than other stadiums, has fans closer to the field, and its semi-enclosed rooftop reflects the fans’ cheers back into the stadium.

By partnering with local restaurants, CenturyLink Field serves local favorites so that you can taste Seattle without having to leave the stadium. Tailgates are not allowed anywhere on stadium property, except at the North Parking Lot, but those parking spots are reserved for season ticket holders. But don’t worry, there are nearby private parking lots that do allow tailgating.

Once inside the stadium, there are plenty of events and things to do, which is great for the whole family. Seattle is a great city to visit and explore when you go to catch the Seahawks in action.


To watch the Seahawks from the best seats, buy your tickets early and find the perfect spot. Tickets can get steep as the season progresses, and they range from $120 to $500 for the more premier seats. Group tickets are available for large groups, and there are even field seats to see the action up-close.

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There are many roads leading to Seattle, but if you’re trying to reach the stadium, which is in the heart of the city, take I-5. Conditions in the winter can sometimes get tricky due to the snow and ice, so stay updated on the weather and drive safely. WSDOT is a great resource for checking local weather conditions in Washington State.

Parking areas

There is a 2,000-space parking garage at the stadium and another 8,000 parking spaces around the stadium, but they are for regular-sized vehicles only. Oversized vehicles and RVs are not allowed to park on stadium grounds, but there is a solution. Hawks Alley is a fan-run tailgating parking lot that is near to the stadium, and they welcome RVs.

Public Transportation

If you want to park elsewhere and take public transit to the stadium, you’re in luck. Seattle has a great public transit system complete with bus routes and a light rail. The rail stops near the stadium, which means you won’t have to worry about walking, parking, or driving. Plan your trip and find the most convenient route for you. Fans can also get to the stadium stress-free, try using a ride-sharing service.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, there is no camping or parking at the stadium. Seahawks fans can join together and park their RVs at several locations near Seattle.


Seattle / Tacoma KOA offers RVers a place to camp just under 20 miles from CenturyLink Field. Travelers may also find parks near the woods, which makes for a scenic stay, especially in the winter, when the snow makes everything look magical. Most of the RV parks offer hookups for electricity and water, and some have laundry rooms and other amenities.

Getting around

Since tailgating is only allowed at one particular lot, most of the events are inside the stadium. Walking is the best way to get around the stadium, but those with disabilities can take the elevators. Wheelchairs are also available to those who need them.

What to pack


It rains a lot in Seattle. The rainy season runs from November through May, but it can rain more than usual during the other months. To stay dry, consider bringing a raincoat, umbrella, and multiple pairs of warm socks because it does get cold in the winter. Warm clothing will keep the cold weather from ruining your vacation.


If you plan on bringing in more than your wallet and keys into the stadium, it’s a good idea to bring a clear bag to contain the items. Also, because it rains so much, it’s important that your phone has a waterproof or water-resistant case. For tailgating, pack a tent to keep your guests dry and warm.

Health & Safety

To stay upright in the rain, consider bringing some sturdy waterproof boots or a pair of slip-resistant shoes. Don’t forget to bring a first-aid kit in case there is a small emergency. Finally, inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s in good driving condition, especially for driving in the rain.

Where to eat


Tailgating is not the same without some grilling, so don’t forget to stock up on ingredients and supplies, whether for use at your campsite or elsewhere. There are several grocery stores within a few miles of the stadium if you need some last-minute items. For a more Seattle experience, cook up some seafood for your fellow tailgaters.


Seattle, like many major cities, is a foodie town, so visit any restaurant smells good as you pass each one. There are tons of seafood and Japanese restaurants in the Emerald City, and, at the Space Needle, you can dine on amazing food while witnessing the whole of Seattle. Whether it’s fish, shellfish, ramen, or pasta, Seattle has it all.


Although the City of Seattle does have great cuisine, you can try it all from within the stadium as well as across the community. Local favorites are served inside the stadium, which is a delicious and convenient way to explore what Seattle has to offer. To look the part of a 12 Fan loaded with Seahawks spirit, visit the pro shop and get yourself a jersey in that iconic Seahawks navy blue color.



The clear bag policy is now an NFL-wide rule, and CenturyLink Field is no different. Make sure you bring your belongings in a clear plastic backpack or food storage bag. Seahawks Stadium is unique because it does allow guests to bring in single servings of outside food, so long as it’s in a clear plastic bag. Drinks, however, are not allowed inside the stadium. Also, fans who violate any rules will be asked to leave and will have to complete a costly online course to come back another time.


Seattle can get cold due to its proximity to the ocean, but the main issue here is rain. It often rains in Seattle, and, although natives are used to it, you need to come prepared. If you’re not used to driving in the rain, drive slow and careful. When it’s not raining, Seattle is a beautiful, verdant city with a picturesque landscape.


CenturyLink Field is near several hospitals that are only a few miles if a medical emergency should happen to arise. For less serious injuries, there are first aid stations within the stadium.

Mothers who want to nurse their children in private can head to the Mother’s Room via one of the elevators. Another room called the Sensory Room is available for fans who need a break from the crowds.