Seattle to Anaheim Road Trip Guide


Besides the appeal of this city for life and vigor, Seattle has developed into a multidimensional place that combines rich cultures with human enterprise and wonderful history. The city, famous for its abundant green and natural terrains, does not sleep, perhaps due to the several coffee shops that line up its varying neighborhoods. Instead, it’s the perfect home for outdoor experiences, bustling with entertainment and arts.

There are several activities in Seattle for different people so that hardly any fun lover or outdoor enthusiast will run out of things to do here. The city is a hotspot for tourism with numerous attractions and landmarks that allow tourists to enjoy visiting.

Make your way out of the city in your RV or trailer on a road trip to Anaheim in California and connect with nature as you journey along. Enjoy the view of several different landscapes as well as the customs and heritage peculiar to the different cities that you will pass through too.

Anaheim is a great destination spot for tourists and there are plenty of things for everyone to do. The journey is not only about this destination though. It's also about the things you’ll do along the way and the memories that you'll create.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: all

Point of Interest

Universal Studios Hollywood

Even though the journey is coming to an end, the excitement is just beginning. Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world. This city is full of energy and excitement and you’ll definitely feel the vibe.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a world-class tourist attraction that sees hundreds of thousands of guests each year. The studio tour allows you to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes of several movies. The amusement park consists of several rides suitable for both old and young. Take a tour around the park and you just might sight some of your favorite characters. Shop in some of the most luxurious stores in the park or enjoy music from the live band at a state-of-the-art concert venue. However you choose to relax and have fun, this park has it waiting for you.

Stearns Wharf

California is full of amazing places and this wharf is another one. As the longest deep-water pier between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this attraction in Santa Barbara is definitely worth visiting while you make your way to Anaheim.

As you drive to this facility, you’ll get as close to the seaside as possible, and find several places to visit along the boardwalk. Check out the souvenir shops and you might as well find something to bring home too. The wharf also has several restaurants where you can get the best of a variety of seafood meals to eat. In addition, you can get fishing gear and try your luck at fishing.

At the waterside, you could take a boat ride and explore the high seas or just sit on the pier and enjoy the sunset. There is also a museum at the wharf where kids can learn about the animals that live in the sea. There's no doubt that a visit here will leave you impressed.

Yosemite National Park

It would be a total disaster for you to be in California and not check out the Yosemite National Park. The landscape in this park is truly wonderful. The park is best known for its waterfalls but that’s not all.

The park is lined with giant sequoia trees, wilderness areas, rivers and lots more, offering plenty of spots to explore and visit. Activities to enjoy here include backpacking and hiking; rock climbing; fishing; swimming; and boating. Tours and ranger programs are also offered to guests too. The scenery is picture-worthy so do not forget to take your camera.

Hoping to spend the night in the park? There are campground options available but you have to check through the park first to be sure accommodations are available as they fill up so fast. There are also campgrounds available a few miles from the park. Try the Rush Creek Campground or the White Wolf Campground.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

California is a place that everyone has heard of at least once and surely there’s reason for it. The Golden State does live up to its name and a visit down here, no matter how beautiful you have imagined it to be, will still leave you amazed and stunned.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is home to lots of attractions, ranging from a museum to a wildlife center to a botanical garden, as well as Sundial Bridge of California that spans the Sacramento River. It also has a store where you can shop the coolest souvenirs and a café where you can grab a bite. The museum features artifacts that give insights into the history of the city.

The Sundial Bridge is another monument on its own. Spanning the Sacramento River, the bridge is made of glass, suspended over the river and supported with a foundation of 1900 yards of concrete.

Rogue Family Fun Centre

This park strikes a balance between indoor and outdoor activities, creating the kind of dynamism that you can hardly get anywhere else. The park is comprised of several rides, an arcade, and a racing track and a golf course.

Birthday parties and family get-togethers can be organized here without a hitch. There are restaurants that serve food and snacks. This is definitely a fun place to spend time with the family.

After you’ve left the park, try visiting the farmers market and get some fresh pears, which Medford is popularly known for. Also try to check out the Dancin Vineyards where you can learn about wine production in the city, as well as harvest your own grapes in the season. From this point, California is just about three hours away.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Arts

This museum, situated in the University of Oregon, is certainly a place to be. Nothing tells the story of this city more explicitly than this place. From the people to the wildlife, as well as botanicals and geology, this museum features artifacts and exhibits that are displayed to depict the culture and history of the state. The museum also features antiques from other parts of the country as well as several countries of the world. There’s really a lot to see here that will prevent you from being bored or feeling left out.

After an amazing experience at the museum, if you’ve still got some time to kill and want to explore the city, try the Alton Baker Park just two miles from the museum where you can enjoy canoeing and kayaking, or just view the ducks swimming in the Duck Pond. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this place with several colorful trees and trails to hike. It also has a golf-course and a dog park.

Silver Falls State Park

A stop at one of the largest parks in Oregon is a must, even though its size is not all this park has to offer. The park consists of several waterfalls and water areas. Recreational activities abound and include, but are not limited to horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. The lawns can be used for picnics so that you and your family and/or friends can relax.

The park is pet-friendly, so feel free to come along with your play buddies. Only be sure to keep them on a leash. Children can play in the playground while dogs have their own off-leash play area. What could be better than going on a hike and enjoying the view of 10 different waterfalls here?

Should you intend to spend the night here, there’s a campground that has parking spots for RVs as large as 83 feet. Tent sites are also available if you’d prefer a more primitive environment.

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife sanctuary is located near the state line between Washington and Oregon, a few miles from Portland, and is most definitely the best place to start your trip. The wetlands of this forest house various species of wildlife and serve as a home to several kinds of birds including waterfowls and the Canadian Geese that you’ll get to see anytime of the year you visit.

The park creates an avenue for several recreational activities such as birdwatching, hunting, fishing, hiking, and auto touring. Be sure to bring your cameras and a pair of binoculars along, because they will definitely be handy.

If you stay here for more than a day, there’s enough room to park your RV and watch the sunset. Accommodations are available outside the facility where you can find accommodation in case you’re coming with a really big RV.


Anaheim is known as the home of Disneyland and other theme parks, but apart from that, its proximity to the water makes it a gateway to the beaches, which abound here in the city.

The city is also a great destination for food enthusiasts and you can get to eat meals prepared by world-class chefs. Sports is also a big deal in Anaheim, so if you’re a sports enthusiast or would just love to watch a game, then this is the city for you. Many other recreation opportunities abound here too, to satisfy all kinds of pursuits.

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