Sequoyah Bay State Park
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Sequoyah Bay State Park is a perfect getaway for those wishing to break free from their dull routines and feel closer to nature. Set out for a fantastic camping journey in your rig and head for the western shores of Fort Gibson Lake at Sequoyah Bay State Park. On your RV camping trip, you will even get a chance to explore Oklahoma’s history stretching years back to the 20th century. Gorgeous monumental structures bringing to light the history of Oklahoma can be found at different corners of the park. To extract more fascinating pieces from history, set out to hike the Spirit Trail and discover various historical facts.

Fort Gibson Lake is a popular year-round destination for thrilling aquatic activities. With three boat ramps at the park, it's easy to cruise out onto the water. If you're a landlubber, you can explore over 200 miles of shoreline whether you want to tan on the beach or splash in the water. The whole family can enjoy some time playing sports like baseball, volleyball, or basketball. You won't have a chance to get bored when you bring your campervan or trailer to Sequoyah Bay State Park.

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Sequoyah Bay State Park can be found in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. Frequent wind storms sweep across the area and may cause temporary road closures or warnings for speed limits. Otherwise, the park is easy to access via car or RV.

The park poses no restrictions for driving RVs on the roads. You can conveniently hit the park roads in your rig and access your favorite locations from the campgrounds to the lake. There is a parking lot at the main entrance. You may also park your camper outside the comfort stations and marina.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Sequoyah Bay State Park

Campsites in Sequoyah Bay State Park

Reservations camping

Attakullakulla Campground

24 electric campsites with water hookups comprise Attakullakulla Campground, which named after one of Cherokee’s most influential leaders. This campground is located at the northern end of the park, whic is perfect for those looking for privacy and a little quiet time. A playground, restrooms with showers, and the north picnic shelter can be found towards the north of the campground.

Payamataha Campground

There are 26 campsites with electric and water hookups in this campground. A comfort station and dump station are also nearby. The Payamataha Campground is located in the center of the park, which is not too far from the volleyball court or baseball field. Most campsites offer a bit of shade and privacy thanks to the surrounding towering forest.

Hulbutta Micco Campground

Hulbutta Micco Campground contains 11 campsites featuring water and electric hookups. This campground is perfect for athletic campers or families with children since basketball courts, volleyball, and baseball fields are nearby. A comfort station and picnic shelter are within a short walking distance. You will have to walk or drive to the nearby group camp area to access the dump station.

Pushmataha Campground

33 sites are available in the Pushmataha Campground, offering water and electric hookups. If you are a boater, fisher, or swimmer, this is the campround for you since it sites closest to the lake. If the kids want to let off some steam the basketball and volleyball courts are within walking distance. Restrooms are available. There is no dump station in the campground, but two are available for use near the entrance and another one near the group camp.

Seasonal activities in Sequoyah Bay State Park


Water Sports

Sequoyah Bay State Park is a perfect RV camping destination for those who are looking forward to some water adventures. Fort Gibson Lake is a haven for water sports like fishing, boating, and swimming. Three boat ramps allow access for boats into the lake. If you have planned to fish, get ready to catch large and smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, catfish, and many other game species at the lake. If you ever get in the mood for swimming, drive straight to the beach shelter and start splashing. Also, if you ever need any equipment, head straight to Cypress Cove Marina to lay your hands on various baits, boats, and other essentials.


Sequoyah Bay State Park is packed with biking thrills. Imagine riding your bike through locations so beautiful you will want to stop every now and then to take in the scenery. Biking is allowed on the nature trail as well as park roads. If you are eager to take in the biking pleasures, don’t forget to bring your bike to your next RV excursion at Sequoyah Bay State Park. Biking is all the more engaging during spring and autumn, when you get a chance to inhale the fragrance of fall foliage and spring blooms while racing your bike through the Nature Trail.


Picnic facilities are at their best at Sequoyah Bay State Park. 110 tables and four shelters with electricity and water make picnicking worthwhile at this 303-acre RV destination. Shelters are scattered at various locations at the park. If you are staying at Attakullakulla Campground, the North Shelter to is the right choice for your picnic party. The Beach Shelter will suit those best who are looking for picnicking adventures at the beach. The Main Shelter is also not too far from the beach.



Miles of trails provide campers the luxury of hiking wonderfully scenic terrains. All that trekking is made all the more adventurous with Oklahoma and Sequoyah Bay State Park’s signature wildlife and scenery on display. Various stunning plant species, astounding wildlife, captivating songbirds, and native vegetations capture hikers’ attention on the Nature Trail. You can never conclude your RV trip to Sequoyah Bay before trekking at least once. Hiking is one of the primary activities of the park beloved to those bringing their campers or trailers.


When you bring your trailer or motorhome to Sequoyah Bay State Park, don’t miss out on the chance to reconnect with your Oklahoman origin. Get scoops of insightful information on Oklahoma’s tribal history. Monuments lay on various corners of the park providing a wealth of insight into Oklahoma’s past. A park ranger may also provide you with more never-known-before tidbits of interesting information.

Playing Sports

There are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation at Sequoyah Bay State Park. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Sequoyah Bay while making the most out of the opportunities provided. From playgrounds for children featuring swings to special courts for basketball and volleyball, there is a lot to keep you running and jumping. A baseball field also awaits anxious players just near the Hulbutta Micco Campground.