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Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area


Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area is located 48 km southwest of Caroline. It is an austere park situated alongside Clearwater River.

The Seven Mile Recreation Area in Alberta does not have many recreational activities to offer. It does, however, provide a well-maintained campground amidst the beautiful landscape. Abundant wildlife and diverse flora and fauna make camping here very much worthwhile. The medium-sized campground is situated in the valley of Clearwater River and is especially convenient for hikers and horseback riders.

Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area offers campsites in a very natural setting and all are located within walking distance of all the facilities such as toilets, picnic tables, kitchen shelter, etc. Since camping is what brings vacationers from all parts of the country to this recreation area, and the campsites are fully equipped to provide the rawest camping experience in the wild. There are fire pits at every campsite for a little ‘around the fire’ fun.

This provincial park is one that allows the campers to have the entire campsite to themselves and have a place away from the crowded and more popular parks. Seclusion and remoteness at its finest. The only way to know more about this mysterious park is to visit it in person.

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Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area is located on Seven Mile Flats right alongside Clearwater River. The beautiful park dwells a few minutes north of Corkscrew Mountain. Reaching the park requires little navigation. You need to drive to Carolina, and then head 48 km southwest on Secondary Highway 734, to reach your destination. A picturesque drive to the campgrounds with wide roads and breathtaking scenery is what every outdoor enthusiast wants.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Seven Mile Provincial Recreational Area Campground

Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area has one campground with 36 campsites. All of these sites are unserviced and are assigned on a first come first served basis. None of the sites have electrical, water, or sewage hookup.

Every campsite, however, comes with a fire pit and a picnic table. Picnic shelters are also available at different points in the park for those wanting to enjoy a day out.

The campground has pit/vault toilets and people of all ages are allowed to stay at the campsites. Pets are also allowed on the campsite as long as they are leashed. It is urged that campers clean up their sites before leaving and also clean out the fire pits. The recycling and garbage need to go to off-site facilities as well. The campers would also need to bring their own firewood as it is not provided in the provincial park. OHV use is strictly prohibited.

There is no drinking water available and campers are advised to bring their own water for consumption, washing and cleaning. The water pump available at the campsite is only to be used for putting out a campfire.

Seasonal activities in Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area



The Clearwater County area, in general, is known for its elk population, so don’t be surprised if you come across a whole herd of them during a hiking excursion. Keep in mind that Alberta is home to diverse wildlife and unique ecosystems that give you the opportunity to catch sight of many different species. Small mammals are very common as well and range in size from pygmy shrew to beavers. Black bears and grizzly bears are also prevalent in the area and campers need to take all precautions during their trip.


Seven Mile Recreation Provincial Park is remote and secluded and one of the most favorite locations for birds to call home. Bald eagles frequent the area, especially near the water as they love to feed on fish. Golden Eagles also migrate to the area every year during the months of March/April and October. The great horned owl is the provincial bird of Alberta and claims the park as its home. You’re likely to catch sight of horned owls in any area with dense trees. Many waterfowl and migrating birds can also be spotted flying above the mountains, river valleys, and dense woods. Seven Miles Recreation Provincial Park is certainly an entertaining destination for birdwatching enthusiast.


The Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area might not offer much in terms of recreation, but it does make sure the vacationers have the most relaxing time during their stay. The park provides clean and well-maintained picnic tables and picnic shelters. There are also toilets nearby to make sure the picnicking experience at Seven Mile Recreation Area is comfortable. Most of the picnic area is surrounded by meadows and open grassy land so that families can enjoy their time by the river.


Horseback Riding

Seven Mile Provincial Recreation Area is an equestrian friendly park with an equestrian trail. The upper reaches of the lake is especially popular among vacationers as it provides a natural setting along the lake and allows them to look at magnificent views during their horseback ride. However, there are no equestrian facilities available at the park such as hitching rails or horse corrals. It is advised to bring your own gear and come prepared with everything you need to have a pleasant and enjoyable horse riding experience.


A little way from the campground is the magnificent Clearwater River–or part of it-where the campers can sit by the shoreline and try their luck at fishing. The lake is often stocked with trout, burbot, mountain whitefish, Northern Pike, and walleye. There are certain size restrictions and certain species restrictions as well. For instance, Bull Trouts are catch and release only. Make sure you read up on the specifics before tossing a line in.


There is a marked and well-maintained hiking trail at Seven Miles Provincial Recreation Area. The trail's starting point is near the campground, enticing campers to take on the challenge. The trail is moderate in its difficulty level and kids and older people can easily explore it and enjoy the surrounding view it offers. This trail provides a clear view of the river and takes the hikers deep into the wild, but also keeps them relatively close to the road.