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Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area


A small Alberta relaxation spot, surrounded by tall pine trees, lush grasslands and scenic views, with a convenient campground to boot, Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area is an ideal spot for a weekend camping trip.

Located in Alberta, Western Canada, the resort surrounds a stretch of the Smoky River. The Clearwater River runs near the campground and offers visitors swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities.

Visitors will enjoy fishing for bull tout, lake trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish. The warm river water also makes it perfect for early morning swimming and the shores offer brilliant birding opportunities. The region also has a wonderful collection of animal and plant life on display as well as a long list of recreational activities available to visitors.

The campground at Sheep Creek has six comfortable campsites ideal for short stays. Sites are RV and tent friendly and the quiet, scenic surroundings make Sheep Creek a must visit for you next RV trip to Alberta.

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Sheep Creek can be accessed by Road off Hwy 40, 8km north of Grande Cache and about 173km northwest of Hinton. Passes and permits are required to enter the park.

The campground is an easy drive from the gates as roads are smooth and vehicle friendly. Cars and pedestrians are required to keep strictly to roadways and maintain speed limits at all times.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Sheep Creek Campground

The campground at Sheep Creek is ideal for short stays like an overnight stop or weekend getaway. The ground has only six site available to both RV and tent campers. There is no electric or water hook ups for RVs although there are water pumps at the campground.

There is a bathhouse with pit toilets. Other amenities include picnic shelter and tables, firewood and a fire pit. The river runs by the campground and there are nearby trails as well for hikers. Sites are first come first served.

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Visitors to Sheep Creek have a lot of water sports to keep them active throughout the day and swimming is one of the most popular. The Smoky River runs by the campground allowing visitors to spend their day in the warm river water.

The clear river has a steady current but kids and amateur swimmers are advised to keep close to shore for safety. The tide can get higher toward dusk so visitors are to swim with caution as there are no lifeguards at the river.


The calm current on Smoky River makes the long boat ride downstream a very enjoyable one. There is a boat launch into the river near the campground with boating rentals also available at the resort.

Kayaking, jet skiing and motor boats are also allowed at the river. Kayaks are often used by anglers to head further down the river for better fishing opportunities.


Sheep Creek offers visitors a lot of wonderful front country hiking. There are marked hiking trails all over the resort with directions and sign posts in place to aid visitors .

The trail beside the river is perhaps the best trail at the park, offering visitors brilliant views of the river and some birding opportunities as well.



Smoky River is a popular destination for Albertan anglers. Over 100 fish species run through the river with a lot of sport fish also available to anglers. Cutthroat, whitefish, panfish and bull trout are some popular catches at the river.

Lake trout and sardines are also caught regularly by anglers. Licenses are required to fish at Smoky River so all visitors coming to the Park with plans to fish should ensure they have all necessary particulars.


Alberta is a mecca for bird lovers. There are several migration corridors in the region and visitors to sheep creek can see some magnificent bird species at the resort.

The ferruginous hawk is one of the most unique species at the resort. Mallard, grebes and teams are also common at Sheep Creek. Boaters at the river might spot some geese, swans and different duck species.

Nature Viewing

A quick hike or stroll around Sheep Creek or a boat ride down the river is the best way of experiencing the resort's natural beauty. Alberta has a unique plant and animal life and visitors have the chance to see its amazing ecosystem.

The Albertan Wild Yarrow, giant hyssop and blanket flower are all native Albertan plants that can be spotted by visitors. Small mammals like raccoons, badgers and hares can also be spotted by attentive visits as well as hundreds of other plant and wildlife species.

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