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Silver Lake Provincial Park


Silver Lake Provincial Park is a hidden gem located just a short drive from the town of Hope, British Columbia in the Fraser Valley. The Fraser Valley, known for its agriculture, farm-fresh food, wineries, and microbreweries, rests along some of the most scenic portions of the British Columbia wilderness. The Fraser Valley, with its rushing rivers and jagged mountain peaks, creates the ideal backdrop for campers and outdoor adventurists. RV campers who stay at Silver Lake Provincial Park have the best of two worlds: isolated nature and a town with plenty of amenities.

Campers staying at Silver Lake Provincial Park should be aware that staying in the Canadian wilderness means there is a possibility that bears and other wildlife might pass through your campground. It is essential to keep yourself and the bears safe by following simple regulations that allow humans to coexist with bears safely. Please store any wildlife attractants whenever they are not in use. Food, pet food, and food and pet-related items must be kept in a hard-sided vehicle, motorhome, or trailer, and all items that need disposing of should be taken to the park’s bear-resistant trash containers.

Silver Lake Provincial Park is the perfect location to stay for one day or one week. Don’t forget to bring your bug spray, camera, and your binoculars, because exploring the park on foot, and experiencing nature first-hand is an experience you won’t want to forget.

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Silver Lake Provincial Park is located 7.5 miles (12 km) south of the town of Hope and 97.5 miles (157 km) east from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This route passes through a mountainous region, so there may be steep inclines and curvy roads along your drive. When planning your route, determine which roads are best suited for RVs during the season you plan on traveling. Adverse weather may significantly impact travel.

If you come from the United States, the park is 79 miles (127 km) northeast of Bellingham, Washington and crosses international borders. Since you are passing international borders, be sure to bring your passport, and understand the rules of traveling internationally with pets if you are bringing your dog.

British Columbia’s provincial parks do not assess daily parking fees, but there may be fees for boat launches and other areas of interest within the park that are additional costs on top of the overnight camping fee. Guests arriving early or late to the park should be aware that the entrance gate is locked nightly from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. All of the park’s gates are closed during the off-season.


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Silver Lake Campground

The Silver Lake Campground is a primitive, pet-friendly campground that sits among trees and shrubbery. Campers interested in staying in this beautiful, underdeveloped park may reserve their spaces online. The park opens half of the campsites for reservations and reserves the other half of the sites for walk-in guests. Each campsite has a fire pit and a picnic table and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 32 feet in length. There are no electrical or sewer services, but the park has hand pumps for drinking water open during the peak season. For guests who want firewood, be sure to bring cash with you. The campground attendants periodically come through the campground with firewood, making it convenient for campers who love to have fires. The campground has pit toilets and trash and recycle bins available for registered campers.

Seasonal activities in Silver Lake Provincial Park



When the days get warmer, why not cool off by taking a swim in the chilly lake? Silver Lake isn’t known for swimming, but many people still like to take a dip now and then. The day use area is the best location for swimmers to enter the water. There isn’t a designated swimming area, and there are no lifeguards on duty, but experienced swimmers are permitted in the water. Swimmers should wear the appropriate footwear and be cautious of steep drop-offs.


Even though the name suggests otherwise, Silver Lake is not part of the Silver Lake Provincial Park boundaries. During the warmer season, anglers may have luck catching trout and other fish species. Regardless of the fish you catch, be aware that the lake is a catch and release fishing area, and anglers may only use a single barbless hook. If you have a boat, access the water from the park’s gravel boat launch and cruise to an isolated section of the lake. Before heading to the water, ensure you have the proper freshwater fishing license. Anglers may purchase permits in the town of Hope.


If you like to ride bikes, bring your road bike and plan to spend time exploring the beautiful terrain that runs throughout Silver Lake Provincial Park. Although there are not any designated cycling trails, road bikers commonly ride the same roads as the cars travel. Because you are riding on the road with cars, it is important to wear your helmet at all times. British Columbia requires that all cyclists, regardless of age, wear a helmet. If you are a mountain biker and you prefer more off-road paths, there are mountain bike trails near the town of Hope. Visit Hope for information on bike rentals as well as mountain bike and paved bike trails located close to town.


Day Use

If you want to escape into nature, no matter the time of year, Silver Lake Provincial Park permits guests year-round, even when the gates are locked for the season. During the open season, drive into the park and use the parking lot to park your car and spend time enjoying the picnic area or walking along the beach. Bring comfortable shoes with you because the beach is rocky. If you want to visit the park during the offseason, you may park outside of the gate and walk through to the day use area.


Exploring the places you visit by wandering around on foot is half of the fun of visiting a provincial park. Silver Lake Provincial Park, although it's rustic and backcountry, isn’t a park known for hiking. Campers may explore any area on foot as long as they prepare for time in the wilderness by wearing appropriate clothing and take the proper precautions to ensure safety on the hike. If you prefer a designated hiking trail, there is one short .6 mile (1 km) path that follows along the lake.


The Fraser Valley is quickly becoming an area known for its vineyards and wineries. The fertile soil makes the Fraser Valley the ideal location for growing grapes. If you want to try some of the area’s wine, there are numerous wineries to choose from, many within an hour’s drive of Silver Lake Provincial Park. Most of the wineries offer tastings and tours, so choosing just one winery might be a challenge! If you love wine, why not spend a few days visiting the vineyards nearby?