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Sinnemahoning State Park


Featuring beautiful deep valleys and home to the rarely seen elk and bald eagle, Sinnemahoning State Park is a perfect destination for RV travelers who love mountains. The park features 1,910 acres of beautiful scenery, outstanding wildlife habitat and is truly a gorgeous place to visit. The history of the park dates back to when Native Americans began living in the area around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. They came to be in the area by following the receding glaciers and found that the area had a great supply of fish, wildlife, berries and nuts. The Sinnemahoning area was left mostly unsettled and wild due to the natives suffering diseases and the ill effects of the American Revolutionary War until the late 19th century. During this time is when the logging boom took off and old growth rainforest was cut down and floated down Sinnemahoning Creek to various other rivers.

The first amenities in the park were built in 1955 when the 142-acre man made George B. Stevenson lake was constructed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as part of the flood control project on the West Branch Susquehanna River. The park officially opened in 1962 and in 2011 a visitor center and office opened that is known as the Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning. The building features interpretive exhibits and opportunities to view wildlife throughout various times of the year. Recreational actives are aplenty in Sinnemahoning State Park with recreational boating, fishing and ice fishing being popular on the lake. Visitors can also hiking, hunting and participate in winter recreation. Camping at Sinnemahoning State Park is available in one campground that has 35 sites available from the second weekend of April and closes in mid-December. Peak season at Sinnemahoning State Park runs from April until the end of October.

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Sinnemahoning State Park is located in both the Cameron and Potter counties in north central Pennsylvania. The park is located off PA 872 and is long and linear and it can be accessed from both the north and the south. The southern entrance of the park can be found seven miles north of the intersection of PA 120 and PA 872 (which is right outside of the village of Sinnemahoning) or 11 miles south of the town of Austin. The northern entrance of the park is near where the park office and Wildlife Center can be found. It is located around 12 miles north of the intersection of PA 120 and PA 872.

The park is not really close to any major cities and it is in quite a remote setting. If you are looking at getting supplies before you get to the park make sure to stock up in Austin if you are coming from the north or Emporium if you are coming from the east. During the winter time the area is prone to heavy snowfall. If you want to visit the park during this time make sure you call ahead to see if the park is still accessible before you begin your journey.


There is plenty of parking available at Sinnemahoning State Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options to get to Sinnemahoning State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Sinnemahoning State Park

Campsites in Sinnemahoning State Park

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Sinnemahoning State Park

The campground at Sinnemahoning State Park is very quaint. There are 30 RV friendly sites available that feature a combination of 30 amp and 50 amp sites. There are some sites available that are partially shaded and others that in the tall pines that offer complete shade. The roads in the park are a mixture between gravel, stone and asphalt and all of the sites are fairly level.

Amenities in the campground include showers, toilets, water collection point, playground and dump station. There is no cell or internet reception available at the park so be prepared to go off grid during your stay. Pets are allowed at some sites within the campground, so double check with the park office to make sure you stay at a site where your furry friend is allowed. Reservations are available 11 months in advance and the campground closes each year from the middle of December until the beginning of April.

Seasonal activities in Sinnemahoning State Park


Wildlife Center

The Sinnemahoning State Park has a fantastic wildlife centre that is a must visit during your stay at the park. The building was constructed in 2011 and is one of the most well regarded nature centers in north central Pennsylvania. The center has lots of great features, including interactive displays, an elevated platform for elk viewing, gift shop, penny press and various nature displays. The wildife center is open all year round but has shorter opening hours during the winter months.


If you love to try your luck at catching fish Sinnemahoning State Park will be a place you will really enjoy. George B. Stevenson Reservoir has some great fishing for coldwater and warmwater species during the summer months and ice fishing is also popular during the winter. There is an ADA accessible fishing pier located near the boat launch that makes fishing in the park accessible to all. Sinnemahoning Creek also provides some fantastic fly fishing opportunities and there are also many creeks that have native brook trout.


Want to get out on the water during your stay at Sinnemahoning State Park? The lake has boat access via a boat launch along with a mooring area. The mooring area at Sinnemahoning State Park has 40 mooring spaces near the boat launch area that are available to rent from April to October. Out of those 40 spaces, five courtesy spaces are held in reserve for overnight guests of the park. Only electric motors are allowed on the lake. If you want to launch a boat a mooring permit is required and it can be obtained at the Wildlife Center within the park.



During the established season, Sinnemahoning State Park has around 1,400 acres in the park that are available for you to hunt, trap and train dogs on. Some of the common species hunted in the park include deer, squirrel, bear, waterfowl, turkey and squirrel. The hunting of groundhogs is prohibited. If you want to go hunting in the park make sure you check in to the park office to see if there is any time specific information you need to know.


For those who love to hike there are two great trails for you to explore in Sinnemahoning State Park. In total there are five miles of trails, with the Red Spruce Trail being one mile long and the Lowlands Trail is four miles. The most popular out of the two trails is the Lowlands Trail. The trail was originally part of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad and passes through open fields, riparian zones, and jaw dropping towering forests. There is also an ADA accessible wildlife viewing platform that you can use to spot elk, deer
and songbirds.

Winter Recreation

Once the snow starts to fall at Sinnemahoning State Park there are multiple winter recreational activities that you can participate in. The lake becomes a great place for ice fishing and ice skating, but make sure to check the ice as it is not monitored. Snowmobiling is also popular and there are one and a half miles of joint-use road and around five miles of snowmobile specific trails. If you are a fan of cross country skiing once there is adequate snow cover you can ski in the open fields and park trails.