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Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park


Located on the scenic Humber River and known as the first Provincial Park in Newfoundland, Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park is an RV lovers paradise. The area in and around Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park was a very popular destination for the first inhabitants of Newfoundland and many Newfoundland residents visited the park area every year to fish for salmon at Big Falls. Back then traveling to the park was a three to four day journey from St. John's to the Humber and it involved driving over dirt roads, traveling by train, taking a ferry across the Exploits River, and hiking approximately to the Humber River. Luckily for modern day visitors to the park, it is a little easier to be able to experience what the park has to offer!

The park was officially opened in the 1960s but even before then, people camped in the section of the park which is now the playground. Modern day visitors to the park are attracted to the area due to the variety of natural features, including an assortment of evergreen trees, many different types of flowers and the great wildlife viewing opportunities. One of the most popular attractions at the park is the Atlantic Salmon population. People travel from all over to try their luck at catching these beautiful fish. Other popular activities in the park include hiking, picnicking, paddling and hiking.

There is one campground at Sir Richard Squires Memorial Park that has a total of 157 campsites plus an overflow area. Each campsite has a picnic table, fireplace, garbage can and space to park your RV. Peak season at Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park runs from May until October.

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RV Rentals in Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park



Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park is located in the north-eastern region of Newfoundland and is situated right off NL-422. The park has one entry and exit point that runs through the park. It is serviced by an unnamed road that is located directly off NL-422.

Due to the parks location on Newfoundland it is a little complicated to get to the park. The most common way is to either catch a car ferry from one of the port towns in Quebec or from Sydney in Nova Scotia and drive on one of the major highways on Newfoundland to reach the park. Since the park is located in the north-east area of Newfoundland there are a limited amount of services and amenities that are available. The closest towns to Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park include Deer Lake (around 23 miles or 38kms away), Hampden (around 28 miles or 40kms away) and Springdale (around 63 miles or 102kms). Corner Brook is the closest city to the park and is around 50 miles (80kms) to the south-west.

Accessing the park can be difficult as the road into the park from NL-422 is just a gravel road that is known for not always being kept in the best condition. Expect to encounter potholes on the drive and there may be other obstacles such as overhanging tree branches. If you are traveling to the park in the winter make sure you call ahead to the park to make sure that access is available.


There is plenty of parking available at Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park

Campsites in Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park

Alternate camping

Sir Richard Squires Campground

Sir Richard Squires Campground is the only campground available within the park and is a great spot for RV lovers looking to stay in the area. The campground is located right on the along the Humber River and it features three separate loops, two of which have the options of having river views. In total there are 157 campsites plus an overflow area for visitors to use if the campground is full.

All of the sites at Sir Richard Squires Campground are primitive and feature no hookups. Despite this there are some amenities at each individual site, including a picnic table, fire pit and garbage can. Other amenities in the park include pit toilets, water collection points, a wheelchair accessible comfort station that features flush toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. If you need to use a dump station there is also one available. Sir Richard Squires Campground is pet friendly but they must be leashed at all times.

Reservations for the campground are available online and we recommend you do so before arriving at the park so you are guaranteed to have a site upon arrival.

Seasonal activities in Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park


Salmon Watching

Along with trying to catch a salmon, the park also attracts visitors looking to see these majestic fish travel upstream. Big Falls is the place to be if you want to see the fish jumping up the small waterfalls and you will be able to get very close to them as there are many rocks that you can stand on that are close to the falls. If you want to see the salmon traveling up the river make sure that you visit the park during the months of May to September.


While there are limited boating opportunities within Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park boats are available for rent to those who hold a valid salmon fishing license. If you have a license you can rent a boat on a first come, first served basis. Experienced canoe and kayakers will also have some fun at the park thanks to the white water on the Humber River. Due to the fast rapids paddling isn't recommended for those who are beginners.


Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park has a fantastic day-use area that is a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic. Within the day-use area you will find some great amenities, including picnic tables, water collection points and an impressive playground. None of the tables at the day-use area are available for reservation so make sure that you arrive early if you have a large group so you can guarantee that you will have a table.



Fishing is one of the main attractions for visitors to Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park. Salmon is the main fish of choice for those looking to land the big one and Big Falls is known world-wide for its quality salmon angling. Along with salmon you can also fish for trout in the Humber River. If you are visiting from outside the province you must purchase permits if you want to go salmon angling. For other fishing rules regulations we recommend you contact the park staff.


Hiking lovers will be pleased to note that there are two short trails within Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park that will give you spectacular views of Big Falls. The Big Falls Trail is the most popular of the two which takes those on it down to the bottom of the falls. The other trail can be accessed from the left of the parking lot and will take you to a fantastic vantage point of both the Humber River and Big Falls.

Wildlife Viewing

No matter the season there will always be some great wildlife viewing opportunities for you to enjoy during your visit to Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park. The most commonly viewed wildlife is the salmon jumping through Big Falls but there are also many species of birds and mammals that call the park home. For more information on wildlife viewing we recommend calling the park office who will advise you on the best spots to be.