Six Flags Over Texas

Located in Arlington, Texas near Dallas, Six Flags Over Texas features a dizzying array of rides and is close to a number of great RV parks.

Event information

Have you ever wondered what the name “Six Flags” actually means? While the amusement park has locations across the country, its origin (and its name) are rooted in Texas. Six Flags Over Texas is the original Six Flags. In fact, its name is a reference to the six separate flags that have flown over Texas (United States, Confederate States, Mexico, Spain, France, and the Republic of Texas).

Located in Arlington, Texas near Dallas, Six Flags Over Texas is a must-visit attraction for both Lone Star residents and folks who wish they were from Texas. The legendary park features a dizzying array of rides spread across 212 acres.

From massive roller coasters (including a backward and forward thrill ride that careens up and down the track ending with a splash into water) to family-friendly rides, Looney Tunes characters, plus shopping and dining, Six Flags Over Texas is well worth the admission price. Leave your camper or RV in the onsite lot for the day and head into the park with your crew.

The year-round park also hosts events, including concerts and art celebrations, plus holiday festivities. RV travelers should plan on spending at least a day here when driving through the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, before experiencing other nearby Texas attractions like Lewisville Lake and the hip city of Austin.


Guests have quite a few ticket options for Six Flags Over Texas, including season passes, memberships, and single-day tickets. If you’re an RV camper who is just passing through, you’ll likely want the single-day option. These are cheapest if purchased online in advance and have often run $45 to $70. Expect to spend more if you buy them at the gate ($70 to $90). There are also group discount tickets if you’re visiting with 15 or more people.

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Six Flags Over Texas is about 18 miles from Dallas and about 16 miles from Fort Worth. The park is easy to get to from any Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex suburb, but expect traffic if visiting on the weekend. If traveling in an RV on the highway, expect lots of traffic and be prepared to cruise in the furthest right lane. Remain on the right side as you approach and enter through the entrance gates; await parking instructions specific to RVs on the other side.

Parking areas

Parking at Six Flags Over Texas is available for a separate fee. The daily parking rate is about $30 for a standard-sized vehicle. Smaller vehicles can upgrade to a spot that is closer to the entrance for an additional fee or buy a parking pass for the whole season.

If you are entering the park in your rig, stay to the right of the entrance lanes as you pass through the gated portion of the parking lot. Once you have reached the other side and stop to the side, an attendant will direct you and take your parking fee.

Public Transportation

Arlington, Texas has the dubious distinction of being one of the largest cities in the country without public transportation, so don’t look for a bus to get you to Six Flags if you’re camping in your RV in Arlington. Look for rideshare services, cabs, and your camper to get you where you need to go.

Where to stay


All of the thrill rides, characters, and delicious fried food may make you wish you could spend days at Six Flags Over Texas, but sadly there is no overnight RV camping. Travelers will find RV campgrounds in the immediate area and within an hour's drive in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth.


Texas is a popular state for RV campers, which is great news for those who want lots of options. Looking to stay close to Six Flags Over Texas? Opt for Dallas/Arlington KOA under 10 miles from the rides.

Campers can find RV parks throughout the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex, including both urban options and campgrounds in more natural settings such as Lewisville Lake at Hickory Creek Campground. Cedar Hill State Park near Joe Pool Lake is under 20 miles from the park.

Getting around

Six Flags Over Texas is a big park, so expect to spend a lot of time walking from ride to ride. Strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent. Contact the park for special accommodations, and be sure to consult the map of the grounds, so you know your way around the sights.

What to pack


Pack comfortable clothing for walking around outdoors for extended periods of time. Bring closed-toe shoes, a hat, plus layers for various types of weather. Shorts or long pants may be preferable depending on the time of year, and a rain jacket and a sweatshirt are always a good idea. If you plan on riding any water-based rides, you may wish to bring a change of clothing to the park, but keep in mind that some rides may be closed during colder months.


Pack your RV camping essentials including cookware, camp chairs, flashlights, and anything else you might need around the campsite. When you visit Six Flags Over Texas, you may want a small bag that you are able to secure (drawstring canvas bags are a safe bet), your wallet, cell phone, cash, and of course, your ticket to get into the park. Packing light is best, but lockers are available for a small fee if you need to bring in more than what is allowed on the rides.

Health & Safety

Pack sunscreen to bring to Six Flags Over Texas. Even if it’s not sunny, you’ll be exposed to UV rays while you wander around outside. You may also want to pack any first-aid items, including band-aids and aspirin, plus prescription medications. Keep these items in a ziplock bag when at the attractions to prevent them from getting wet.

Where to eat


Cooking options will vary based on where you camp, but many campgrounds in the area have been known to offer a grilling area or even on-site grills. Bring fuel if outdoor cooking is allowed, but plan to get firewood locally. You may also find campgrounds with community kitchens available for use. Large grocery stores are plentiful, but you may also luck into a farmers market near the park during some weekends of the year as well.


In Texas, it’s all about barbecue and Tex Mex. Save your appetite for big steaks, tacos smothered with queso, and a margarita. Fun fact: The frozen margarita machine was created in Dallas, so you may want to head to the Big D and treat yourself to a cocktail. From food trucks to fine dining, you’ll find it all in Arlington and the surrounding communities.


Expect casual concessions at Six Flags Over Texas, including pizza, ice cream burgers, and options from fast-food chain restaurants. Vendors offer everything from salads to funnel cakes, and while most options are casual, the prices can be steep. Vendors accept cash and credit or debit cards.



Expect a security screening along with security and police presence at Six Flags. Security staff will ensure that prohibited items, which include selfie sticks, outside food, and alcohol, are not allowed to enter. If you lose something or get lost, head to the guest relations area. Six Flags suggests the parents write their contact information on their children's wristbands.


Weather during the popular summer season at Six Flags Over Texas tends to be hot and humid. Expect temperatures in the 80s during the day, with late afternoons spiking into the 90s. In the winter, temperatures fall into the 50s and 60s. For your safety, the park may close rides if it rains, snows, or thunders. There are no refunds due to weather.


There are basic medical services available at Six Flags Over Texas. If you have a medical emergency, flag down the nearest employee for help. There are several hospitals in the vicinity, plus pharmacies. The closest hospital is about 10 miles from the park, but it may take over a half-hour to reach in Dallas Fort Worth traffic in a personal vehicle.