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Nearly completely surrounded by Elk State Forest, the 386-acre Sizerville State Park offers peace and solitude all year round for RV travelers. Sizerville State Park is named after the ghost town of Sizerville, which is located close to the park. This town was named after the Sizer family, who were early settlers of the region. The town was gradually abandoned with the end of the logging boom of the late 19th century. Sizerville State Park was first opened in 1924 and the first facilities in the park were opened in 1927. During the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps helped reforest the lands surrounding Sizerville State Park and they planted thousands of acres of white pine and hemlock trees. In present day these trees are now large and make up most of the forested acres of Sizerville State Park.

Sizerville has many recreational and natural opportunities for RV lovers and the park also doubles as being a good base for exploring nearby public lands. Some of the most popular recreational activities include swimming, fishing and hiking. There are 18 RV suitable campsites that have 50 amp electrical connections and water hookups available for your convenience. Sizerville State Park is open all year round and peak season runs from mid-April until mid-December.

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Sizerville State Park is located in Cameron County and Potter County Pennsylvania. The park is located via one main road (PA-155) and there is one entry point that takes you into the park. There are a few smaller towns near the park (Emporium, Liberty and Austin) but there are no major cities nearby. The closest smaller city is St Marys that is 27 miles away from the park. Besides from St Marys, Olean in New York State is around 41 miles from the park.

Since the park is in a semi-remote location it is recommended that you get supplies before you begin your journey to the park as there is limited shopping in Emporium. The roads approaching the park are a little hilly but they shouldn't prove to be a problem to getting your RV into the park. There are tall trees near the road but they won't pose a problem to big rigs. When you enter Sizerville State Park there should be no obstacles that will deter you from setting up camp in the park.


There is plenty of parking available for visitors to Sizerville State Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Sizerville State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Sizerville State Park

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Sizerville State Park Campground

The campground at Sizerville State Park is very quaint and has an old timey rustic charm. There are 18 RV suitable campsites all located in one loop that have 50 amp electrical connections and many nearby water bibs along the side of the campground road. Other amenities in the campground include a dump station, picnic tables, playground and fire rings. The restrooms frequently cleaned and there is a men's and women's shower block. There is no WiFi or cell service within the park so you will have to head to the town of Emporium. Pets are permitted at a few of the RV friendly campsites.

The campground opens in mid-April and closes in mid-December. The maximum stay in Sizerville State Park Campground is 14 days during the summer season and then 21 days during the off season. Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance.

Seasonal activities in Sizerville State Park



Want to cool off during your stay at Sizerville State Park? The park is home to a 105 foot long concrete pool that is free to use for visitors who are staying at the park. Beside the pool there is also a smaller wading pool that is suitable for children and their parents. The pool is open 11:00AM to 7:00PM from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. The maximum depth of the pool is five feet and it is ADA accessible thanks to a lift in the pool for people with disabilities.


While there is no large lake in Sizerville State Park that you can fish in, there are multiple branches of waterways for you to explore. Cowley Run is a high-quality stream offering mountain freestone fishing. It is not unusual to catch native brook trout in these waters. If you are looking for bass try the nearby Portage and Driftwood branches of the Sinnemahoning Creek. This spot provide anglers with an opportunity to fish for smallmouth bass and trout. All streams in Sizerville State Park receive spring stockings.


Sizerville State Park has some very impressive facilities available for visitors to use throughout the warmer months. In total there are six picnic pavilions, rustic restrooms, and more than 100 picnic tables in the two picnic areas that exist within the park. A playground is located in a central location between the picnic areas. The picnic pavilions in the park are able to be reserved up to 11 months in advance for a fee. The unreserved picnic pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served basis.



The hiking trail system in Sizerville State Park has something for everyone. The park offers a series of five loop trails that in total are five miles in length. If you are looking for a trail suitable for all ages we recommend the Bottomlands Trail. Along with the five miles of trails you can also hike through to the Elk State Forest. If you plan on hiking in Elk State Forest make sure that you take map of the area.


Thinking about doing some hunting in Sizerville State Park? Well, you are in luck! During the established hunting seasons there are around 200 acres that are open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs. Some of the popular species to hunt in the park include deer, grouse, bear, turkey and squirrel. Hunting groundhogs is not permitted. Make sure to check in at the park office before you begin your hunting expedition so you know all the rules and regulations that apply.

Winter Recreation

When the snow starts to fall in Sizerville State Park the recreational activities change from the summer time. The average yearly snowfall at the park is around 60-70 inches so there will be plenty of it around for you to enjoy. The most popular winter recreation activities in the park are cross country skiing and snowmobiling. The trails in Sizerville State Park lead to even more opportunities in Elk State Forest, which will provide you endless hours of opportunity to have some fun in the snow.