Skowhegan State Fair

Head to Maine and camp in a region known for its beauty, history, and recreational offerings. Make Skowhegan State Fair part of your itinerary.

Event information

Who doesn’t enjoy the smashing and crashing fun of a demolition derby? Or how about the excitement of harness racing or livestock pulling events? Skowhegan State Fair has everything that makes a fair fun. 4-H competitions, exhibits that showcase agricultural and farm goods displays, intricate crafts and handiworks, paintings, and flower shows await the avid fairgoer. Of course, the midway is there to provide a thrill for family members big and small.

Bingo players can take a break from walking and fill their card to B-I-N-G-O and then watch a musical presentation like a toe-tapping jazz band or a rousing tractor pull that’s all about power and noise. Marvel at the talent of a balloon twisting artist and cheer for your favorite competitor in a wrestling match. Homemade tractors, called doodlebugs, are standing by; drivers will hop on and thrill the crowds with the strength of their backyard manufactured machines.

At your chosen campground, chat about the events of the day and enjoy all that an RV vacation can bring. A campfire meal, a restful sleep to the sound of crickets, and scenery not seen elsewhere await the family who loves to road trip and explore the country. Set your coordinates for Skowhegan and start planning.


Children ten and under enjoy day long fun for free, although midway tickets are priced separately for the Skowhegan State Fair. Admission and all-day rides bracelets will vary depending on which day of the week you would like to attend. Check to see which day suits you fancy, and then head to the gates to purchase your tickets which will range between $5 and $15 per person. There are senior citizen rate days, and as well, a few days offer a ticket sweepstakes draw.

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I-95 North or South will point you in the direction of U.S. Route 201 and the Skowhegan State Fair. The scenery will be beautiful as you meander through the rural areas on your way to the fairgrounds. The Kennebec River is a pretty sight; you may see a canoer or two if you pass by close enough. Once you enter town, you will see signs for the fair. If not, ask a friendly local and they will be more than happy to assist.

Parking areas

Parking is offered at the fair; prices are reasonable, and the cost is in addition to your fair entrance fee. There are many available spots; ask the volunteers for the best area in which to stop your rig for the day. Then, it’s a short walk to the grounds. If required, ask festival personnel for directions to the ADA parking area.

Public Transportation

Public transit is not an option for the Skowhegan State Fair. Carpooling or ridesharing will be the choice of some; RV owners who want to avoid navigating their rig in the area may choose to park in town and taxi into the fairgrounds.

Where to stay


Camping onsite during Skowhegan State Fair is only available to livestock owners as the exhibitors need to be close by to tend to their animals. There are several campgrounds within a driveable distance of the fair, allowing you to camp nearby and head into the fair with a short commute.


Camp on the Kennebec River if you like to fish, or choose an area to camp that has views of the mountains in the distance. Perhaps you want a campground that has a busy schedule of family activities and a pool for swimming. Full hookup, dump stations, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities are for the enjoyment just outside the quaint town of Skowhegan.

Getting around

Powered wheelchairs and scooters are permitted on the grounds for those who need them; there are no vehicles of this type for rent, nor are there strollers. Skateboards, segways, bicycles, regular scooters, rollerblades, and heelies are forbidden on site. Pedestrian traffic is high, so it’s advised you put your best walking shoes on and go with the flow.

What to pack


The best Skowhegan State Fair attire is described as comfortable and layered. Cool mornings and evenings will begin and end a day of pleasant temperatures. Wear jeans or shorts and a t-shirt with a cozy sweater on top. Slip it into your bag later in the day when temperatures rise. Top the outfit off with a hat that will give your face shade from the sun.


Fairground gear is a simple affair. A camera, sunscreen, refillable water bottle, and a smile are all you need. Coolers, cans, and glass bottles are not allowed within the grounds. When packing the RV, include all necessary toiletries, sunscreen and bug spray, cooking utensils, and maybe even a game or two for rainy night entertainment.

Health & Safety

Keep the family well-hydrated throughout the day and re-apply the sunscreen at regular intervals. Suggest a break in the shade and check out a 4-H competition or hunt down a jar of artisan-crafted jam for spreading on toast in the morning. Keep the family in comfy footwear all day; add a change of shoes to the backpack for those who get tired easily.

Where to eat


Fill the RV refrigerator with bacon, eggs, bread, and butter for the ultimate campfire breakfast. Evenings can be rounded out with dishes like foil veggies packs, corn on the cob, and barbecued chicken. Top up the RV propane in case indoor cooking is required, otherwise enjoy the fun of the outdoor experience. Adhere to the campground fire restrictions and don’t leave the campsite until the fire is extinguished.


You can make it an evening of slow dining or pop into town for a quick bite. Either way, all tastes can be satisfied with choices like soups and salads, pizza, tacos, and lobster rolls. Vary the menu to include farm-to-table fare, pub food, or a made from scratch dish right off the grill in Skowhegan.


With ten days to attend if you so choose, you will have plenty of time to sample all of the fair food. From fried potato chips to a plate of fruit and everything in between, the kiddos will have their fill. Suggest healthy snacks with a treat at the end of the day to keep everyone energized. Support local artisans by admiring their wares and making a purchase at the Skowhegan State Fair. ATMs on site will ensure that you have money if you run out.



Security staff members are on hand at the Sheriff’s office and ready to help during Skowhegan State Fair hours. If you and your child get separated, head here for assistance. As well, if you have any concerns while at the fair, seek out security personnel. Back at camp, make sure that all valuables are safely locked up before you leave the RV.


It’s always best to prepare for every weather event. Pack the RV with clothing, toys, and supplies to make the vacation a fun filled memory no matter the weather. Billy boots and raincoats are fun gear for puddle jumping if the need arises, and clothing for unrestricted movement on a hot day is essential.


An adequately stocked first aid kit is a crucial part of a well-prepped road trip. Band-aids and antibiotic ointment are a must for bug bites and the inevitable scrapes that come with playing at the campground. Needed medications should be at the top of the packing list. At the fair, familiarize yourself with the location of the first aid station. If you are bringing your service dog, have them dressed in their identifiable gear.