Slate River Rec Site


Ready for your next great RV adventure? Consider a visit to Colorado's Slate River Rec Site. It's an amazing place to enjoy a relaxing RV stay.

Slate River Rec Site, a public park and camping area that also includes the Oh Be Joyful Campground on its premises, is located near Crested Butte, Colorado. A facility managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Slate River Rec Site consists of 600 acres of property that is ripe for exploration.

The campground consists of 47 campsites; 10 of which are suitable for RV camping with the remainder reserved for tent stays. The campsites offer incredible views of the Slate River and surrounding mountainous terrain. Oh Be Joyful Creek meanders through the landscape culminating in a stunning set of waterfalls that are a treasure to behold.

There are many recreational activities for families to enjoy at Slate River Rec Site. For those that enjoy a good workout, the hiking trails found on the grounds will not disappoint. Other popular attractions including backpacking, mountain biking, paddling, fly fishing, horseback riding, skiing, and the watching of wildlife.

Nearby Crested Butte is just a short drive away and offers many different restaurants and charming shops. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this picturesque town is home to stores that sell camping supplies, fuel, and groceries.

For a fantastic vacation you'll not soon forget, plan a trip to Slate River Rec Site. It's a wonderful place to enjoy any idyllic RV getaway!

RV Rentals in Slate River Rec Site



The route to Slate River Rec Site is extremely picturesque and proceeds through rural areas that are often crowned with a light covering of snow. To reach this public park and camping facility, travelers should travel through Crested Butte across the Slate River. At the exit for Slate River Road (also known as County Road 374), travelers should make a left-hand turn and continue into the valley. This access road is lined with gravel and dirt, so motorists should reduce speed to avoid any damage to their vehicle from flying stones. The entrance to the park is just up the road on the left-hand side.

The roads en route to the campground are narrow and consist of two lanes. Each section of the highway is paved. During bouts of snow, the roads can get messy. They are cleared throughout the day, but travelers may encounter snow on their journey to this popular park.

Located in a very rural area, wildlife can sometimes be seen on the roads. Care should be taken to avoid an accident.


Parking can be found in a dirt-lined lot at the entrance to Slate River Rec Site. There is also ample parking at the campsites.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation available to Slate River Rec Site due to its secluded location.

Campgrounds and parking in Slate River Rec Site

Campsites in Slate River Rec Site

Reservations camping

Lake Irwin Campground

Lake Irwin Campground offers RV and tent camping from June through October each year for families to enjoy. Reservations are required for all stays.

There are several on-site amenities for public use at this popular camping facility. These include picnic tables, vault toilets, and a potable water supply. Due to the presence of active wildlife in the region, all food should be stored in a secure container or a vehicle.

Each campsite is equipped with its own fire pit and a picnic table.

Lake Irwin Campground sits at a high elevation, measuring 10,200 feet in total height.

There are many wonderful activities to enjoy here including hiking, fishing, boating, and biking.
Dogs are welcome at this campground but must remain leashed.

First-come first-served

Lost Lake Campground

Lost Lake Campground is a wonderful location for RV campers that are looking to enjoy outdoor recreation during their vacation. Situated on the grounds are two popular lakes known as Lost Lake and Dollar Lake, both of which offer excellent fishing and swimming in season.

Lost Lake Campground permits camping from May through October each year for RV and tent stays. Each site is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The on-site amenities include drinking water and two vault toilets.

There are five campsites reserved for those camping with their horses. Dogs are permitted to camp with their families but must remain leashed at all times.

Due to the activity of wildlife in the region, all food must be stored in a secure container or a vehicle.

Alternate camping

Oh Be Joyful Campground

Oh Be Joyful Campground rests along the shore of the popular Slate River. There are 15 campsites that are suited for dispersed camping with the accommodations sitting on both sides of this much-beloved body of water. Stays are permitted here year-round.

Oh Be Joyful Campground's campsites are equipped with fire rings and picnic tables. Each of the sites is well-renowned for being exceptionally clean.

There is a single bathroom on the grounds for public use. Since there are no bridges spanning the river, it must be passed via car. The river is deep enough that at certain points the water can exceed the height of a vehicle's wheel well.
There are lots of great things to do at this popular camping facility. The most popular activities include mountain biking, fishing, photography, and hiking.

Campers may bring their dogs with them; however, all dogs must remain on a lead.

Due to the location of some of the campsites, Oh Be Joyful Campground is most suited to tenting. However, RVs are welcome.

Seasonal activities in Slate River Rec Site


Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum

Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum is an interesting place to visit on an RV vacation at Slate River Rec Site. Housed in the building formerly known as Tony's Conoco, the museum remains true to this dwelling's original roots as a popular hardware store. Tony's Conoco was the oldest business in the region from its inception as a blacksmith shop in the early 19th century to its final incarnation as a hardware shop. The store permanently closed to the public in 1996. Today, many items found in the museum are the same goods that lined the shelves for sale when the store was still in operation.

Tony's Conoco was first considered as the property to house the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum in 2001 when the original museum had outgrown its current facility. Tony's Conoco was purchased through donated funds and was then prepared to open its doors to the public. The museum's grand opening took place on July 2nd, 2003.

There are many interesting things to see during a visit to Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. These include exhibits of a model town and railroad and memorabilia documenting the historical development of several activities in the region such as skiing, mountain biking, and coal mining.

Kebler Pass

An area with incredible scenery to behold, a drive through Kebler Pass allows families to see some of the most beautiful sights in the state. Kebler Pass traverses through rugged mountainous terrain and connects the town of Crested Butte to Panoia. The route culminates in Aspen.

At its pinnacle, the pass measures 10,001 feet above sea level. It passes through a number of interesting topographical points of interest including the popular Gunnison National Forest.

The entire route measures thirty miles and takes two hours to complete. Travelers must travel at only 30 mph due to the twists and turns in the road. However, the route experiences no sharp inclines.

Most of the pass is comprised of gravel, but it is easily navigable by a 2WD car. Kebler Pass is closed during the winter months.

Hiking, biking, and camping are popular activities here.

Judd Falls Circle

For families that love to hike, the trails found at Judd Falls Circle will not disappoint. Located near to the town of Crested Butte, the hiking paths at Judd Falls offer the opportunity to reconnect with nature while enjoying a good workout. The landscape provides breathtaking views of Gothic Mountain. In the summer months, the area is alive with a blanket of brilliantly-hued wildflowers. Waterfalls are found along many of the hiking trails.

During the warmest months of the year, a shuttle transports passengers from Crested Butte to the trailhead. This service is offered to the public at no cost.

Most of the trails are very well marked and proceed along dirt roads. In spots, the terrain is very rocky, so it is important to wear shoes with good grip to avoid an injury.

An extremely popular trail system, families can expect to see a lot of visitors joining them in hiking in this region.


Brush Creek Trail

Brush Creek Trail is another hiking locale for families to explore. This particular route is located near to Crested Butte, making the drive quite short for visitors anxious to get exploring the terrain.

Brush Creek Trailhead marks a route that is considered easy to navigate with terrain that is largely flat. There is very little shade here, so families should come prepared with sunscreen to avoid a burn.

In season, the area is alive with wildflowers in a vast array of vibrant hues.

Brush Creek Trail offers spectacular views of the region. There are several small bodies of water that are quite easy to cross on foot.

Though this is an extremely popular spot for hiking, many people enjoy doing some mountain biking here. Dogs are permitted to join their owners on their hike but must remain on a leash at all times.

Snodgrass Mountain

Snodgrass Mountain is a wonderful place for families to explore during their RV stay at Slate River Rec Site. From the pinnacle of the mountain, families can enjoy incredible views of Mount Crested Butte and the Elk Mountain range. Snodgrass Mountain is located near to Crested Butte, allowing families to enjoy the attractions of the city after a day spent mountain climbing.

In the fall months, the aspen trees lining this mountain trail are a brilliant shade of yellow, an incredible sight to behold.

In total length, this hike should take between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on if a shortcut is taken to abbreviate the route's length.

This hike is considered moderately difficult.

Cyclists also make use of the trail, so hikers must remain alert to avoid an accidental collision.

Crested Butte Town Park

Crested Butte Town Park is a charming recreational area that is well worth a visit when in the region on an RV stay. The park attracts a lot of visitors to its grounds for its plentiful outdoor activities. Among the main draws at this facility are a soccer field, a softball field, a basketball court, a volleyball court, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, a playground, and a picnic pavilion. There is also a building which offers an outdoor stage for plays and musical events throughout the warmer months of the year.

When the weather turns chilly, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees make for a scene that is picture-perfect. Bring along a camera to record the sights found at this beautiful park.

Dogs may join their owners at Crested Butte Town Park, but they are to remain on a lead at all times.