Slaughter Creek Wilderness
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Featuring a wide variety of untouched landscapes, RV lovers who seek adventure and exploration will love visiting Slaughter Creek Wilderness. Located near the Nevada border alongside the Doc's Pass and Cougar Canyon wilderness areas, Slaughter Creek Wilderness is suited to RV lovers with plenty of experience braving harsh desert conditions. While Slaughter Creek is only 4,047 acres, combined with the other two wilderness areas, there are around 32,000 acres that you can admire. All of this land is managed by the BLM, so you are allowed to go dry-camping free of charge.

There are zero amenities within Slaughter Creek Wilderness, so you will need to be prepared for roughing it if you want to venture this far out. Once in the area, you will notice the gorgeous canyons, steep mountains, and incredible views. The main attraction for wildlife in the area is Slaughter Creek, which runs through the wilderness area. Hang out here if you would like to see some of the local animals that call this remote part of Utah home.

The most popular activities to do at Slaughter Creek Wilderness are hiking and horseback riding, but you should be aware that there are no developed trails at all. This is the same in regards to campgrounds, so if you are seeking more amenities than what your off-grid RV or tent can offer you should consider heading to the Honeycomb Rocks or Baker Dam Campground, both of which are within the Dixie National Forest. Slaughter Creek Wilderness is open all year round.

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Since Slaughter Creek Wilderness is located in one of the most remote areas of Utah, you should expect some difficult driving conditions. There is no main entrance to the wilderness area, but you do have the option of taking either FR 003 or FR 274 to reach it. If you pass Honeycomb Rock Campground you are going in the right direction, and eventually you will reach it from either the north or the south depending on what road you chose to take.

Remember that traveling this far out into the middle of nowhere means that you will need to stock up on any supplies you will need before you arrive. Places you can do this are few and far between out here, with Enterprise being the closest town at around 28 miles away. Despite being only 28 miles away it will take you over an hour to drive there from the wilderness, so it is vital that you get your supplies while you are in civilization.

The roads out here aren't designed for RV use, so if you begin to notice their deterioration we recommend that you don't risk driving any further. It is also a good idea to get an update on conditions from the BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner in St. George.


Parking can be done alongside the road in the wilderness area, but don't venture too far into the dirt as you may get stuck.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Slaughter Creek Wilderness

Campsites in Slaughter Creek Wilderness

First-come first-served

Baker Dam Campground

Slaughter Creek Wilderness is the perfect place for free dry-camping in western Utah since it is located on BLM land. While this form of camping is attractive to some, other travelers may wish to stay in a more developed campground. If this is you, and you still want to be close to the wilderness, consider Baker Dam Campground.

Located on BLM land near the Pine Valley Mountains, Baker Dam Campground features a total of 19 campsites that are RV friendly. RVs 25 feet or under will be able to call the park home and make use of the large sites that are shady and flat. There are no hookups or running water at the campground, but you will be able to make use of the picnic table and fire ring at each site. There is also a bathroom that you can use, but you will have to bring your own toilet paper. Cell phone reception can be sketchy out here, which is a common occurrence in the area.

All sites at Baker Dam Campground are available on a first-come, first-served only basis as no bookings are available.

Honeycomb Rocks Campground

For RV lovers wanting to stay in the closest possible campground to Slaughter Creek Wilderness, Honeycomb Rocks Campground is the place to be. Located in the Dixie National Forest, Honeycomb Rocks is a primitive campground with no hookups available, but there are some great reasons to choose here as your place to stay.

The campground is located in the shade thanks to the mini caves that it takes its name from, and you will also be able to choose from 21 different sites, including one that is actually located in a cave. Each site comes equipped with a picnic table, fire ring, and grill for you to enjoy, and there are also water collection points and toilets for your convenience. You will also be on the shores of Enterprise Reservoir, so if you are visiting during the warmer months you can get out on the water and do some fishing or boating. If you have a bigger rig it may not be suited to this campground as some of the corners on the way into the campground can be difficult to navigate.

Like the Baker Dam Campground, sites at Honeycomb Rocks are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

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There is no better way to enjoy this beautiful part of the world than by getting on your hiking boots and seeing it up close and personal. Many visitors to Slaughter Creek Wilderness come here for the incredible views and wild terrain that you are free to explore.

There are no designated trails for you to follow, but if you would like to follow some we recommend checking out Dixie National Forest that is located fairly closeby. You will have to carry all the water and food that you will need for the day, so be prepared.

Wildlife Viewing

Although it may seem like there aren't many creatures that live in this desert area, Slaughter Creek provides plenty of water for the local animals to drink from in order to survive. Hang out by the creek and you may get the chance to see some of them with your own eyes, or at least see their tracks.

Some of the common animals that frequent the area include elk, mountain lions, mule deer, and badgers. To avoid any unwanted close encounters be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Corn Fest

If you happen to travel to Slaughter Creek Wilderness during the month of August, you may time your trip with the annual Corn Fest that is held in the nearby town of Enterprise. The Corn Fest celebrates the farming history of the area with many special musical guests, a car show, and of course, fresh corn. All of the money raised at the festival goes towards local services, so you can feel good in knowing that you are helping the locals.


Horseback Riding

Another popular activity during the warmer months is to bring your horse out and do some riding inside the wilderness area. Horses are permitted to explore any part of Slaughter Creek, and this also includes the neighboring Doc's Pass and Cougar Canyon.

If you do plan on bringing your horse, you will have to bring your own food and water as none is available in the wilderness. You also won't be able to put your horse in a stable for the night, so consider this before planning your trip.


Those who love to fish will be pleased to know that there are a few different spots in the surrounding area where you can cast out a line. If you have no luck in Slaughter Creek you can head to the Doc's Pass Wilderness Area where Doblin Creek is located. Don't expect to land any monsters, but there are plenty of fish species that you could catch, such as northern pike, yellow perch, and brown trout. You will have to bring all of your own gear, so don't forget your pole!


This area of Utah is so beautiful no matter the time of day, so if you are an amateur or professional photographer remember to pack your camera. There are plenty of spots in the park that are great for landscape photography, and if you are lucky, you may even get to photograph some birds or larger animals down by Slaughter Creek.

Since you will be without power during your visit, come prepared with fully charged batteries or a charger in your RV so you don't miss any chances to take some great shots.